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Secondly, at the end of the render during the freeze can you check to see if the bloom and glare calculation is taking place? In some cases, in particular for high resolutions it can take some time to compute, thus giving the impression that Max has frozen.

Would you be able to answer my question? :)


Normally i don't use Glare & Bloom in this scene. And the render resolution is 1766px

Did it

Bug Reporting / Very long to give back access after render.
« on: Yesterday at 10:04:29 »

Don't know if it is a bug, but i have a very annoying behaviour here.
The scene is very fast to use, and to render, but after each render, 3dsmax 2020 hangs up for 1-2 minutes (yes, minutes) before it gives me back access.

I can provide the scene, but not on the forum (customers's top secret scene ;-) ), so please tell me how i can send it to you.


Resolved bugs / Re: Material Editor Slow with UVrandomizer
« on: 2019-12-09, 17:53:17 »
Ok, i forgot about the problem now.

I tried to reproduce, but i've changed my PC : faster cores, 3dsmax2020 and Corona5...

Now it seams to be more usable, even with plenty of instanced objects.

There is still the fact that the original bitmap is shown in the viewport, not the UVrandom offsetted ones... We have to render to see it.

Best regards.

Feature requests / material preset
« on: 2019-12-08, 14:22:38 »

Material library is great, but it could be fast&simple to get some material preset.
Ok, i have to confess, i've given a fast look at RedShift render : fast (GPU power), but not as good as Corona ;-)
But i've found that the small preset starter for materials is a great idea for beginers. (i'm 3D teacher in highschool, and sometimes it would help).
Pease have a look at the screenshot.

Feature requests / Re: a better CoronaSelectMtl
« on: 2019-11-07, 18:44:54 »
@Naxos - instead of figuring out what could be done with Select map or Layered Mtl or MultiMap, or anything else, could you please instead explain what exactly you would like to achieve? I think then it would be easier for us to help you and/or implement some new features if needed.

So what would work better would be describing what kind of scene you are working on, and what kind of effect/result you need. You can do it here, or even better, contact us about this at


Hello Maru !

In fact what i was asking in the first place is already possible, with hidden params of the material and a linearFloat connected to it.

I'm creating a lot of online configurators now (see below), and i'm always looking at some ways to automatize the png output, taking in account all the possibilities : for ex. if you look at the 8pool billards tables, there are colors for the frame, the balls, the feet, the fabric and so on : instead of rendering one after one all the needed pngs, i often set an animation : untill now using MaterialIDs, next using CoronaSelectMtl.

As i'm animating the MaterialIDs into a Material modifyer, (because it was the only way), i though about a CoronaSelectMtl modifyer. But not a so good idea after thought, because of possible confusion between modifyer and material, and not really needed, with the possibility to animate the "selected mtl".

Is that more clear ?

Some configurators i've made for my customers :
Billards tables :
Mini Football tables :
other one :

Feature requests / Re: a better CoronaSelectMtl
« on: 2019-11-06, 15:59:36 »
There is already a "Matrial" modifyer for Mat IDs... I guess the modifyer would take the lead.

That is completely different things. Material ID is essential property of every mesh's face. You can't get rid of them and there's no confusion - materials always do what material IDs tell them. In case of hypothetical CoronaSelect modifier, things wouldn't be such straightforward. Your propsed "modifier overrides material" method may work against someone else workflow. But more importantly, it would inevitably lead to confusion, just imagine what would happen when you collapse modifier stack and bake modifier into mesh. Next time you might not remember why CoronaSelect material doesn't work on some of your objects. The forum would be filled with false bug reports.

ok, i see.

Feature requests / Re: a better CoronaSelectMtl
« on: 2019-11-06, 14:48:14 »

Already perfectly possible with controllers, just expose additional parameters of CoronaSelect material/map, hook bezier float controller into selected slot and animate it to your heart content ;]

Oh, ok then, no need.
- a CoronaSelectedMaterial modifyer, so i could animate the SelectedMtl ID, object by object, so i can output more complex raws of pictures with several combinations of materials...

I think it would be too complicated and confusing - what would happen if you assign CoronaSelect material to an object with CoronaSelect modifier? Which one should override the other?

There is already a "Matrial" modifyer for Mat IDs... I guess the modifyer would take the lead.

Feature requests / Re: a better CoronaSelectMtl
« on: 2019-11-05, 17:59:50 »


and I'd like to suggest another addition: the possibility to "fade" a material to another, usefull in an animation of a shot.
Thank you,

+1 also ;-)

Feature requests / a better CoronaSelectMtl
« on: 2019-11-05, 16:37:17 »
Hello there,

The CoronaSelectMtl is very usefull for me, as i often create products configurators for my customers.
To semi-automatize the output of all colors (for ex), i usually use a multi/sub materials, then i animate the MaterialID with the material modifyer.
It works, but on simple objects / materials.
When i need some multi/sub materials for complex objects, then i can't really animate this way, at least hardly.

So i wish as a request a better CoronaSelectMtl on 2 ways :
- The possibility to have an aditional parameter for the selected material : a spinner so we could animate it and so output all possible materials on a raw;
- a CoronaSelectedMaterial modifyer, so i could animate the SelectedMtl ID, object by object, so i can output more complex raws of pictures with several combinations of materials...

Can you do that ?

Best regards.

Resolved bugs / Re: DR error
« on: 2019-09-13, 16:36:55 »
Oh, ok. Problem is that i don't have it anymore.
Sorry for that.
Next error i'll send directly to you.

Resolved bugs / DR error
« on: 2019-09-05, 11:13:15 »
I had an error message during DR rendering, and it asked me to send you this exr :

Best regards.

Bug Reporting / Re: spots light with multimap
« on: 2019-08-26, 15:10:24 »
Two things there - directionality is fine, it's *high* directionality that might introduce noise (values such as 0.7 and above). Also, this has improved with the new adaptive light solver (on by default since Corona Renderer 4) so that it is less of a concern.

Ok i'll give a try...

Also, using Max's default spotlight is good for the fake Volume effect : fast and easy to setup.

Bug Reporting / Re: spots light with multimap
« on: 2019-08-26, 12:14:10 »

I have done some investigation into this and spoken with our dev team.

Unfortunately it looks like it is a Max limitation reagrding using the CoronaMultiMap with 3ds Max lights.

However we will definately look at optimising the CoronaLight so you are able to use it instead of the Max lights.



(Internal ID=390148597)

I'd love to use Directionality of CoronaLights, but as we were teached in the Academy, it is not yet usable in production : better is to use spots.
I'll wait.

Resolved bugs / Material Editor Slow with UVrandomizer
« on: 2019-08-23, 11:50:34 »

When i put CoronaUVrandomizer with multiSub material on losts of objects (here 650, with instances), the MaterialEditor becomes very laggy : each change of a param takes several seconds (10-15) to give hand back.

Also, the initial map is shown in viewport.


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