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General Discussion / IR used to be interactive
« on: 2017-11-02, 01:56:45 »
Since I fully switched over to Corona around 18 months ago I’ve always relied heavily on the Interactive Renderer to fine-tune materials/lighting etc etc. I’ve even used it ‘live’ in client meetings to get real-time feedback and critique. It was flawless around 1 year ago, probably around version 1.4 if I had to guess.

I’m not sure when it stopped working fluidly but IR is now becoming useless for anything but the simplest of scenes. I have plenty of RAM to handle the scale and complexity of my interiors but I find myself waiting constantly for updates and restarts when performing the simplest of changes to my scenes. Often I have to zoom in/out to keep IR ticking over, otherwise it just fails to interactively update.

I haven’t gone as far as submitting bug reports just yet but I was curious to know if any other users have noticed IR becoming slower and less interactive recently?

(Corona Camera or Camera Mod always used as I know there are issues with Physical Cam)

General Discussion / Memory Usage - 1.6 vs 1.6 Hotfix 2
« on: 2017-08-14, 14:17:55 »
I recently had a large scene requiring all of my available memory to render (32gb DDR4).

This scene has been rendered successfully multiple times over the past few weeks using 1.6 (no hotfix)

After installing Hotfix 2, the scene no longer renders within memory and actually crashes 3ds max without warning.

I've since reinstalled 1.6 and can render this scene again without any crashes.

Has anyone else noticed a higher memory usage since installing either HF1 or HF2?

I need help / Cancel Render using DR takes ages
« on: 2016-10-26, 19:00:08 »
Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find any relevant threads using the forum search.

The problem I am having is cancelling a render isn't actually doing anything, or is really really slow.

If I disable DR I can cancel a render whenever I choose and it stops instantly, no problems here.

However, when using DR with 1 render node, I could stop a render after 5 seconds and be waiting 30 mins or more before I can use Max again (usually to tweak a material and hit render again).

It would seem that cancelling/stopping a render on my workstation doesn't affect the render node - this just keeps pushing on with the passes regardless, so my workstation remains locked in to the render process.

I did have another issue relating to the time limit not doing anything but that's probably best in a thread of its own - I think the 2 problems are related though as again this goes away when DR is not in use.

Any other users experiencing this issue?



Not sure what has changed but I am now getting a much quicker response when cancelling a render. Hitting Cancel as opposed to Stop seems to be much quicker if anyone else is having similar issues

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