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Off-Topic / Re: Livingroom Tutorial
« on: 2019-12-10, 08:27:09 »
Lovely work, any chance of an English subtitle ?

Looks great.
Are you running a high end card .
I am in between rendering in corona for an interior of a house or learning Unreal, and outputting very quickly, but the run up to the rendering will be amssive time .

Off-Topic / Re: Pricing an animation
« on: 2019-12-08, 13:08:02 »

I mean a slow slide horizontally of the room .
A complete fly through of the entire house would be a lot of work to animate.
The  trend of late as in the last few years has been clips 6 seconds and then cut to another one of the same room.
If I am wrong please let me know.

Off-Topic / Pricing an animation
« on: 2019-12-08, 00:03:30 »
Evening all

I am completed animations before with Corona, but have always made a loss, money wise.
It's a tricky business.
So how do people price an animation in general.
Interior architecture render, house for example, , do you price by second or per room.
Fly through was mentioned but they are gone out of fashion.
Pans are more stylish and easier to render in general.
So advise would be grateful.
Thank you


Off-Topic / Re: Scam Artists
« on: 2019-11-28, 23:30:37 »
This is the image I was sent.
Somebody might recognize it as theirs.
I think is a Chinese Render personally.

Off-Topic / Scam Artists
« on: 2019-11-27, 13:15:24 »
Good day all.

I have a dodgy email the other day asking for a quote  for a new sports complex.
From this crowd.

Lawrence Coleman l Head Architect
Coleman Architects
M: +1 (604) 744 85 33

So I looked them up, no website.
I wrote back told them a price a large price then I got this back.......

Thank a lot for your reply! I will send this info over to my client and will contact you as soon as possible.

I have tried working with different companies in the past and had some negative experience. We have gathered some questions for the new studios we want to try working with. Could you please answer them? These are pretty vital for the long-term relationship we are looking for.

Do you charge per view or per hour? How much is that?

How many revisions are included in the price? What is the cost for extra revisions?

What is your basic estimation time for an architectural project with 1 view? Sometimes we need quick estimation in the future

What is the resolution of the final rendering? Do we have to pay extra for high res (4k, for example)?

What is the cost for additional views?

What is the cost of birdview for this project?

What files do we need to send you to start the project?

What software do you use? 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Corona?

Do you send draft results in a grey model rendering, draft render of screenshots?

Can you share the source files, so we'll make a final fix in-house?

How are we going to get results?

Will the price change if I get you a 3D model?

What is the cost of a panorama view?

What is the cost of an additional option or a different version of a project? For example, changing a time of the day, weather conditions or season of the year.

Do you have a team to work with several projects at the same time? If so, how many projects your team can do at the same time? We got overloaded sometimes

What is your payment process? Do you work with pre-payment? post-payment?

Do you charge extra money for urgent projects and tight deadlines?

What is the cost of large-scale projects? For example, 100 unique projects per year.

So wrote back, and told them show some evidence they were a really company gang of chancers.

So be aware of this lot.
Up to no good,
The sent a link with drawings and a sample image they want too, full set of drawings..................



Jobs / Re: 3D Artist germany
« on: 2019-11-08, 10:33:21 »
I was in Munich weekend, lovely City, worked there as a student many years ago.
Can't wait to go back in the summer for a few days, and have some that great Beer.
Loved the city.


The very best of Luck.
Lovely render.

Gallery / Re: The Depression Short Film
« on: 2019-10-24, 12:59:49 »
Great work.
But.. I think you should rename it..............not really marketable.

Corona for Blender / Re: Is Corona for blender dead?
« on: 2019-10-24, 12:57:30 »
I agree unreal for me is the future, a straight proper integrated modeler with in it and that's  it, you don't need anything else.
One package for all.

Why it has not been done I don't understand..........

Great work.

Gallery / Re: Organized Industrial Zone Office Building
« on: 2019-10-21, 21:53:41 »
I really like these images.

I am doing something like them at the moment.
Are you using HDRI,s ,if so which ones and whats the set up, as i have nver gotten them to work correctly.


Gallery / Re: Interior design for life
« on: 2019-10-21, 21:48:43 »
Very nice.
Lovely renders, love the light, composition and the textures.

General Discussion / Re: Corona To Unreal work flow?
« on: 2019-10-18, 08:21:07 »
Thank you very much for the reply.
I did see your video before.
I have brought in models though datasmith, and it comes in void of all materials after all the work in corona.
I will try the fbx version and see if that is any better.

Is there any difference between unreal studio and the data smith version.

Lighting always I stumble at also.
Could do with a blank temple of lighting .
What do you  for the foliage , trees bushes and etc.

Do you have buy everything again, speed tree etc?

Thank you.


Beautiful work as always.
When is the official Video out, as it is not on the Silastone website.

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