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Gallery / Re: Sterling Reserve Launch Campaign 2019
« on: 2019-10-05, 21:47:54 »
Really great work of art. Well done!

Is the same ies profile also stored on the slaves?

IES-Files are assets like textures. Or not?

Actually, beveling should look just the same with that kind of light source and material (that is, with no reflectivity). Would be interested if the result is any different :)

Hi Tom.
You see the beveled objects in the back. (same amount as the corona round edges)

Hi Franz,
looks like some of those materials includes real geometric details and for a quality result you will need to do the same in 3d, acrilic shader will be easy to build though.

Yeah. You can build some "template" and we scatter the objects inside, like acrylic-couture does with custom objects. :)

My first ideas for new shaders from 3DR&B:

acrylic stuff like this:   

or surfaces like this:

OK. Thanks. This is by far not what I expected. Not to compare to the V-Ray Advanced Material with the "Round Edge" in it. I am a bit disappointed from that RoundEdges now and have to bevel the edges from the model.

Probably best to share your non-working test scene. That way someone can comment on exactly how to fix that particular scene, and you'll be able to figure out what you were doing wrong from that :)

Good idea. attached you'll see the file with the nonworking setup. Thanks for looking in it! 

In my experience the default radius of 10 cm is way too large and gives you weird looking shading. Set radius to about 0.2 cm as a starting point.
Set your material preview to cube to see the effect without IR.

Ok. I try it on my Mac too.

This is what I get on my PC.

you need to apply the material to the cube.
Pretty much that, you need to apply it to a cube :) Also, I've noticed that the IR doesn't update properly with the RoundEdges shader so thats a bug and you'll need to restart the IR each time you make a change.
LOL  Thanks. I did it but somehow it doesn't work either

Thanks. I did it as you described.
But it doesn't work for me.

Can you share your TR-settings, please. Of the host as well of the client.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / RoundEdges shader
« on: 2019-01-08, 08:43:54 »
Does anyone know how "RoundEdges" work properly? Or is it not ready yet? Thanks

@houska : What parameters do you mean?

peer to peer seems faster than sending assets directly to the client. But how can I tune it more.

Great news Stefano!

I already converted the most from what I daily use... ;)

I will let You know when one idea of new materials comes to me.

Thanks. I tried. but it doesn't show up anyway. ;(

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