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Hey guys,
I'm a little bit confused with all these Denoisers. In last build(20Febr.) we got Nvidia,Intel and Corona High Quality. So which one is better? I just checked comparing with Intel CPU denoiser and NVIDIA GPU denoiser, seems like intel won that round. But what about corona high quality?

I can confirm the crashes at the cleaning up level, a workaround is to have the Stats tab selected until the render is finished.
Could you please provide me with a minidump and specific reproduction steps for the crash? Information on how to collect a minidump is in my signiture.

Actually its a not a crash,just freezing(not responding). Have been waiting like 4 hours..Only thing you can do is just end a task trough the Task Manager..Got this "freezing stuff" randomly in 3 different scenes.In first scene it got frozen after i clicked "stop" on VFB. Second one - on a stage of "Cleaning up".

General CG discussion / Re: Pano_tour
« on: 2018-10-08, 10:43:42 »
You can try Pano2VR
Great software with a lot of features.

I need help / Re: CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-25, 15:21:31 »
Could you strip your scene of all assets except camera, scatter object and ground plane, save it to max 2016 version and attach to the forum message? I have very little time to try recreate your situation, but i could look at the problematic scene if you'd provide one.
Of course,will be very grateful for any help.As u can see it removes a lot of grass when tilling is 1,but when 0.9 it turns to a bit better way.(brushed in red where the grass is missing)but  a lot of grass behind the camera
and i'm a little confused :D

I need help / Re: Material - Semi frosted plastic help
« on: 2018-04-24, 18:31:28 »
you could try layered material with AO or vertexpaint or something like this..So the black areas will be less transparent and the white will more transparent..
may be try to make boarders thicker

I need help / Re: CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-24, 11:19:44 »
Try these settings and see if that helps.
Just tried.One problem,with extra grass behind CoronaCamera has been solved.
But another problem is still here..I mean it removes a lot of grass at the bottom of the camera frame.Can i do something with it?


I need help / Re: CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-23, 19:02:40 »
Could you show your gradient ramp settings?

I need help / Re: CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-23, 14:55:52 »

Thanks for your answers.

Was trying to blend Gradient Ramp and VertexPaint on  the  test scene seems to be working fine.But if there is a possibility to remove scattered objects behind CoronaCamera (on Attachment) ?


Just tried with only one scatter...It works a little bit strange..

as u can see it just removed a half of the grass and i can do nothing with it :D

Thank you,

I need help / CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-21, 09:52:00 »
Hey guys!
I have a really huge field with different type of grass(~10),leaves etc..which was scattered with CoronaScatter..And i was wondering may i optimize it..So i found romullus post
It was like 3 years ago,so may be we already have a new method to make something like this..I mean without map,cuz i'm already using VertexPaint map for density to mix grass..
So any suggestions?
I know that the Forest Pack has this kind of feature..But..i dont wanna buy it just because of  that..I'm fully satisfied by CoronaScatter..except this cool feature :)

Looking forward,

Gallery / Swedish Interior
« on: 2018-02-27, 20:28:15 »
Swedish Interior

Digital re-creation. Based on already existing photographs

You can check Behance page to see more renders and free models

That's my first post here,really happy to join Coronauts family:)


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