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I need help / displacement value
« on: 2014-09-11, 10:13:09 »
hello, coronas!

...ähhh....should´nt there be a displacement value??? :)

Gallery / kitchen
« on: 2013-11-22, 13:58:25 »
...had a break after first test with corona a few months´s my new work:
render time about 1-2 hours! resolution 2000px/longer side; 120-180 passes...
lightning: corona sun/coronasky; portal at the window, default rendersettings (Hd cache secondary solver)
slightly modified in PS...

Resolved feature requests / multilight
« on: 2012-11-15, 11:33:14 »
like in maxwell "multilight" would be useful too...

Resolved feature requests / render pause
« on: 2012-11-15, 11:18:32 »
will it be possible in  next/final release to pause render and continue later?

Gallery / white´s first interior tests
« on: 2012-11-13, 15:44:09 » i wasn´t really satisfied with the mood of my first interior tests (wanted to try a darker black/white mood) i changed it to wooden and warmer (still darker wood...).
noise was reduced a bit with "denoise" in Photoshop.

i made an overnight test (~9 hours) in 2500px. it doesnt look better than  this image (3500px longer side) after two+/hlf hour; so i think for a cleaner image i have to optimise render settings/materials?- if i want sharp textures and see detail (bump on the walls) i have just to increse resolution (better than cook longer)??

still a bit noise in the darker areas of the ceiling if you zoom in (perhaps a bit to strong bump?)...

huh, questions, questions, questions....:)

in the second image i wanted to make an minimal interior

...still working on another interior....ahhhh, hmmmmm...this is getting a pure architecture thread ! hehe....

Work in Progress/Tests / first corona interior tests
« on: 2012-11-02, 10:22:54 »
Hello to everyone!

I´m vray user since i started in 3d-visualisation years ago, so i collected a huge library of models and materials - a main reason, why i´ve never worked with other renderers seriously (also unibiased is too slow for my workflow).
Now, it looks like i´ve found a new baby i can play with - the vray-materials converter is damn great and one of the most important tools for me to keep hands on an alternative render to vray if i wanna make really realistic images!
Also the Backgroundimage-material is very helpful and easy to use!
So i´ve tested corona a few days, here you can see my first looked pretty good after 90 minutes. Finally i wanted to stop rendering, when the darker area in the kitchen on the left is clean enough....Resolution is 1600/928...other information you can see in the picture (corona stamp). CPU ist overlocked to 3,8MHz.

All materials are vray-materials converted with corona-converter-tool. Only played a little with opacity of curtains etc...

I´ve done a quick postwork very slightly. Maybe it doens´t look too realistic as i´ve only a cheap monitor...

Render settings are default (except: Precomp Step of HD-cache is "2").

As i´m new to unibiased, i´m not sure if the value "ray/s" (bottom right corner) is an indicator to speed of rendering?

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