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Gallery / Boffi kitchen design and rendering
« on: 2020-02-07, 12:51:06 »
Hello, guys!

A few weeks ago I did the design and visualization project inspired by Boffi kitchen. The goal was not only to show my taste for design, visualisation and presentation, but to investigate how the proper presentation of 3D images can impact the whole project impression.

There are so many people around doing such a great visualisation work, but only a few of them present the images in a proper way. Dropping batch of images to the gallery or social doesn't look like a good idea for me. Those images will be lost between thousand other. People spend hours creating 3D image, but then give only 5 minutes to post it everywhere without any order or explanation. Why not tell the story behind it? Why not create a more meaningful presentation?

I always look at great artists and how they present their work and I couldn't find a painter who just glues his painting on the wall without proper frame. Or lighting. Or music. All these side arts create the impression
. So in the behance presentation, I tried to enhance the impression of minimalism. Let me know what you think about it.

How do you present your work? Do you have any tricks to use working with clients? :)


Gallery / Bubble Speaker
« on: 2019-07-26, 15:56:20 »
Hi, Coronouts!

I am happy to share quick product visualisation project. This is non-commissioned project which I dreamed few nights back. The idea was so interesting that I couldn't resist visualising it. So, one day of work and it is a bubble speaker, which is extremely durable. You can throw it or you can get it wet, no matter, he will still play music.

All images and background were done exceptionally with Corona 3.0. I know, I know, time to move to 4th version :)

By the way, there is a full presentation in my Behance profile, which is more eye pleasing. I would be very happy to get your thumb up!
Thank you!

Our website:
Our facebook:
Contact email:

Gallery / 3D Plans
« on: 2019-07-24, 13:03:23 »

Recently we finished another project where client wanted us to create 3D Plans for apartments. Interesting thing we realized is that we already did ~1500 such images for various clients during past few years. It became part of our service scope and we have a dedicated person in our team, working only on these images full time. Expert of 3D plans! :)
Almost every real estate project developer wants to have such 3D plans, especially the ones, where apartments are sold. They say it helps to get more customer engagement and sell particular apartments.

We are using sketchup-3dsmax-corona workflow for this work. Being able to use it with Corona is extremely comfortable, since we can use same assets we use for interior images. It saves us lot's of time.
Before doing these images in Corona, we tried various software, such as sketchup+vray, 5D planner and etc. Those pipelines allowed us to get fast results, but then the quality was very questionable. And of course, in those situations when clients were more demanding, it was painful to export assets from 3dsmax corona to sketchup. So again, happy to have Corona even for those non-traditional projects!

Full presentation on behance:

Gallery / Copenhague chair - HAY
« on: 2019-04-01, 19:21:22 »
Our start for 2019 was quick non-commercial project – rendering of Copenhuage chair for HAY. This time we did it from scratch, starting with modeling, scanning texures and finally rendering.

Of course insipiration credits go to HAY.

Higher resolution images on behance

More stuff on our facebook page

Gallery / Hub Space Visualisation & Animation
« on: 2018-07-02, 10:13:26 »
Lovely project in Vilnius old city.

Done with corona 1.7 + 3ds max.

More images:


Gallery / Loft Apartments
« on: 2017-07-06, 10:38:05 »
Hi coronouts,

Small project our studio did last month.

We were given complete freedom for design and rendering, so these 3 main images came out as a final result. Hopefully it will satisfy people on real estate campaign later this year :)

Thanks for watching


Gallery / Luxurious housing visualisation
« on: 2017-03-21, 21:27:17 »

Posting here a project we did few months ago for real estate campaign in Lituania.

Modeled in sketchup, 3ds max, rendered with 1.5 corona.

Higher resolution on Behance

Thanks for your time!

Gallery / House in Swizerland
« on: 2016-12-22, 11:53:19 »

This one was done in experimental way, testing new features and workflows of Corona. So far so good!

Exterior image has been done purely with corona, without any photoshop.

