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Bug Reporting / Corona Distance Map - ProOptimizer
« on: 2019-09-11, 14:20:54 »
using "ProOptimizer" modifier on objects with Distance map plugged in shader results in instant 3ds max crash.

Best regards,

Feature requests / Corona "PICK"
« on: 2019-08-30, 09:59:45 »
Set Focus point is ignored by "Auto Key"

Can this be changed?


Feature requests / Mega-Max-Layered Material-XXExtreme
« on: 2019-08-16, 12:28:48 »
recently I was working on a snow shader that would cover all surface using the Z-axis of the object.
I noticed that changing all my materials in to "Layered material" with exactly the same Coat and different base will be very time-consuming.

I thought about some kind of "Global Layered material" that could work with some kind of list like "distance" does or even
"Material Override Add Coat"

Does that sound good?

General Discussion / Shadow Catcher - PNG
« on: 2019-07-23, 09:19:23 »
Quite some time ago I reported that saving files to PNG's does not work as expected.

So Examples are but not limited to:
- Refraction (If your refracted objects have other objects with solid alpha behind them, you will end up with holes in your image)
- Bloom and Glare (Just ignored by the PNG, unless there is a solid object behind it)
- Reflection (Ignored on windows due to refraction)
- Shadow Catcher (Some settings work the same way as Refraction)
- VDB (Same as Bloom and Glare it's just ignored)

So my question is, how can I save my files with those effects, but still keep the transparent background?

Image attached is
- Left regular shadow catcher on a black background to avoid white halos after hundreds of passes loots of noise.
- Right same image but with "Recieve shadows" option off, at that point shadow catcher is just noise.

as Im working on a project that requires me to create a bit of fake light using IES method, I was met with unfortunate news, IES GEN no longer works with Corona.

So this effect is no longer possible with Corona 4.0


Is there someone who knows a way how to convert Images to IES?

Best Regards

Feature requests / CoronaMask - Upgrade
« on: 2019-07-04, 09:16:32 »
as the "Render Selected" option works, Im guessing this is pretty possible to do.

So the thing is that Im working a lot on product shots, almost mainly. Im often met with this situation where I need to render

X parts of my shot, so in this case take a look at the image.
I will have to create 4 masks for:
- Small product
- Product Family
- Product Family with Shadow/Reflection
- Product Family as JPG as it is

Ok so just use masks and shut up right? Yeah. no. I will have to create similar sets for 6 products in multiple sets with similar requirements.
So X products times X versions times 4 options, so my request?

Please add "Beauty" cut or BeautyMask option so that would allow us to create this automatically. I created thousands of images so far and this is just part that I can't automate easy. This would be a good option for some of my future projects where I will have 14 x 16 x 3 +/- 20 (approx 672 renders overall) Doing similar stuff for all of them? Bruh...

General Discussion / Corona - Projection + Workaround
« on: 2019-06-11, 08:39:22 »
due to current corona limitation render to texture does not support "Projection" as part of this process. Simply ignoring the "Cage" and rendering over the surface.

I found a workaround that might be helpful to some of you, here it is:

(I'm sorry if its well-known thing and I'm just late to the party)

- To do projection mapping all you need to do is create your regular retopology mesh as you would in normal conditions
- Unwrap the mesh
- Collapse it
- Copy the mesh and start moving vertexes around just as you would with projection mesh, use push and regular vertex manipulation
- Make sure that each element is covered by a new mesh cage just like you would with projection
- Render to Texture - pick the elements that you desire
- Use the rendered elements with Original Mesh

In my case, the effects are good enough to call this usable. So hope that it helps someone here :)

Bug Reporting / Render to texture loop
« on: 2019-06-06, 10:42:12 »

Render to texture, if you close the VFB instead of "STOP" you are stuck in an endless loop of rendering as the Corona VFB is different to the Render To texture Corona VFB.

So.. fix would be cool

Feature requests / CornaMultimap - Mass Cropping Tiling
« on: 2019-05-22, 10:34:17 »
Just a suggestion

"Advanced" option to crop or UV Tile all images at once? In UVW or Multimap it self
(Yes you can scale, but you can't "stack" images)

Simple use example:

Your texture is 20x100 and you want to put it on 10x100 plank, as a result, you have squashed texture. Possible solutions now?
- Go to photoshop and create +20 heavy halves of texture that you probably won't use for any other project
- Go to each map and manually change the cropping
- Set the cropping in one texture and copy it 20 times then change the path and file
- Set the Tiling of the texture to 0.5 on mass again 20+ clicks

Best Regards

Feature requests / CornaMultimap - Rotation
« on: 2019-05-09, 16:58:42 »
Plix plax plox add "Rotation" param in Corona Multimap

CornaMultimap without it creates some problems with "portrait" textures

Off-Topic / Nvidia GP 100 Quatro
« on: 2019-04-25, 08:24:41 »
For sale:

Used in pc that was mainly used to render on CPU, fully functional.

If you are interested we can talk about prices.

I need help / [solved] Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
« on: 2019-04-24, 15:57:26 »
Working on two machines, I decided to move one of two 1080, from machine A to the machine B that didn't really have a GPU capable of running Optix.

So without changing anything I dismounted 1080 from one PC A and mounted it to B, and Optix stopped working for PC A.

I tried:
- Nvidia Drivers Reinstall
- Corona Reinstall
- Nvidia and Corona Reinstal
- Resetting PC
- Manually deleting 5.1 files
- Unpacking and Manually installing 5.1.2
- Offline Installation of Optix
- Online Installation of Optix
- Deleting %appdata%
- Doing the programdata thing

Everything that I found on the "Learn more" link and more:

Error encountered during denoising.
Unknown error (Details: Function "_rtCommandListExecute" caught exception: Assertion failed: "!m_launching : Memory manager launch is already active", file: C:\u\workspace\rel5.1-win64-cuda90-VS2015-build-Release\sw\wsapps\raytracing\rtsdk\rel5.1\src\Memory\MemoryManager.cpp, line: 962

Any other ideas what I can do?

I would like to request to change the LightMix behavior
As for now all coronamtl's are excluded from Lightmix and moved to "rest", I would like an ability to "Include Corona Self Illumination".

Im working on a scene that will have lots of neon lights and I waned to make them change colors but also have reflections and render quickly

Its possible if I shell it and add 2 materials, Corona Light and Corona Mtl Thin, but that is not efficient.

Im making a scene with 20~ neons that I wish to control without render time spike.

I believe that would benefit the community as people often use self-illumination in interior and exterior scenes, and having all those in "Rest" creates difficulties.


The scene contains 2 Cameras with similar settings.

Both were created using the same method
Create > Camera > CoronaCamera
Moved both target and body to 0;0;0.

When using "Perspective" In the bottom right menu (one of those 8 icons) 3ds Max Crashes for one of them.
What is the cause of this situation?


Gallery / Packshot
« on: 2019-02-16, 10:07:08 »
Hey this is a simple render that I made for one of the companies I work with. Soon CNC welcome, I'm also looking for more ideas :)

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