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I'm having the same issue....

I have no clue how to enable motion blur. I've tried many different things. Camera Motion Blur (check), objects motion blur (check), segments 16, shutter speed with an exaggerated amount of .033 (all this done in the corona camera tag). I'm making sure that the object is moving extremely fast with linear keyframes and not bezier ones. I've even tried to override the motion blur settings in the Corona render settings for c4d and NOTHING.....what am i doing wrong? Please help. Everything works perfect, DOF, lighting, materials etc. Everything works except for motion blur. I'm on the latest demo build alpha v4. I've tried searching everywhere so I'm coming to you folks! Please is there a solution? Is there a button I'm not clicking?

Thank you kindly.

General CG discussion / Re: News from Maxon: C4D-R17!
« on: 2015-08-05, 21:31:18 »
Still no GPU rendering -___-

Guess I'll stick octane and corona.


Thank you so much!!!

Amazing Share!

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