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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: Yesterday at 19:16:10 »
Here, it depends on what mode I use.
Spherical and Cubic blur as expected, Frontal for Direct Visibility Override causes extreme DOF.

Yep, you are right.

"Spheric" totally distorts the image since it projects it into a sphere. "Cubic" splits the image so you see seams which do not go away even if you play with the tiling settings.

I guess the only really controllable method is still the good old plane or cylinder around your scene. :)))))

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: Yesterday at 19:05:01 »
I forgot to mention that it's important to have the scene at correct scale. If your room has the size of shoebox, then you will get much stronger DOF, than expected.

Thanks Romulus, of course I am aware of this. :)

I need help / Re: Help on Camera DOF
« on: Yesterday at 19:04:01 »
I'm not unfamiliar with F-stops and sorts of photography parameters however, my camera is 330cm away from the subject and the background wall is 100cm away from the subject.
I need is some sort of fake DOF setup. The subject and front of it should be in focus while the background (at 1 m dist. from the subject) will be blurred. The floor has an image on it and it should also reflect the changing focus. I guess I'm trying to achieve something physically impossible.
Sample image is nice but the subject is in focus while both the front and back is out of focus.

Render two or three pictures and combine them in PS.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: Yesterday at 00:16:34 »
Thanks Romulus,

oh yeah, your test looks normal. That's what I would have expected.

As you see in my test, in C4D the background blurs away completely...

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-15, 19:23:19 »
Romulus, thanks for your reply.
I tested it before writing the bug report. The focus must be extremely far away to regain a bit of sharpness of the Corona overriden background. At least in C4D. Don't know how it is in Max.

In my opinion, the enviro override should not be affected by DOF that extremely... though I understand that it is "physically correct"... that's why I posted it as "bug".
because in my opinion it has an unexpected behavior that is not according to real world photographic effects.
A natural horizon is 10 km away (in flat land) and it will not appear as a smeared out surface on your photo. Even with F-stop 1.2 you would still see at least some blurred colors... not simply a white background.

From early tests, I remember that chromatic aberration increased the render time extremely.... ?
I always do them in post.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-15, 00:07:44 »
AFAIK background is always treated by Corona as being at infinity and is bluring accordingly (physically correct). If you didn't change film width, then the other factor that controls DOF besides apperture is focus distance. Set your focus distance farther from camera and background will come more into focus.

If you want the background to be not totally blurry at - let´s say F-stop 4... your focus must be extremely far away... in Corona.
But what if I don't want a focus point that's far away?
Then the blur is so extreme that the background (override) is totally washed out...
In reality it would be blurry... but not that strong.

I percept the sense of Direct Visibility Override for placing a background pic like a garden, a landscape, etc... without using a plane or cylinder in the scene itself.
Gardens and landscapes are normally not "infinitely" far away... :)

As you said: the problem is that Corona treats the background override as "infinitely" far away.
In real world, the horizon is not infinitely far away. No photo camera will produce such an effect.
I was photographing a couple of years fully manually and understand the basics of this.

I need help / Re: Help on Camera DOF
« on: 2020-02-15, 00:00:32 »
Sounds like you have a big aperture (small F-stop like 4 or 2) and your object in focus.

Then the effect you describe is absolutely normal. Background and everything in front of your focussed object will be blurry, except your object - depending on distances.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-14, 22:56:10 »
Hey Tom, yes, exactly! :)

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-14, 22:22:34 »
Hi Tom, thanks a lot for your reply.

From photographing, I cannot remember to ever have seen a totally disappearing / blurred out background when using F-stop like 12.
such effect you have with small F-stops and focusing very close objects.

Attached you will see the same render, first one with DOF and F-stop 12. Second one without DOF active.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-14, 21:21:39 »
Hi developers.

In C4D, every time when I switch on DOF in there camera, the background generated from Direct Visibility Override gets totally blurred out, unless you set the F-Stop to a super high number.

Sorry, if this topic maybe already exists somewhere.

Does this issue in Corona 5 still exist?
I have not updated yet fron 4 to 5.

Gallery / Re: Scandinavian Teaser
« on: 2020-02-13, 14:26:04 »
Love the colors & lighting! Interior design, too.

Only humble suggestion: changing direction of the sunlight within a camera-slo-mo looks a bit irritating in contrast to that high level of realism.

Gallery / Re: Goerlich Apartment
« on: 2020-02-13, 14:12:00 »
I've never thought about using anything other than an HDR... old habits

Well me neither. I thought that using a simple bitmap instead of an HDR in Corona 4 would result in a mess...
By mistake I inserted that PNG as a lighting source... and it looks absolutely okay.

Attached, a trivial test scene.
Render time: 30 seconds with some denoising. Can't see any negative difference compared to an HDR.

P.S. Visited your website. Great renders! That red room is crazy cool... among other cool stuff!

Gallery / Re: From Ukrainian Village
« on: 2020-02-13, 14:06:30 »
Who needs photography? :)


Gallery / Re: Loft Apartments
« on: 2020-02-12, 23:30:55 »
No difference in the engine and what it does, so it must come down to how people use it - bear in mind that people have been using it in Max for more years than people have been using it in C4D; combine that with a difference in user groups between the two, archviz folks have been using Max while I would say archviz in C4D is smaller and only growing more recently. As for evidence of that, I'd check what Slashcube has been doing for years with C4D,, and what David Turfitt has been doing, (nothing plastic-y there ;) ). EDIT Slashcube and David are both Corona for C4D users, so it illustrates that it's differences in users and not C4D vs Max Corona differences :)

Hey Tom, thanks for the time you took to answer.

I know those guys´ 3D work ad basically agree. Also Angelo Ferretti does great things in C4D+Corona.
Probably it is like you said... Max-folks have simply been much longer in Archiviz than average C4D users, so certain tricks & techniques have evolved further.

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