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Gallery / De Mouterij Putte
« on: 2018-05-02, 19:37:31 »
We loved to work on this project.
Took a while to finish and render, but Corona did the job as expected!

 we are planning to make use of Deadline instead of Backburner. I know how to install Deadline on clients.
I would like to install the Repository and the MongoDB database on my Qnap Nas (yes fast enough and 10GB network).
Is there anyone out there who did this already? And If so, how?
Or is it better to install the repository on a windows PC and have s storage folder on the Nas?

Looking forward to your advice

Hardware / Workstation: Intel Skylake-X or AMD Threadripper
« on: 2018-02-19, 18:00:53 »

I am planning to buy a new workstation and wondering If I would go for Intel Skylake-X or AMD Threadripper.
AFAIK MAX is multi-threaded for rendering but all other tasks are single threaded.
Does anyone know if Interactive Rendering is multi or single-threaded?
If the latter I am planning to go for Intel Skylake due to better single threaded performance.
Or will this not be noticeable?


All our files are stored on a NAS.
In the Corona Image Editor (CIE) we save a config file of the tone mapping settings for each render we process. LUT's are stored on the NAS as well.
Every workstation (WIN10 Pro) has the same mapped network drives to different folders on the NAS.
For some reason and from time to time windows does not automatically connects to the mapped networks drives.
If this is the case you can open a render in CIE and load the conf file. It will load all settings except the LUT, because it refers to the C drive instead of the mapped network drive.
So an error message will be welcome.

Hi there,

for converting Vray models towards Corona it is necessary to install a Vray trail license. In the past we did not have any issues.
After installing Max 2018 + the latest Vray trial license and from the moment the trail license has expired, each time we save a file which still have some Vray materials, Max is crashing.

When the announcement of the marriage between Corona and Vray was made, the Devs stated that in the future it should be possible to render Vray materials in Corona and the other way around. So in the meanwhile, could there be a solution for the problem I described?

I should have post this on the Vray forum, I registered but could not make a post.

Or is this an Autodesk issue?



CGI Fridays take the place of our MUG / 3D Meetup for people in the creative industry. Everyone doing anything 3D, VFX and Motion Design is invited to join us. We’ll be meeting in a pub in Antwerp, Belgium where they serve some excellent Belgian beers to get the ball rolling.
It serves to be an informal event where we can all get together, chat about what we’re doing and hang out with like minded people.
Everyone is welcome on the 13th of October starting from 20:00 on the first floor of the Via Via bar. (Wolstraat 43, 2000 Antwerp)
We do ask that you register for free on our Eventbrite page, that way we can anticipate the number of people a little better.

Thanks & see you there
Midge & Johan


Hi there,

At the moment our renderfarm consists out of Intel Xeon machines, we are planning to buy some AMD Threadripper machines to enlarge our farm.
I was told that the Threadripper is handling floating points in a different way then Intel which could result in different noise level outputs for the same render.
Has anyone experienced this? Or other issues? Or no issues?

I need help / High Res Plywood textures without knobs
« on: 2017-03-02, 17:52:34 »
anyone knows a good source for highres Plywood textures.
I need them for kitchen doors/panels, ....


Jobs / BELLY.BE: Arch viz artist wanted
« on: 2017-02-27, 12:21:13 »

For our office near Antwerp we are looking for a talented archviz generalist.
We are growing and that’s why we are looking for you.
You need to:
- have two years of working experiences within our industry.
- have some knowledge about architecture and design.
- be a 3Ds Max wizard.
- be a freelancer
Candidates must be able to work in our office.
No recruitment agents.
For applying please send your CV and portfolio to info[a]

Feature requests / Integration of Cryptomatte
« on: 2017-01-25, 09:34:33 »
Hi Devs

I stumbled upon the following article
It would be awesome if you could integrate this software or develop something like this in Corona.

Hi Coronanauts,

Midge from The Mantissa and I (Johan) from are organizing a Meet Up for people from the 3D industry. We will meet in a pub in Antwerp where they serve some excellent Belgian beers.
What will we do: drink some beers and talk about nerdy stuff at least the people next to us will think so. We will exchange experiences and business cards, discus work and workflows and lots more. It all depends on what you want.
So whenever you are around on the 16th of February starting from 20u00, you are welcome.
For organization purposes, we would like you to register for the Meet Up here

See you guys then!

Midge and Johan

I need help / EXR default values
« on: 2016-11-16, 13:23:31 »
Can the default values of the options of an  EXR be changed?
Now the default TYPE is RGBA, but I would like it to be RGB.
For example if you open an EXR saved with type RGBA in Affinity Photo, the alpha is applied to the Beauty layer.

Resolved feature requests / VFB save and load config file
« on: 2016-10-21, 09:27:06 »
Maybe this section of the forum is more appropriate then here,13033.15.html

LUT and config file:
Hi there,
all the settings for LUT, hence LUT opacity, or not saved in the config file (Corona 1.5).
It will be awesome of this is the case.

Furthermore why is there a"built-in" button? I do not see why this is necessary. In my case all the Lut's are saved on a network drive.


Hi there,

can we have the option to save and load all the values of the items in the the post production Tab of the VFB?
For example into an xml file.
This would be extremely helpful, so I can save an xml file for each camera in my scene.

General CG discussion / Vault / Shorgun / Ftrack
« on: 2016-08-24, 14:15:50 »
Hi there,

lately we are experiencing some issues (long waiting) with opening / saving large Max and PS files over our network (1GB). Mainly due to the fact that we have more Polygons in our Max scene and bigger resolution in our Ps files.
According to our hardware supplier this "waiting" could be reduced by or switching to a 10GB network environment (this will implement a new file server and switch) or by making use of software packages like Autodesk Vault, Shotgun or Ftrack.
Of course the latter is cheaper then upgrading hardware.

Has anyone experience with those software packages?

Or other packages which just cache files to a local harddisk and saves it back to the network when you close a file?

So, after some deeper investigation I figured out that Shotgun or Ftrack is not what I am looking for. Too much stuff I do not need.
Someone put me in the direction of Subversion. So basically versioning software. Someone uses this kind of software?


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