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Hi, would it be a solution for instancing massive amounts of geometry with particles (using the mograph matrix object)? Redshift does it that way and im not sure, but i guess octane too !

Thx, Lev

hi guys, is there any progress on this ??? I mean we cant use this software for big scale exterior without corona scatter. We have about 60% functionality of 3DSmax while the price is pretty the same.... Please create this feature ASAP !! PLEASE!

Oh okay, sry about that, misunderstood ! Yes its very urgent.

You're absolutely wrong, we are currently talking about a scatter, not a cloner of instances...  Xparticles is not useful here, since corona doesnt support particle instancing at all, so you have to generate all the geometry...

We need a good scattering solution ASAP, like multi-instances support, mograph matrix object support or a corona scatter built especially for c4d.

Any progress on this dear DEVS ? This is a very urgent thing for exterior rendering with Coro. Without it its a half legged giant in archviz for C4D :D
Thanks in advance !


Feature requests Cinema 4D / Corona Scatter for Cinema 4D
« on: 2019-07-26, 19:38:05 »
Hi, i think its crucial to have this feature for arcvhiz, a good scatter which we can use while Interactive rendering is ON. Because with multi-instance now, we have to render the frames all over again. (Corona VFB doesnt see multiinstances)

Thanks in advance !

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