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Gallery / Re: The New York Times Building. Full 3d.
« on: 2018-09-03, 20:45:57 »
Wow, amazing project, congratulations!
I love how you solved the surroundings with very nice details and great textures. And the mood in some of them is superb!

Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Just wanted to give a big thanks for this incredible post... All this info well explained and all together... Awesome!

Feature requests / Re: Angle Affect
« on: 2016-07-21, 16:28:44 »
Yes, nice, this is a really handy feature.

THEA Render has it since a couple of years ago, it´s called Micro Roughness, and it has 2 values to control that effect, something like the radius and the height of those "micro-bumps". A bit too complex for my taste, I would go for a simple 0-1 param like in your example.

Sorry Ondra, but I think I can´t understand your answer, maybe I didn´t explain it too well. Let me explain this a bit better:

I bought my yearly licence months ago, at the beginning of Corona1.0, and I´ve succesfully been using Corona during this period. My FairSaas licence is already paid until next April. If I remember well, then I will have to pay full price for a new 12months period. My question is, as happens in other online services, if I pay today for a yearly subscription, will my licence add a complete 12months period to the existing "remaining time"? Or should I wait to April to renew it for a whole new year?
If the first option is correct, I could buy 12 extra months on Blackfriday with the 27% discount, right?

I hope it´s clear now.
Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi all,

I´ve just read an email about the Blackfriday discount for Corona. I already have a yearly subscription active and I would like to know if there is any chance to take advantage of that "-27%" to affect my current license. Maybe doing an early renewal of the yearly FaiSaas, so once my license expires next April, It will automatically renew with that 27% discount applied?

Thanks in advance


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