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What could be better than visiting the corona forum *and* reading about UE4 :)

The Xoio scene is quite awesome. Lasse, thank you for releasing it!
In free walk mode, how would one go about getting in the building? Oh, and throwing snowballs is totally awesome!

Here is another winter scene btw. :) Definately not as nice, but the r&d was aimed towards getting decent GI (resulting in 70 hour bakes), and mimicking some offline render features such as 2 sided mats and skylight portals.

Those are, in fact, just vray renders. Their actual product looks very very different... ;)

Gallery / Re: Corona Kid
« on: 2014-11-23, 12:40:52 »
Thanks! and indeed :D Btw, you are one of the few people to notice ;)

Gallery / Corona Kid
« on: 2014-11-21, 11:40:34 »
A little render of a kid (character) done in Corona Alpha 6 a while ago. Not many Corona characters around so I thought it might be cool to post.

Courtesy Archydra.

You can actually grab this model for free here:

but it's vray model and the hands need to be flipped to make it like this.

Set 1, got it.

Is it possible to not view what's going on in the frame buffer though? Would that save some ram? Or can I just turn off elements preview in the buffer, so corona just auto-saves them like it does.. but does not take up those 64 bytes per pixel during render.

Thanks and thanks for clarifying what it is!

Working quite well now :) Any and all other tips for reducing Ram usage would be greatly appreciated! I can leave it to render for a while, not problem, but if corona reaches the system's max ram it actually seems to hang the system, even though there is a decently large page file.. I'd eventually like to pass some 500+ mil faces/ tris or so and resolutions of 6000px+ through corona.. so gotta be prepared :)

I need help / Minimizing RAM usage, and large scenes..
« on: 2014-06-07, 16:01:38 »
Hi everybody, and Keymaster thanks for the great render!

I'm currently using corona for a relatively small interior scene. Long story short PT+HD 4300x3000, internal resolution at 2 and a few elements and corona exceeded some 24 gb of ram.
I managed to get it to ~10 gb by removing a few elements I don't really need that much and setting internal resolution to 1 (what is internal resolution, btw and does it affect quality/performance?).

I'm really hoping however to use corona for large exterior scenes, with lots of masks, elements and quite a lot of vegetation. So what would be the right way to do that? Is there a way to make a material shiny, but not actually reflective and would something like that even help minimize ram? 

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