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Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: No Previews
« on: 2019-09-11, 16:22:56 »
Are you referring to the thumbnail previews in the material editor? If so, does re-rendering the materials help? If I'm off-topic, please let me know. ;)

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Rename the Corona shaders
« on: 2019-09-06, 11:58:37 »
I also agree, as these are already housed under the Corona menu, the full naming is probably not needed. Let's see how the devs feel on the topic ;)

Hi ficdogg, can you send us that sample scene? :)

No, there is no free version for C4D at this time. If and when one is released it will be made known here and no doubt across our social media channels. Our current focus is ironing out bugs for the future release of V5.

Of course there will be an R21 release, it's being worked on and when ready, we will announce it across our social media channels. #soon ;)

Thx, we have your ticket and will contact you shortly. Many thanks.

Hi guys,

It was brought to our attention that there was an issue with the licensing server in our last release, V4 hotfix 1 for Mac. Our developers have been working on this issue and we are now happy to announce that this has been resolved with the release of V4 hotfix 2 for Mac. We recommend users that have been experiencing issues with the licensing server to download this hotfix. You can access it from the drive link below and as always, if you have any issues you are to report them to support immediately (

Drive link for V4 Hotfix 2 - Mac (only)

Hi, one thing you could try is to animate the opacity channel of the objects you wish to fade out.

No probs mate, Thanks!

We are planning/hoping to have it supported in V5. And no, I don' have a release date for this ;) But please feel free to visit our road map for more details.

Hi, we will need to search our requests, but I feel this may have been requested already. Will let you know ;)

Thanks Geoff, please bear with us whilst we investigate it further.

@danbush - I think 3cm is to large. This is only a visually effect, not a change in geometry. If you want large rounded edges, you'll need to model it. Try 0,5cm (or lower) and see how it works.

Hope it helps

^This man is a mind reader ;) I also agree. It's for a subtle effect to reduce the harshness of corners/edges. You might be asking too much of the shader ;)

This old chestnut! ;) Thx

Thanks for letting us know. ;)

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