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Bug Reporting / Re: Passes total incorrect Corona 3
« on: 2019-02-08, 15:39:14 »
That is very unusual.  It continues to happen for me even when both machines are running Windows 7 (Enterprise) on several projects.  It's not a big deal though, it still stops once it hits the passes threshold, just the visual counter is off.

I need help / Re: CMasking_WireColor and Forest Pack
« on: 2019-01-23, 17:13:10 »
I never thought to look at the material rollout.  I quickly made changes to the three objects and it seems to have worked.

However, it would still be nice for the mask to respect the whole object or sub-object wire colour(s).

I need help / CMasking_WireColor and Forest Pack
« on: 2019-01-23, 16:18:19 »
Has anyone else had an issue where - regardless of the Forest Objects' wire colour - when I save a "CMasking_WireColor", the forest pack objects are all various shades of yellow.  I can create separate black/white or RGB masks for certain things but I use Forest Pack for a lot in a scene, including trees, grass, shrubs, cars/buses, street furniture, and lighting.  I wish that if I set a forest object's wire colour to pink it would show up pink in the element, or respect the sub-object wire colours you can dictate in the plugin.

Is this a Forest Pack issue or Corona? And is there a workaround aside from creating separate CMasking_Mask for each group of objects?

I need help / Re: Corona bitmap tiling control
« on: 2019-01-23, 15:04:10 »
Has there been any progress or new-found workarounds for this?  I'm in the same boat, and it's not always about keeping U and V locked together but there are instances (especially with Arroway textures) where you want to have U locked from bitmap to bitmap and V locked separately from bitmap to bitmap.  It seems my post yesterday (under feature request) was a duplicate of this but it's nice to know others use controllers for their materials like I do too and suffer (right word?) from the tiling limitations of the CoronaBitmap.

Would it be possible to revert the CoronaBitmap UVW scaling controls to how 3ds' native bitmap controls UVW scale?  There's a lot of instances where I link both the U and V (width and height) scales to the same Bezier Float controller so that I only have to change one value and it will always keep the bitmap square.  Right now if I try to export the UVW scale to a different controller, I'm stuck with Bezier Point3 and it doesn't offer the same level of control.

If that's the case, you could always just save a copy of the CoronaLightMtl and CoronaMtl to a custom matlib where your ideal settings are already saved then just used that as a template for new materials than a regular corona default.

If you set the colour from White to Black in either the CoronaMtl self-illumination or CoronaLightMtl then set the material to "Show Shaded Material in Viewport", you should be able to see the texmap in the viewport without needing to render it.

Gallery / Re: Mclaren Senna
« on: 2019-01-11, 16:53:32 »
I figured that might've been the case.  Exhaust pipes look good. 

A quick google image search ( shows the middle but outside faces of the rotors glowing, even subtly after being parked for a bit.  You could make a second map channel and mask in Photoshop or use a radial gradient ramp to mask a glow on the brake metal.  Check my example attached, just play with the colours or the intensity for how much the rotor glows.

Gallery / Re: Mclaren Senna
« on: 2019-01-11, 15:37:24 »
Looks great.  There seems to be an incompatible material or a glowing material within the brake disc though..


Something similar was available natively with mental ray (see attached).  It was an 'Aerial Perspective' toggle when using a Daylight System, found under 'mr Sky Advanced Params'.  It would be nice to have this capability without relying on volumetrics.

So basically you are requesting better control for bloom and glare - for example some kind of per-light bloom and glare intensity, right? We already have it logged, and it could be done at some point, but not specific plans yet.
The LightMtl+RaySwitch issues are known too, but very hard to fix.

If the RaySwitch is too difficult - which I figured might be the case - then a per-Light or LightMtl Bloom/Glare multiplier would be fantastic.

Not sure if this request belongs here or if someone knows a workaround but below is my issue.

In the past as well as currently, there are times where I need a CoronaLightMtl to be super bright to avoid changing lighting and exposure settings everywhere else.  But when this happens, the Bloom/Glare gets decimated by this material.  A workaround I tried to do was to use a RaySwitchMtl where the Global Illumination slot utilized the super bright material but the other three - Reflection, Refraction, Direct - would use a CoronaMtl or LightMtl at a much lower intensity but doesn't emit light.  Right now the Mtl in the GI slot is still acting as if the RaySwitchMtl is not there.

The other option would be a Bloom/Glare multiplier number in the material itself so that you can modify that specific light's bloom output. For example, say I want the Bloom for said light to be 0.25x to reduce it or if you're feeling crazy 8x for really dim lights to still show up in the Bloom pass.

Feature requests / Light Lister Expanded Features
« on: 2018-12-23, 17:25:08 »
While the inclusion of a light lister with Corona 3 was nice to see, is there any chance of expanding its capabilities similar to ecXimer Dev's LightLister, with controls for not only Lights but CoronaSun, CoronaLightMtls, and Self-Illuminated CoronaMtls as well?

Seeing what lights are instanced or copied would help; if it's driven by a texture map, temperature, or direct colour; if it's driven by a map, can we get a button to select it and change it?; dimension spinners; keep IES shadows sharp checkbox; as well as accessing Include/Exclude lists from the Lister would be nice to have too. 

To make it easier, a direct clone of ecXimer's tool but integrated into Corona would be a good start.

Bug Reporting / Re: Passes total incorrect Corona 3
« on: 2018-12-13, 15:33:08 »
1) 3ds Max Design 2014 v16.0 SP6, Corona v3 (Full speed, Non-Debug, MaxSDK 2014), Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. 
2) I am using CG-Source's Floor Generator v2.0 and Multitexture, and Forest Pack Pro v6.1.2.
3) Two, just my main workstation and a render node.
4) Sent (1544711550_Test-Scene-for-Corona-DR-Internal-ID-296211283-.7z).  I've recreated a similar scene (with materials and assets used by the original).  It took about 15-20 minutes of rendering for the error to reset the passes total number in the stats column. It reset again at 25 minutes.

Bug Reporting / Re: Passes total incorrect Corona 3
« on: 2018-11-30, 16:35:27 »
So far I've only seen the issue when I am using DR.

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