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Gallery / oh this skin
« on: 2018-08-15, 19:58:29 »
My attempt to create a natural skin. There is still much to work on. In Corona render it's incredibly intuitive and easy to create such complex materials.
Cinema4D\ Corona B2 daily May 30 2018

Gallery / Architectural visualization
« on: 2017-02-27, 07:56:43 »
I usually work in conjunction С4D and Corona, but this time it was necessary to use 3D max.
Denoising - fantastic!
Corona scatter - easy and powerful stuff, really looking forward to its implementation in C4D.

intel 5820k \ 32 gb \ 25min per frame \ 1920х1080

Work in Progress/Tests / Lexus on fire
« on: 2017-01-29, 06:07:21 »
I am trying to repeat the shader from the video. 

Gallery / Coffee Machine - " Thanos "
« on: 2017-01-29, 05:43:32 »

PT+UHD | 2,5min per frame | I7- 5820К
MB, DOF, Displacement etc.
Corona render for Cinema 4D

Many thanks to the team Render Legion, and especially Aleš Křivák.
Dreams come true!

You can see how to light the scene using HDRI. And also how to set up some materials for grass, glass and plastic.
Could be that you some of the materials used where absorption will not work. I have a more latest version because I beta tester.

I'm working on for Xpresso Asset environment.
Ideally it should work like this:
- Each channel should be visible in the viewport to adjust the position.
- In the channels should be a function of scaling images (not previews, real resizing pictures. possibilities for IBL lighting.)
- Possibility switch from Sky mode environment.

P.S I do not like solution in Vray C4D, this is not the logic of Cinema4D.
It is important that everything was decided in the logic of C4D, because it is a strong point of this program.

While the design is not completed yet.
The first test. Integration Corona in C4D used when rendering all 32 GB of RAM and freezes for some time.
The same scene in 3d Max rendered very quickly and uses only 12 GB of RAM

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