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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« on: 2018-03-06, 18:23:03 »
Or we could just make a stupid hack it at the light source instead :)

No perceptual color difference when viewed at regular exposure but it gets the "correct" overexposure behaviour.
I couldn't be arsed to replicate the grid completely, but you guys get the point.

Photoshop borked the colors as well, so try it with the supplied HDR values in a corona color that you plug in to the texture slot of a light.

It's generally a good idea to stay away from pure colors in CGI even when it comes to lights it seems :)

You're trying to print colors that's outside the CMYK gamut.
Shades of blue and red are usually very tricky to heavily saturated if you're printing with plain old CMYK.

Here's a handy graphic explaining the problem:

As for solution, either enable "View - Proof Colors (Ctrl + Y)" and adjust your colors until everything or most of the things are not the grey color that indicates out of gamut colors.
You can use the "Select color range" tool and pick the out of gamut option to quickly select the colors that need adjustments. Be sure to feather the selection so it's not jarring.
You will either need to hue shift or desaturate the out of gamut colors to make stuff fall in line.

A trick that some times work is to desaturate the image overall by 25-50% when in RGB-mode, convert to CMYK, and then add back the saturation you removed with the reverse of the desaturation. Your mileage may vary.

Gallery / Sliced head
« on: 2016-06-03, 18:51:37 »

I'm trying out Corona, and I'm absolutely loving it.
Coming from Vray it's great with a no frills interactive renderer (really, it's quite amazing).

Decided to try it out with a simple still life. Head model is courtesy of Ten24.
I used Corona scatter for the debris on the floor.



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