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Gallery / Small work made in sparetime
« on: 2019-02-05, 23:11:34 »
Since i hit the wall in autumn 2018 i havent nearly touched 3d at all but now iam feeling better and the love for making images starting to come back.
I never thought it could happend to me cause i love my work. But my body and mind didnt like my late hours and to little bedtime . Now i will try to balance things better.
So all great artist out there take care of your self dont work your self to destruction .

I dont know so many people on this forum but wanted to ease my heart a bit :)

And corona team you guys rocks the renderer you have made is just flawless.

Just some minor personal project i have played with just because of the love for 3d.

Hope you enjoy :)


Gallery / Something fun :)
« on: 2018-08-17, 23:53:40 »
Quite simple image to do but fun to make something different then architecture sometimes.
I made this birthday card for my son on his fourth birthday.
Now iam working on a new one for his fifth birthday card this one gonna be all about nice sportcars wich he likes . Will try to do one every year :)
Well nothing super but as i say fun :) Just wanted to share it with you guys


Resolved bugs / Strange shadows with use of Corona sun
« on: 2016-05-27, 09:55:10 »
We getting strange shadows when using Corona sun .The objects it effects is highpoly objects and not lowpoly as it looks like. Something somebody else have ?

Gallery / DIA┬┤s Corona gallery
« on: 2014-07-29, 23:42:10 »
So this is some fast test images . Love what corona can do . I do miss sss though :)
I will do more renders and upload them to this thread.
Wanna see other works from me you find me at Evermotion.


Gallery / Vegitation first test
« on: 2013-08-20, 17:59:38 »
Hi this is i first fast test render with Corona and i really love whats on the way whith this renderer.

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