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I need help / Re: [solved] Realistic snow in Corona
« on: 2019-11-19, 11:24:01 »
I quickly checked the scene, and originally having same issue as posted by Place, it seems to be resolved after checking high dynamic range as PROH advised.

I need help / Re: Add 2D people to a VR stereo 360 pano
« on: 2019-11-07, 11:58:53 »
Oh I see, yes you're correct, I was referring to mono panoramas.
Sorry I didn't read your post carefully enough!

I need help / Re: Add 2D people to a VR stereo 360 pano
« on: 2019-11-07, 11:08:39 »
It's possible and fairly easy on spherical maps to be honest.
Here's an example of our work with people added in post:

In Photoshop just go to 3D--->Spherical Panorama--->New Panorama from selected layers
It will then change your viewport in a way you can see parts of panorama as in normal perspective. Add your people in this mode and convert back to spherical mode.
Use smart objects to do it all non destructively.

Hi, I uploaded packed scene with cache files and created new ticket. Thanks

I'm not yet sure whether it's a problem with Corona or Phoenix FD itself but couldn't find anybody on Chaosgroup forum having this issue. I also cannot compare the behaviour in Vray as I don't have a license.
I created simple "moving ship in a water" simulation using liquid container which I then render in Ocean Mesh mode.
Everything is ok until I turn on Mesh Smoothing option with "Use Liquid Particles" enabled. It smoothes out water surface in the viewport but after pressing "render" MAX usually freezes or crashes.
I did try doing it on higher and lower resolution containers but this didn't seem to have any impact, both were crashing.

I'm using max 2020, latest Phoenix FD version, and Corona 4h1 (I tested most recent Corona daily too, with same issue).
I'd appreciate any help on this.

Gallery / Re: VENETIAN
« on: 2019-09-30, 16:06:16 »
That is really outstanding piece of work.
For quite a while now you've been producing great animations but here you ticked all the boxes guys.
Storytelling, camera movement, materials, lighting... it's all there!
Having to work on couple animations myself atm I'm truly amazed and inspired seeing this. Well done!

Gallery / Re: .ADAGIO.
« on: 2019-09-29, 01:38:42 »
Great work, well balanced light and compositions!

Hi, I have similar problem with scene parsing rising over time as animation frames are being rendered. Last week it would grow from 3mins to almost 7mins during 48 hours of rendering.
The scene is indeed very heavy as it's a huge masterplan in mountainous environment but it was optimised in numerous ways already. Standard stuff, there are no big textures used, heavy polys are proxies, instances used wherever it was possible.
Last step that I've done yesterday that helped reducing parsing times was going through all the proxies once again, converting them back to mesh and running prooptimizer on them. On some sequences it reduced parsing from 3mins to 1.5mins, although the problem with parsing rising over time is still there.

So hasn't this feature just been implemented into FStorm?
I'd love to see it in Corona, I can't stress enough how useful it would be.

General CG discussion / Houdini in Archviz workflow
« on: 2019-07-02, 18:47:28 »
I was just curious if anybody in here was trying to incorporate Houdini into their archviz workflow. Recently I have been working on the big mountainous terrain and went through couple of programs dedicated to terrain creation
(worldmachine, gaea etc) although I haven't been completely satisfied with the results. I kept looking further and ended up using new Houdini heightfield tools. I must say I'm pretty amazed by the workflow and ease of use.
Considering that terrain tools are only a tiny percent of what Houdini's offering, adding water/smoke simulations, procedural modelling etc, all for the price of 269$ annually for indie license, it makes it pretty amazing tool even for freelancers.
I'm not yet sure how smooth is exchanging data between Houdini and Max as I didn't have a chance to test it all out, but I'm pretty positive about the experience so far.
What are your thoughts?

Hardware / Re: PC cases talk
« on: 2019-06-25, 22:18:03 »
Hi Juraj,
From aesthetic point of view, what is the model of a case you posted on Facebook a while ago?
I just love the look the look of it, is it Corsair?

General Discussion / Re: 3D Studio Max 2020
« on: 2019-06-19, 11:37:46 »
I jumped from 2016 to 2019 and I find it better. It's not like it was a huge step or change, but surely it's as stable as 2016 was, but much smoother and faster in terms of working in viewport. I haven't tried 2020 yet but I'm willing to test it mainly for detachable viewport feature. If was lucky enough to own perpetual 2016 license I wouldn't see a reason to update to 2019/2020 though, it's definitely not worth the money that goes with it on subscription model.
But well, being forced to rent the software I can see it slowly changing and certainly hope for the best in the next updates.

Gallery / Re: villa!
« on: 2019-06-11, 11:27:25 »
This is nice but honestly try not to forget about the details like car plates. You see hundreds of renders with EVERMOTION plate on them (in your case it's mirrored, RANGE ROVER letters too), it takes like 2 mins the change it for anything more adequate to the scene location.

Bug Reporting / Re: Light Lister doesn't show Sun
« on: 2019-06-10, 15:37:00 »
Hi, is there any chance that this is going to be added before final release of version 4? It still doesn't seem to work in the latest release candidate. Thanks!

General Discussion / Re: rendering large images
« on: 2019-06-10, 12:56:03 »
From how close will the billboard will be looked at?
I mean, how much detail do you really need? For billboard print I have great experience  up-scaling my image using Gigapixel AI
I've compared image rendered at 10k and the one that I upscaled from 5k to 10k with AI and I was supprised how little difference there was between them. Try it, it has 30days free trial version.
It all depends whether your huge print will be looked at from close distance and then you need more detail in your textures, shaders etc, otherwise for far away viewing just a sharp clean image will do, small details won't be seen anyway.

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