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Resolved feature requests / Re: Seamless integration
« on: 2012-10-19, 10:27:12 »
Brazil is also like that, and I've always been curious as to how some renderers are able to be 99% compliant with the host package - whilst others (such as Mental Ray) needs custom support. The nice thing about VRay and Brazil is that you can be sure all of the atmospheric stuff works as it should - hair plugins, afterburn, fumefx and so on. Also, whenever there's a cool material or texture on maxplugins, you can just plug it in and play in your renderer. It's annoying to have to wait for official support by your render engine whenever there's a new plugin out.

I'm still using Brazil (even though its no longer developed), and it's pretty fast. I can test it if you're interested.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Reflection enhancements
« on: 2012-10-18, 19:58:25 »
Don`t make another mental ray, make another arnold  - unbiased renderer with scanline flexibility!

Quoted for agreement! Arnold is the benchmark at the moment, it has unbiased looks but with renderman'ish flexibility. Its an awesome renderer, but only available for the privileged few (and definitely not for Max...) If they ever release it, I think it will be dominate the render-market.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Reflection enhancements
« on: 2012-10-18, 19:55:04 »
Sure, a lot is done in comp (I usually comp my own stuff, such as this troll). But there's always clients/ADs/directors saying they want that reflection to POP or that red to be otherworldy. And then there's the issue of integrating with live-action, trying to debug the color of some ground plane through white-balance, coloured lights, lens filters etc. Sometimes an override is all you need to save some hairloss :)

Looking forward to play more with this renderer :)

Resolved feature requests / Re: RGB image-mapped bokeh
« on: 2012-10-18, 18:27:12 »
Chromatic aberration was the incorrect word for it sorry, but please support individual rgb's for the bokeh map!

Resolved feature requests / Re: Reflection enhancements
« on: 2012-10-18, 18:19:50 »
1+2. Cool, I will play with that.

3+4. I completely understand that for the majority of users (that work within arch and viz), physically correct is the way to go. But if you work with advertisement and vfx, that's not necessarily the thing anymore.

When I do images like this, I prefer going all energy-conserving:

But when doing stuff like this, it's almost impossible to be able to find the physically correct values within your deadline:

For this job, I had to use different environment maps for different parts of the character. There was different environments affecting the GI and the reflections. I also had to have object that were only seen by the reflections in the eyes etc. There was a ton of cheats on this to be able to make the deadline, and this was a very simple job.

I worked with one of the agencies bidding for the logo of a major beverage brand, and when the art director asked for more intense reflections on one part of the object, it was just the simple matter of cranking them up. It would have killed my deadline to render them separately, take them into photoshop - gain them up etc.

Of course, my existing (now killed off) renderer does this. And there's a lot it doesn't do, that Corona does. That's why I'm always interested in new tech, and Corona looks real interesting. So take it as it is, feature suggestions from an interested artist :)

Resolved feature requests / Reflection enhancements
« on: 2012-10-18, 17:24:08 »
Some things I would like to see with the reflection in the corona material:

- Option to texture map reflection strength
- Option to disable fresnel for purely reflective materials
- Ability to have strengths over 1.0 and under 0.0
- Reflection exclusion lists

It would also be great to have a separate reflection/refraction-texture, that could be plugged into standard 3ds max materials, or materials from other render-engines.

And for even more flexibility, please consider a reflection/refraction material, that has no surface component - only sending rays away from it. Those are great to use with blend/mix/shellac materials to make complex multi-layered shaders such as car paint, skin etc.

Resolved feature requests / RGB image-mapped bokeh
« on: 2012-10-18, 17:15:30 »
For the utmost in realism, bokeh should be image-mapped. In real-life, lens bokeh have different characteristics in the red, green and blue channel (chromatic aberration), something that would be cool to see a renderer support (the peregrine labs bokeh plugin for Nuke sopport this, and the results are fantastic!).

Resolved feature requests / Hair primitive / hair rendering
« on: 2012-10-18, 17:11:07 »
Native hair rendering would be great! with support for Hair Farm, HairFX, Ornatrix and 3ds Max hair (my preferred order).

When Corona supports interactive rendering, this could probably be done easily with a standard light script.

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2012-10-17, 23:30:06 »
Once you've tried interactive rendering without limitations (such as in the caustic visualizer or arnold), believe me - your workflow will change completely! I would love to see a max-renderer support proper interactive rendering.

Choices are good I think. In Brazil you could do both environment overrides inside the material and through the renderer. I would support overrides of both reflections and refractions inside the material if I were you. I've sometimes missed the MR override texture as well, that seemed like a neat thing.

I recommend doing a comprehensive override material, such as Brazil used to have (see screenshot). For some, this might seem as overkill - but it's extremely flexible in use. Using the Slate editor, it's very easy to take a complex car material, and then make multiple variations on it by overriding just the color or the bump. You can also substitute the GI rays for that material with a simpler material (say without bump, sss or reflections) to speed up render.

Off-Topic / Re: Your OTHER renderer?
« on: 2012-10-17, 21:50:26 »
Brazil! May it rest in peace... Also using a bit of Arnold.

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