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There won't be a box version of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, sorry.


Hi there,

Based on Max sales, The Box license is only chosen by a small fraction of our users, and also it costs us too much to maintain it. The FairSaaS license is much more flexible as it is floating, which means that one license can be used on multiple computers. A typical use of this is using the same license on an office PC and on a home PC. This is not possible with the Box license, because the serial numbers are registered to specific hardware. Just to name a few reasons why.

I think you make a mistake lumping together 3ds and Cinema users. 3ds is for years sold in subscription plans exclusively and there is no reason for someone to buy corona in box. On the other hand Cinema4D is more niche for freelancers and small firms (talking only about archviz business) and there are a lot of people who value the fact that you can still buy perpetual license. What's more I think you can lose bit of potential clients because in some EU countries there are government funding/loans (isn't Czech one of them?) for new businesses, which cannot be used for buying temporary licenses.


one quick question. Are you planning to release Corona for Cinema4D in standalone (box) version?

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