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Work in Progress/Tests / Simple Exterior
« on: 2013-09-25, 02:52:31 »
Still wip. I'm trying to catch the right mood. Render time 26min, pt-pt on i7 2600k 4.3

Gallery / Bedroom
« on: 2013-04-17, 01:27:27 »
35min (crop from 1500x1500)

Gallery / First exterior
« on: 2013-03-22, 15:35:05 »

This is my first exterior rendered in corona. It's still in wip stage so some of the things are going to be changed.
I realy want to hear what you think about it and what to do to make it better :)
Render time:~19h (over night) at 4000x2000pix (PT+PT)
Grass is displacment + scatered some models

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