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Hey hey, I am exploring holographic foil as a 100% procedural Corona shader and wondered if anyone here has been through the process already and could help me with the best way of setting this up? 

Super many thanks in advance! ...and I hope this thread will be useful in the future for anyone else here working on packaging etc.

Hi everyone - this is my first post so nice to meet you all :)

I have been losing hair today because I ran into a strange issue with texture tiling or the texture NOT tiling more like.

I am quite new to Corona C4D but made nice scenes for interior concepts as well as more abstract work for my upcoming folio and got along with texturing etc. pretty well so far. Today however, I seem to have run into a bug (?) Here's how;

I have created a couple procedural noise based materials, nothing too complex, pretty much three or fewer built-in noises combined into layer shaders which I used for displacement, bump and reflection. The materials look awesome in the Corona shader ball scene and tile just fine according to scale etc.

When I bring the texture into a new scene for a quick test and apply them to a bunch of cubes and/or planes things get weird, i.e. no matter whether I use UV mapping or Cubic I cannot tile the texture via the texture tag. Whether I use 100 tiles or just 2 inside the texture tag the material will render exactly same.

If I change the Global Scale (and Delta) inside the noise shaders themselves the material will indeed render differently. This process is however very inefficient and I don't understand why tiling inside the texture tag has no effect on, well, tiling?!

I also tried different number of segments / polygon subdivisions in my geometry to see if that is relevant but there is no difference.

Is this something anyone here could help me with? I hope it's just me missing some minor setting rather than it being a bug but for now I'm stuck :(

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