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At the moment , a sun is rendered even when "visible in renderer" is deactivated. The only way to prevent a sun from rendering is to "disable" it.

IMO it would be more efficient if the sun would also NOT render - like sky - when "invisible in render" is set.

It could then be made invisible to renderer through a parent object, which is now not possible.
and so it would make things easier with multiple sun positions and keyframing different lighting setups for different frames... 

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Multiply the GI
« on: 2019-08-24, 20:17:48 »

he Guys, thanks for your help

In the end I didn't find out how to do it, so I put the backplate further to the back so light could pass between it. Not ideal I know, but I just didn't have enough time to figure it out.

I'm attaching a simplified test scene with a backplate closing the terrace entirely, so effects are visible easily.

1) enabling shadows in the backplate compositing tag obviously prevents skylight from coming in.
2) disabling shadows in the backplate compositing tag, makes skylight come in, but renders the backplate black
3) removing the compositing tag is back to 1
4) disabling occude other lights in the light material allows skylight in again but renderes the backplate overexposed.
5) also disabling light emmission in the light material is the desired effect for me, but I didn't think to do that too last night... i haven't had much sleep last week :-D


thanks Thijs, yes, that is my backup plan indeed, but I have 40 renders... and little time

Hi, I'm having a very urgent problem (deadline coming up in few hours):

I want to render a background plane (c4D plane with light material, for only background visibility) behind a window, but it renders black in IR or normal render when a compositing tag is applied to it with only shadows disabled? If I leave shadows on, no sky light is entering the building

any quick tips are most welcome !! stressing out here...
thanks, Koen

Hi, I made a european license plate rig, to make some variations for cars in residential renderings. I could apply the rig to every vehicle, but most of the cars already have a black (slightly curved) plate in place. It would thus be quicker to use a PBR material for it with color, reflection and displace/bump map.

I am totally unfamiliar with multipass (can you imagine?!), but is it possible to retrieve with MP a layer that can be used as bump or displace map, p.e. when I render frontal?
I thought it could be done with z-depth layer, but that layer is plain grey
thanks, K.

Hi, I think it would give more control in setting up the material glossiness, when a bitmap is used, that it can be mixed with the regular value slider in certain cases depending on the used bitmap. 
Standard value should be normal mode+100% strength so nothing changes in behaviour compared to today.
Coming from vray for quite a while now, I still miss this feature during daily work... 
thank you for your consideration...

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: .ies bug on rebus farm
« on: 2019-04-03, 22:23:08 »
I have similar problems in C3HF1 with IES lights sending to the renderfarm when the folder my project was in, had a special character such as a french "é" in the name.  On my own workstation all renders were fine, and on renderfarm without IES. I don't think it was specifically related to corona then, but rather the archiving plugin. Spent lots of money figuring it out that was the reason my renders came back without the IES lights...
I learned the hard way then , but now a warned man... something :) ...

Ah, that's great news! I was hoping for that... so looking extremely forward to that release then... thx

Is it still possible to render pool caustics with HF1? with me it seems that, when changing to PPM renderer for that, c4d crashes when starting a render or IR

it wouild be nice to have that in the standard progressive renderer though... 

ah yes, I see now that it works in IR but not in PV.
thank you nonetheless...

let's hope a fix is in the making for soon release...

@Exactly: could you post me an example file? I just cannot seem to reproduce this in R19 or R20 (3 HF1)

make a light, then

instance = white light
render instance = no light at all !

regular cloner with regular instance = all clones are white light
regular cloner with render instance = no light at all !
render instances cloner with instance = first light white, other clones no light at all
render instances cloner with render instance = no lights at all

instance inside fixture (geometry) = white light
render instance inside fixture symbol (geometry) = no light at all !
instance in fixture instance = white light
render instance inside fixture render instance = no light at all !

I'm sorry but I just can't seem to make it work with render instance. The only way to have "colored instances" is using temperature for coloring, like @davetwo suggested but the light color is really nasty and not accurate at all! I mean, try putting it on 2700K and see what you get, not entirely what I have in my living room...

Renders with temperature lights are IMHO ugly red saturated.
Check the two attached raw renders,
first with dec2018 corona,
and second with corona3 HF1 temperature.

I also don't understand why this was released without being noticed/fixed. Instancing lights is essential for a good project organization.

I would go back to the previous version wihout a doubt if it were only supported on the renderfarms (on which I depend almost daily), but unfortunately they all upgraded too to C3HF1 ...

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Scene Converter errors
« on: 2019-02-23, 19:30:40 »
I have these problems converting purchased 3d models to corona from native c4d engine.

From Native C4D engine:

For reflectance channel; The "layer Fresnel - IOR" is not converted properly, so metals with a IOR of 10 get a Fresnel IOR of standard 1.52 after conversion.

For layer shader (p.e. in diffuse channel); all layers are deleted after conversion.

For Transparency channel ; Bluriness is not converted to refraction glossiness

From VrayforC4D:

For layer shader (p.e. in diffuse channel); all layers are deleted after conversion.

can anybody else verify this? THX

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Instant Lights
« on: 2019-02-22, 15:21:44 »
Wel I learned yesterday from @Davetwo that you can still use the cloners and instances if you use temperature instead of color on the original light.
It's a workaround for now, but IMHO the coloring is not as subtle with temperature as it is with regular color and also limited color palet.

Thank you!
I can verify that indeed using temperature is the best workaround for now! I don't really love the hue on that, but at least I can keep my prepared symbols as is, and stay organized!
I still hope though, that a fix is coming soon...

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