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Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: displacement IR
« on: 2020-07-08, 14:30:08 »
I think that is what koubankeo is looking for. To change displacement settings/camera position and have it update in the IR automatically. Sometimes the scenes need a moment to start the IR and then it quickly becomes time consuming.


there is this shader already, or what you looking for exactly? This is v5 hotfix 2



I sometimes encounter crashes and was suspecting that Corona Shared Shader was the culprit. Maybe you could check that in your scene. From your material setup it doesn't look like it, but still could be worth to check out all channels and maps?



Feature requests / Re: Curves - Opacity Slider
« on: 2020-05-26, 12:45:15 »

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: sky with hdri
« on: 2020-05-15, 15:48:38 »
same here!

Only tried it in viewport rendering, still doesn't work when restarting it. This is in the daily build (which I downloaded today).

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Compositing tag with number
« on: 2020-05-11, 12:36:02 »

Feature requests / Re: Material library on network
« on: 2020-04-29, 18:30:39 »

in addition to maru's post, we synced our mat library with the junctions/symbolic links as the guide here has it explained:

We have the original content browser library on our fileserver, each work station has a link pointing to the location. Unfortunately we ran into some trouble, when users wanted to modify or add elements to the libraries, or updates werent properly done cause users had instances of c4d open etc.... Ever since we don't use it that much. I always wanted to try to have one user be the main source for the library and have others point to that user (via fileserver + symbolic links). But never had the time for it...

The link describes that option as well, if I recall correctly.

Does that help?



I need help Cinema 4D / Selecting Proxies
« on: 2020-04-27, 10:41:27 »
Hello everybody,

I started to use proxies more and more (since a viewport-slowing issue was finally fixed). I'm having trouble now with selecting proxies in the viewport. I attached a video, showing all combinations of visualization method, selection tool and viewport mode.

The easiest to select is solid bounding box, the worst is point cloud. When positioning objects I mostly work with full mesh, and that you can only select when you click near the pivot point. And usually there are more objects layered.

Anything that I a missing? Nobody else experiencing this?

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Nov 27 2019 20:53:52
Version: 5.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)

Looking forward to your answers.


PS.: I also would love if the Corona Proxy object automatically takes all the materials and object names of the original one. This could save some extra steps!

Yes I know. I was just trying to see whether there are differences between Cinema4D and 3ds max, because apparently I lose my second reflection when increasing reflection IOR.

Thanks for clearing up the double reflections issue I had, thanks a lot!

Huh...interesting thoughts. I understand it now. Thanks a lot!

Another thing: I recreated your scene and can't get the glass to look exactly like yours. Could you share the glass material settings? There shouldn't be a difference from Cinema4D to 3dsmax? I can get double reflections, but the first reflection is not as strong as it is in your render. See attachment. Anything I'm missing?



PS.: Maybe move this thread?

Hello there,

following up on this issue I had in this thread ( I found out that double reflections are not visible when using HDRI:

1. create blank scene
2. create box with 5cm thickness OR two planes with 5cm offset to each other
3. apply thin glass material, increase reflection IOR to 3 (better visibilty)
4. add HDRI
5. add cube and position to reflect in glass objects
7. render
6. double reflections only visible from cube, not from HDRI

See snapshot, yellow is my box and the red/green element is from the HDRI.
I also attached a scene, but you have to load in an HDRI yourself, because file size would be too big/resolution too low. The one I used is

Corona Version: 5.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)

Can somebody confirm this please?



PS.: I was first suspicious of imported geometry (sketchup), but that is not the issue. Also it doesn't matter if its one box or two planes. Somehow that's different to what ficdogg said in the other thread?

That's it! Thanks very much. I actually also had a box in my examples...but apparently the reflection was too low and distance too short to have the effect clearly visible.

For anyone interested: There is a difference in using thin (no refraction) or not. Thin gives offset reflections when apply to a sheet of glass (box). If turned off, you need to increase IOR of refraction to have offset reflection. But in most cases thin is used anyway!

Thanks ficdogg for clearing that up!

Hi guys,

I know this is an older thread but it actually is exactly what I need help with right now.

I'm looking to create a glass panel, that also shows reflections on the backside (as in Vray checkbox). I'm attaching some snapshots and a scene of my current setup, without the HDRI (too big). Some notes for the snapshots:

  • left selection is two planes / 2cm offset / normals outwards
  • middle selection is two planes / 2cm offset / normals same direction, towards camera
  • right selection is box/sheet of glass, no flipped normals

Material is created from scratch, disabled diffuse and only checked/unchecked the "thin (no refraction)" checkbox.

What I want is to see reflections on backsides, so the reflection of any second plane/box should be a little offset, right?

I'm also attaching the Vray example. And I already checked this link:

I hope you understand and can help me with this!

Corona Version: 5.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)




you can try the following and see if this works for you?

1. create blank scene
2. create your layered material with depending corona materials
3. save scene somewhere on your harddrive
4. load scene from harddrive into content browser
5. from content browser load into the scene you are currently working on

There are two downsides to this. First, you can't drag and drop it directly onto objects and second, you have to create a manual preview for the content browser as the automatic preview will show an empty scene.

Maybe somebody else has a better approach?



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