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Gallery / Re: WeWork | Jakarta | Noble House
« on: 2018-11-20, 01:09:57 »
Good stuff.  Have always liked the WeWork aesthetic.  Actually worked in on of the 1st SF locations many years ago. 

I'm curious to know.  How many artists typically work on something like this?  Is this work from the internal design team at wework?

Ah, wonderful!  Thanks, tested out and works well.

Very handy script, thanks for putting together.  One request if you get around to tinkering some more.

Currently when I assign your script to ctrl-c it creates camera as advertised.  Great
Having that said, is it possible to have it behave like the previous ctrl-c behavior, whereby, if you have a camera already selected it simply moves that camera to your current perspective (instead of making entire new camera).

Thanks for any updates!

Hi pokoy, it's max 2016 SP4, Windows 7, No language localization (English out of the box version).  Typical keyboard layout.  No swapping of cammas and dots.

haha pokoy!  indeed!

Unfortunately not.  It's showing up in v2.0

Some folks in our office are having this issue where all their scene settings are reset when the open 3ds max.  It seems intermittent.  i.e. all the environment overrides get cleared out.

Anyone else have this issue / know a solution?

We're on Corona version: 2


I need help / Re: 32bit EXR from Corona Image Editor
« on: 2018-05-29, 23:15:27 »
Hey Mike, thanks for the reply.  I'm working on getting a file that I can upload for you to take a look.  In the mean time just wanted to say thanks for helping me think through it all.


General CG discussion / Re: IDTool for Corona?
« on: 2018-05-25, 20:33:50 »
Just ran across, this.  Super helpful.  Thanks Nik!

I need help / Re: 32bit EXR from Corona Image Editor
« on: 2018-05-24, 22:02:29 »
Thanks for the reply.  I've opened up the same exr (saved from CIE), and have tried to up the exposure in After effects with same clipped result.

Next I tried the exr (originally saved from CIE cxr), loaded the exr back into CIE, then tried to up the exposure.  Still getting same clipped behavior.

In this last case I've taken adobe software completely out of the equation and am still coming up stumped.  Is this an issue anyone else has encountered before?

I need help / Re: 32bit EXR from Corona Image Editor
« on: 2018-05-24, 21:01:34 »
It appears that, yes, CIE is saving 32 bit exr's and photoshop reads them as 32 bit exr's however when trying to pull the same information from the file it does not appear to have the same bit depth as it does in original CXR.  Attached image to help illustrate.  I realize this is a bit of an extreme example, as you woudl rarely want to boost exposure 10 stops, but curious to get to the bottom of it.

Here is the workflow:  Do you think this is the correct way to go about it?

1.  Render and save CXR from deadline or farm
2.  Open CXR in CIE, save all passes as exr's
3.  Open exr in phothshop, verify that it is indeed in 32 bit mode
4.  Try to boost or pull back exposure, and do not have the same latitude as in CIE.

Thanks for any pointers :)

Ah, excellent, thanks for the reply.  Have not spent much time with the .conf files.   Good idea.  Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the reply. 

I should have been more clear with my language :)  By blends I mean I'd like one pass to have lights A and B on 100%, with the rest off.  Then blend 2 could be lights B and C 100%.  And so on..  So lightmix #1 could be one blend, and lightmix#2 could be a second blend.

Has anyone heard if there are plans to implement the ability to use multiple lightmix elements with blends of different combos of lights?

My coworker had a good idea to use cxr then just save out  whatever blends you want after saving to the farm.  However I'm not sure that will work with animation.

Thanks for any updates!

This is pretty nifty, very cool.  The base black layer you have in the second half before you turn on any lights.  How are you saving that out?

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