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Good time of day. Of course yes. As poppy so Windows platforms. but the Windows application I have seen is even more than a poppy ((. on the poppy even the third release of the crown was made for the blue under the poppy. But there is no crown solution for the archicade dosihpor (. and I really want to. This solution Much more interesting than the native render. Views)). Even considering that this is the alpha version.)). Without proxy other very important elements of the product.

Good time of day. What are the problems with installing the latest beta crown? I also issued a warning about the impossibility of installing the latest version.

Feature requests ARCHICAD / Re: 3D Grass
« on: 2018-12-04, 14:37:18 »
Not the worst solution to the issue. But how to be then if the computer is of average power and it doesn’t matter mac or ps.

Many of my Ukrainian friends and colleagues work on the poppy versions of the archicade and are deprived of such an amazing opportunity to try this product. and that would be of great help to us. For native renders leave much to be desired. When approximately we can try and assess the dignity of the entire mosh of this product)). Best regards Ukrainian architects. GLORY TO UKRAINE ))

Such material as grass in the sinerendar was not seen in the direction of the rend under the archicade, it disappears. In my humble opinion, the version with the proxy grass will simply put the computer even on a test scene like a small cottage with a simple entourage.

How will the idea of ​​a proxy in the archicade. If we consider that the average statistical user has an average computer. This can make it difficult to render itself. An element like grass can simply simply plug the computer itself. For it is not full 3d. ))

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