Both videos created using only 1 frame for each:

Timelapse with clouds has been photographed in 7 seconds delay, 300 frames. Using photoshop actions 1 png render pasted on each frame and then compiled. Yes, it's definately not perfect, it would be nice to have some shadow variation inide. But on the other had, it would extend working times a lot.

Interior timelapse compiled in AE from 9 different lighting scenarious. Corona lightmix came extremely handy. One render, different lighting scenarious.

Will post UE4 + vive version soon in my facebook, so you might want to follow. Facebook

Higher resolution images Website

Best regards,

Off-Topic / Hosting 360 panoramas
« on: 2016-12-07, 16:55:27 »
Wondering if anyone in forum using Squarespace for web?

It's perfect platform to have nice websites, but when it comes to hosting additional htmls, problem comes. I mean, there is no any place for my 360 virtual tour html files to store in Squarspace. Anyone facing the same issue? Maybe someone knows an option to drop my html files and then embed them via iframe to squarespace page?


Hardware / Laptop for VR
« on: 2016-11-24, 19:14:32 »

It's time to get more or less decent laptop for VR and light rendering. Would definately invest in workstation, but bringing it to every client with huge VIVE box just isn't a way. So basicly I will use it for running unreal scenes and sometimes for easy modeling/rendering with 3ds max + corona.

Thinking about 1070 or 1080 nvidia, 16-32Gb RAM, 4 core i7. Screen isn't a first thing, since I will have viewsonic monitor when working. Any advices on brand? I heard that Asus ROG series are bit more realiable, so it's possible to get something like that for around 2k euro. 1080 GTX would make it 3k euro. How about MSI? Anymore better options or brands? What would you buy in my case for 2-2.5k euro?

Thanks everybody a lot!

Gallery / Office in Copenhagen
« on: 2016-09-27, 21:34:55 »

Few weeks ago had a chance to work on very quick office visualisation project in Denmark. It's small, but effective, so sharing here.

If anybody has questions, I would gladly answer.

Higher resolution


Off-Topic / Drone
« on: 2016-06-11, 17:09:31 »
Hi folks,

Anyone here using phantom dji4? Planning to buy one, but I am not sure if it's good enough. Video and filming looks ok for my needs, but for photography it might be too weak. Optics doesn't look so bad, but resolution is a thing which bothers me mostly. If anyone has any experience, would appreciate all the knowledge.

BTW, I couldn't find any raw photos taken with DJI4. That would be big helper.

Thanks a alot.

Gallery / Scandinavian housing
« on: 2016-06-09, 15:21:39 »

Been working on a small and quick project for a few days. It's one of those which can be shared, so decided to post final result here. All scene is 3D, except interior BG. It took me 2 days to complete from scratch.

Comments are welcome.


Gallery / Baltic Sea Summer Apartments
« on: 2016-06-02, 20:24:25 »

This week I had a chance to work on a small project, so decided to share some images and short write up. 

What is interesting about this piece.. I was totally suprised how incredibly well can coronalight map work!

The problem was that there is actually no good looking pine models in the market (I even bought last evermotion collection which didn't give me desired result, will post another project soon). So you might be wondering what was the workflow for pines.. :)

It actually quite exotic..I had a super great two day trip to house location, super great weather, photoshoot and night in the pinewoods with tent and all those crazy mosquitoes :) Yep, I love this work!
So basicly 24mp photos were used for BG, mapped on a rectangle with coronalight material. And thats it, simply powerful (unless you zoom in 100% on 8k image :)

All other are 3D. Surely, I am not 100% satisfied with final result of some aspects, but have no time limits to play more. And the client is happy.

Thanks for your time. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

EDIT: orignal images has been updated. To see comparison look for GIF.

Gallery / Scandinavian housing visualisation
« on: 2016-05-23, 10:33:44 »

Recently our studio finished residential visualisation project. Posting some of the images.

For final rendering we used Corona 1.4, which saved a lot of time (approx. 30%). Thanks corona team :)

Higher quality images on behance:

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