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Ok, my question or theory popped up when I was trying to achieve look / color mapping of Jose Villa's photos. I just love how his colors, and overaly color mapping looks. After spending some time investigating the matter, I found out he shoots film. So he is using some other kind of sensor, some other kind of color mapping (There is pretty complex process to shoot film though). Absolutely every camera has some other kind of sensor, sensor parameters, sensor curves that maps incoming real world data, right? So we have real world data hitting the sensor which maps that data (color mapping) but it maps them according to the light wavelength, exposure and all other incoming data parameters. Now my question is, is there any way, we can change our sensor in corona? I guess that some default sensor is just "built into corona" giving us output - color mapped 32 bit output and we can only apply postproduction, not change that sensor at all (I am saying color mapping as color mapping according to some sensitivity to some wavelength of light etc. not highlight compression). 32-bit exr is equal to HDR real world image - so we know there is no way to magically change sensor afterwards, don't we? It would be incredible to have some parameters / possibilities to define such sensor. I am not expert, I love corona as it (thank you keymaster and company) is and I am really looking forward for new BDFRs, this idea would be really very interesting area to see. I am also attaching a picture of what I mean.
I am looking forward to seeing any insights!

Work in Progress/Tests / Shot on Contax
« on: 2013-03-23, 01:33:39 »
I just wanter to share my    wonderment of how fast corona is, this render took 50 seconds (1300x730).
It is first "fun" test render of upcoming project, and I am still not sure about name. Cool old cars and exteriors will happen. I may also update here my WIPs. Share your thoughts.


Gallery / TineKhome House
« on: 2013-01-28, 16:49:07 »
Digital re-creation. Based on an already existing photographs by tinekhome. Computer generated images. Cheers :)

Gallery / Tinekhome House Teaser
« on: 2013-01-20, 10:34:01 »
this is my firts post, so I would love to say hello to this corona community :)
This render is my first test of Corona, I am pretty astonished of speed and quality. It is a teaser render for upcoming project, I hope it will be really breathtaking. I am used to use vray but, after seeing this, I will give corona a try for this whole project and then compare what works better. Teaser render is a remake of a vray version ( I cant really believe something like corona exists, connecting speed of biased and simplicity of unbiased renedrers together. Thanks Miso Timko for leading me here.

Jakub Čech

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