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Bug Reporting / Max crash on fbx import with CoronaMultimap
« on: 2019-06-23, 21:18:32 »
I am wondering if you guys can reproduce this . When I export an object with material with multimap plugged in to fbx, on import max crashes. This happens on max 2018 with Corona 4 and I tested this also on max 2017 and Corona 3

Thanks a lot

General CG discussion / 3dsmax fbx import crash
« on: 2019-06-22, 23:05:27 »
I am getting mad of this - I am on 2018 and if I try to export specific geometry from the scene to fbx and load it afterwards max crashes. Also when I tried to create new object in that same scene and export it , it would import fine. Other question regarding obj format. I have object with multisubobject but obj export doesn´t seem to respect that and messes up the mat ids (resets all to 1) and assigns default material

Do you guys know any workaround for these problems?

General CG discussion / Best value/effort 3D marketplace
« on: 2019-06-09, 08:54:37 »

I would like to hear opinion and experience with selling 3D models on different platforms what would you recommend and why (so far i have only experience with 3dsky and cgtrader)


General CG discussion / Siger Studio crashes max
« on: 2019-05-31, 15:42:45 »
Have anybody encountered similar issue? I am on max 2018 and when opening lab scenes for Corona, 3ds max always crashes

I need help / How to create this kind of turntable
« on: 2019-05-23, 13:36:09 »

we have a client that wants us to create this kind of turntable for a mattress How would you approach that in Corona? is that only jpg sequence with 2 camera flyarounds ? one on horizontal and one on vertical axis?

General CG discussion / Recommendations on 3dsmax version
« on: 2019-05-10, 15:35:08 »
I am thinking of upgrading max to newer version or reinstall current one (2016) because it has been slow lately(freezing material editor, slow IR startup etc maybe because tons of scripts and plugins) so maybe a clean install with no plugins and scripts would help. But if you guys have good experience with 2016+ versions I would like to hear it. I have tried 2020 and it feels fine but yeah I haven´t installed anything but Corona for that one.


General CG discussion / Cloud or NAS storage
« on: 2019-04-15, 09:10:36 »
Which one of the latter do you prefer and why? Will be thankful for any of your experience.

Bug Reporting / CCC not displayed correctly in viewport
« on: 2019-02-27, 11:30:26 »
When using CoronaColorCorrect node with bitmap in real world scale mode , display map in viewport displays CCC in different scale (100x larger) from the base bitmap


I am asking here for advice - I want to set up file sharing for my colleague so that he is able to work remotely and avoid archiving the whole max file with textures etc. Is there any simple way to do that? What I am aiming for is this - I have a ongoing job (maxfile, textures, proxies) that I was working on, he opens it on his computer, makes changes and saves back to my harddrive/shared location


General CG discussion / White balance questions
« on: 2019-01-10, 11:50:18 »
Hi guys

I would like to reproduce reality as close as possible in my works but over the time I really haven´t figured out how to shoot interiors where no natural light is present.

There are two options for this - to maintain whites to be white I let main artificial lights (spotlights, ceiling light) to be pure white color, and then let accent lights (led stripes) to be warm white 3600K for example. This results in no need to touch white balance (or only a little) . However this is not very similar to how the real world works right? In real world for example in bathroom with no natural light all light sources are approximately same temperature - if this is simulated in Corona, white balance should be adjusted accordingly, but then render starts to look really weird - it gets darker and colors are not accurate.

How do you approach such cases ? Are you faking the temperatures so they fit the mood you are after? or use real world values ?

Does Corona white balance work the same way as in real world cameras?



General CG discussion / Siger XSMP help
« on: 2018-11-27, 13:19:05 »

I can´t get material preview rendering to work. Sooner when I clicked render material preview, scene opened and preview was rendering, now the only thing that happens is that it seems like the scene is opening but nothing happens. Could anybody help with this?


General CG discussion / Connecter users please help
« on: 2018-11-22, 14:15:10 »

I am unsucessfully trying to set up material export to connecter and was wondering what are your thoughts and workflows for this. I have set up the shader ball scene to which I would like to assign material to be rendered and there is also one camera. Now the first thing is when I choose "render studio" and link my render studio I just created, get from the camera in the file and assigned custom shaderball (geometry from studio scene) I am getting weird results between viewport and actual render window see below (this only happens when trying to export materials not assets)

Then I am getting this error when trying to export more than one material at a time from selection

And also when trying to bypass "from selection" with "all materials from scene" it works, but I can not assign materials from connecter to max afterwards and also the naming is not correct

Would love to hear what I am doing wrong


I would like to buy friendly shade fabric bundle but firstly I would like to know some experience from anybody who bought it and is using it. Please tell me if you would recommend it or not at all. I am doing archviz mainly


General CG discussion / Maintenance2Subscription switch
« on: 2018-10-09, 10:46:04 »
So I have perpetual 3ds max license with maintenance paid annualy and my reseller offered me switch to subscription as maintenance price is going to rise in the next years. Now it is 830 euro, next year 990 and so on whereas subscription switch would cost 790 and then max +5% of the price each odd year

What do you guys think would be better choice? I still think when I do the math even in 10 years the difference between subscription and maintenance won´t cover my initial investment into perpetual license

Thanks a lot

Hardware / Adding new SSD
« on: 2018-09-28, 11:47:23 »

I am planning to upgrade and add new ssd to my workstation. I have Asus Z9P8DE-WS board and would like to spend 150 euro maximum for that. So should I buy M2 SSD? seems like a huge difference in write and read speeds in comparison to regular SSDs

thanks for advice

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