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Gallery / Re: Jonas's house (Dark)
« on: 2020-07-23, 09:13:32 »

Gallery / ShowReel
« on: 2020-07-23, 09:07:22 »
Hello Friends,
Have a glimpse of our spicy portfolio..!!

Thank you.

« on: 2020-06-10, 12:59:40 »
Hello Everyone,
Presenting visualizations of an interior beauty. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Architect : Art And Architecture (Baroda- India)

Thanks & Regards.
Team Impact 3D

Gallery / Re: Finding the Path
« on: 2020-04-21, 16:04:32 »
Outstanding work!

« on: 2020-03-13, 14:22:39 »
your works are always the best!

I would like to know just how many of you as a team worked on this project and how long it took to get it done from start to finish? particularly from modelling through rendering because i want to know the work force it takes to realise the end of this scale of project if i were to hire staff and start my own visualisation studio.

Did you share the work in parts?

Do all of you know lighting and rendering to the same level or some of you head that aspect while others have where they come in? like do i need 1 pro at lighting, 2 modelling specialist, 1 video editor and a room full of coffee!?

How much of Hardware was used CPUs n laptops....

Sorry for the long questions, hope i get feedback.

 Thanks alot !
 2 member for modelling, 2 member for exterior render, 1 member for interior render & 1 member for video editor worked on this project.
 It took around 2 to 3 months to finish the animation.
 We shared our work view wise.
 We all know lighting and rendering at the same level. We had shared our work among each team members and we have exchanged our ideas & comments for better composition and lighting. It's all about team work.
 we have used PCs as per requirements, as we have assembled PCs which configurations are as below:
 Processor: 1) Intel's Dual Xeon 5th Gen Processors
                 2) AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Gen 3990 and 2990
 Hope you have got all your answers.


« on: 2020-03-12, 13:55:08 »
Awesome work...Quick question. Was the different colored patches on the grass intentional? How long did it take to render?

Thank you so much for appreciating our work and efforts, actually we intentionally did those patches on grass and it took around 1 to 2 hrs as it depends on scene and PC configurations.

« on: 2020-03-10, 12:41:42 »
I really enjoyed watching this - some really solid work all round. I think the use of the architects voices was really beneficial too, and drove the narrative really well.

All technically very strong - but a particular highlight for me was the bubbling fountain, and some nice subtle camera work - lovely stuff!

I'm not sure I'd want to live there for fear of the ghost who pulls the blanket from the sofa, and opens the drawers in the kitchen haha.

Ha Ha Ha
Jms. lwly  Thanks for your Appreciation.

Though We have Dobby (House-Elf) in our team and he tend to play pranks with Renders...
Wish he will do something about corona Virus too... may be just snap his fingers and wipe it all ....
So we can clear name of Corona 😜...

« on: 2020-03-07, 12:45:41 »
Hello Everyone,

We have created this particular project to represent the typical joyful culture and life long peaceful lifestyle of unique town Rajkot in Gujarat, India. Our main challenge was to recreate each plant, local materials, water body and fountains required by client.

We have tried to incorporate client's view and perspective with speech in our storyline.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestion.

Thanks & Regards.
Team Impact 3D

Gallery / Re: B Square iii
« on: 2020-01-22, 13:28:38 »
This is looking really good!
The quality is great, just the cars are moving in kinda fakeish way, but the rest /angles /shadows /vegetation movements are realy good to look at!
Great job!

Thanks, We will keep in mind your suggestion.

Gallery / B Square iii
« on: 2020-01-21, 12:56:25 »
Friends, Here is our first animation of 2020.
Design by : Apurva Amin Architects - INDIA.
Developed by : Binori Group - AHMEDABAD
Software Used : 3DSMAX , CORONA, FOREST PACK, DaVinci Resolve and PS

« on: 2019-12-20, 10:28:45 »
Design is nothing but a humble understanding of materials, a natural instinct for solutions and respect for nature.  - B.V. Doshi.

Happy to share with you guys our Latest Project CASA AMPLIO.
Apartments with Natural Bricks and Exposed RCC.

Gallery / Re: VENETIAN
« on: 2019-10-02, 15:19:13 »
Congrats again, the corona front page gallery needs an extra tab for archviz animation cos you guys clearly showcase coronas potentials every time.

Thanks for your appreciation.

Gallery / Re: VENETIAN
« on: 2019-10-02, 15:18:15 »
That is really outstanding piece of work.
For quite a while now you've been producing great animations but here you ticked all the boxes guys.
Storytelling, camera movement, materials, lighting... it's all there!
Having to work on couple animations myself atm I'm truly amazed and inspired seeing this. Well done!

Thanks for your appreciation.

Gallery / Re: VENETIAN
« on: 2019-10-02, 15:13:11 »
An impressive amount of work! Would love to see some technical info behind this project

Thanks for your appreciation, If you want to know about our workflow please check out this link :

Gallery / Re: VENETIAN
« on: 2019-09-30, 11:56:17 »

Hello Coronians,

Here is Our Latest Project VENETIAN Located @ Ahmedabad Riverfront. Situated in old City of Ahmedabad.
This time We have gone different way of Presenting this project as it targets multiple Age Audience, we have operated this whole presentation in 3 different parts.
Environment, Amenity and Home.

In Environment we have focus on Location of Project and Atmosphere of River front Area.

In Amenity we have focus on Indoor and outdoor Areas of property where members of different culture and gather and enjoy each others company.

Home is where we have put emphasis on Ones Personal Space.

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