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Feature requests / Corona Scatter - preset manager
« on: 2016-11-03, 21:48:34 »
Hi, this one is self prety explanatory. Small rollout to store and save presets.


*quote from czech movie

General Discussion / How does Corona Core looks like?
« on: 2013-09-18, 15:45:42 »
And little bit of looks inside to Corona..

I have litterraly NO IDEA, what is going on in Corona. Is Corona Core some equation? Some sort of whole bunch of equations?

Please Keymaster, shine some inside of this magic upon us!

It is not about some particular stuff. But in some sort of gerenely speaking.

Thanks Oltskul!

Resolved feature requests / Number of passes on image
« on: 2013-05-11, 09:48:58 »

would it be even possible to add somehow the number of passes on rendered image? For example in EXIF or some render log?

my IRL example: I've dome some overnight seqeunce renders and there is change in some parts of the image, so i would have to sync number of passes (render stamp is off).. Now if i cannot backtrace it, I am done goofed...

regrds Otlskup

Resolved bugs / Alpha leaks
« on: 2013-02-08, 10:20:20 »
Hi i just remeberd, when i was rendering this immage, I have encountered some artifacts in transparency of exported image. Artifatcs are apparent in the "alarma light" on top of the model
(attachment). That middle part, where is supposed to be black axle is transparrent (later on i will upload the PNG with alpha and upload the scene)

In the render it looks OK, because I faked it with solit behind that.,336.msg2983.html#msg2983

I will render larger detail when I will get to corona. I completely forgot to upload that scene yesterday. But it is possible that those artifacts are caused by "bad" geometry.

Resolved feature requests / Globaly disable Glossines
« on: 2013-01-22, 23:24:09 »

one little button, which will globaly override all glossines to 1 and disables all maps in "reflection glossines" slots.. And also exclude..

for example: If you want to test material on one object.

Please do not confuse with material override :)

Work in Progress/Tests / Oltskul's WIP gallery
« on: 2013-01-18, 01:41:29 »
bla bla...

Grand Theft Corona
folks! So, basicly Physicaly render this GTA4 appartment - but remodel it first:)

I do not have Corona right now next to me. But in light "color selection" there is:
  • Kelvin input

  • Direct color input

would it be possible to add third input: "temperature and tint" - like in Camera Raw (attachment).

In addition to Direct and Temperature selection?
IMHO it would be more physically exact. And more easy to achvie some light sources effects (incandescent, xeon, fluoreblablascent etc...)

Or is it just unnecessary overkill? Then it would be very easy to match light sources from real photographs and so on... Anyway, corona is allready using L-ab model AFAIK

Gallery / Oltskul's gallery - Finals maybe?
« on: 2013-01-06, 15:21:28 »
bla bla... realy fast vizu for friend of mine.. and first one of this magnitude.. Sorry, there wasnot time to fill all the rooms...

techmumbojumbo: 70mil poly, 6000x6000 px, render cca 12hours and subtle PS CC..

Very simple, corona with my PC cannot handle rendering images larger more than 3Kx3K

this problem is very common for me - even in most simple scenes with one box and one light

pc: Q6600
ram: 6GB - around 4GB free
win 7 x64

Does enyone have the same problem?

Off-Topic / Challange - Rendering - NOW WITH POLL!
« on: 2012-11-09, 14:35:31 »

this is not my idea, i do not know who got this idea first, but I saw that on first. Anywaym is there somebody who is willing to create some scene (i don't know, anything) and share it in some contes.

So... lets invite noncorona users from interweb!

Rules (lets say little bite stolen)
- Use only given scene with specific models you may not add/remove/change single poly
- Render only from given camera (you may NOT change FOV, position and other params)
- You may add your shaders as you wish
- Any textures
- Scatter?
- Color Corection and PostProduction?
- MTD???
- You may use any number of lights

It is just an idea (stolen). What dou you folks think?

So: everybody would render the same scene from same cam - adding only lights and shaders.

for example this scene (2009):

and theese results (waaaaaaaaay back from 2006)

edit: just make it little more understanadable.

General Discussion / Pool setup - mesh and materials
« on: 2012-11-02, 00:33:09 »

I am testing "basic pool visualization". I am wondering, what is the best way to prepare pool setup? Mesh and Materials...

In Attachment you can find very very basic setup - just compare of Solid and Thin mesh combined with Solid and Thin material...

Thin mtl - is great because it lets in light, but doesnot refract.
Solid mtl - is great because it refract the inside, but doesnot let in lights..

What is best setup or crossover in this case? Or perhaps am I fogeting some settings (enable nonimplemented caustics) or setup?

I would apriciate it like here:

or in attachment "test8dlazba" --very oold test render of unfinished project...which i am finishin now in corona, so the pool model would be the very same...
Thnaks oltskul


- Volume scetter function for geometry.

Simply fill mesh with scattered geometry.

IMO it would be very efficient, e.g. if you want to fill room with bambilion dust particles.

I iam curently using PFlow -> Mesher -> Render. Today i will try to create "volume sctter fake" using Voronoi cells.

Gallery / Oltskul's gallery (something worthy images)
« on: 2012-10-23, 18:52:27 »
I wil post at least bit interesting images ;)

All of theese images are more like Try n Failish (trial and error) way...


here we have crystal like formation... without difracting color...

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