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Hardware / Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« on: 2020-01-13, 18:34:38 »
Hello Coronists

It is all about render-speed on our Threadripper-node: We use a TR 2990/Cinema4D Setup as a render node since a year. At the beginning (I think, it was when we used Corona V3), all felt very fast – and renderings where calculated in no time. This changed, when we compared the results of the Threadripper and one of our iMacPro Workstations that has an 8-Core Xeon last fall (in Corona 4 hot fix 2&3). The results where +/- at the same level.

Then I built an additional render node, based on the new Ryzen 3950. Now we are rendering a movie clip – and while the results of the Ryzen 3950 (with a Cinebench of around 9000) are pleasing (14 minutes per frame), the Threadripper 2990 node (with a cinebench of around 11000) takes more than double the time for each frame (32 mins per frame).

For making sure, that there is no «cinebench-error», we rendered an image with good old physical rendering. The result was as we expected: Threadripper goes around 20% faster than Ryzen.

While researching, I now found several entries in this forum, that are about RAM and correct setup. We use 2 x 16GB Corsair LPX at 3200MHz (our MoBo is a Gigabyte Designare x399). Can it be, that we need to add some more RAM-Modules to get better results (at least two channels instead of only one? Or are other clockings of the RAM better than 3200 MHz? What RAM-Setup would you recommend?

Thanks for your help - any advice is highly appreciated!

Thank you for your input – specially about Prime95! (compared to the other stresstest, this program used all the power of my comp ;) )

I ran Prime95 for five hours now – without any crash. With the animation we tried to render, crashes happened between 5-30 minutes.

We rarely have crashes with other scenes so far (maybe 2-3 in 6 months) - and I wouldn't worry if they were "normal" crashes.

But since these are reproducible complete crashes, where the display stops (black screen, no signal) and I can't reset either the keyboard or the power button, I still have to ask myself if it's a hardware or a software problem (guessing, that it is a software/hardware-problem on my mainboard).

About the temperature and the PSU: The temperature control of the computer and the temperature of the CPU are in the normal range - in the case about 45°C, the CPU maximum 65° in continuous operation. Also the temperature of the VRM shows only between 45° and 50°. The cooling takes place via a liquid cooling with three fans.
The power supply delivers 1000 watts and needs about 400 watts in the stress test - but stable.

I'm afraid there's nothing else for me at the moment but to observe the situation.

Thank you very much for your support!

In the meantime I found kind of a workaround: After different tests with modifying the scene (a motion tracking scene, where we now splitted the movie into single frames – to prevent from caching problems) I changed the team render settings – from using all threads to using only 90% of all threads, so 58 instead of all 64 threads.

Since this change, this computer runs now «stable». At least, it is calculating now since hours instead of just minutes – and it is still running.

Are there maybe other users experiencing problems with such a setup? AMD Thread Ripper 2990 and a Gigabyte X399-Board?

Hello nkilar,

I started with HeavyLoad - for RAM and CPU stress testing. And because it did only use the CPU at 60% I ran StressMyPC at the same time.

After 5 hours I stopped the test then.

What I noticed until now is, that only one scene causes replicable crashes. This scene is a Motion Tracking scene that uses an MP4-File and renders out different channels (beauty, shadow and an alpha).


Hello out there,

We have a workstation that we built for rendering purposes only. We use this also as main node, where a cinema instance runs – and works as «Server» for team rendering.

From time to time we had issues with crashes that happened. The machine crashed completely, which means, that not only the application crashed – or a blue screen occured. It is more, that not even the power button reacts to interactions - would say, I need to plug off the computer to switch it off and restart it again. Since I installed the newer hotfix V2 last weekend, these crashes are happening more often – or all the time I am trying to render an animation (not, if I only render a Still image).

First I thought, it must be a hardware-error only. Thats why I made different stress-tests then, where I ran the comp at 100% CPU usage for about 5h. But no crash happened. I also took a tool to use the RAM while CPU runs at 100%. But still no crash.

Then I started to render different animations with physical render only - running several hours with no crash at all.

Only rendering animations while corona is in use gives me reliable crashes after 30mins latest. I found one post here – of another user who uses a Threadripper 1950 – but on another Mainboard. He solved these issues with a firmware-update of his mainboard. So I did the same – but it seems as this only made things worse. Now the system crashes after 3-4 mins of render time.

I understand, that this is more a hardware-issue. But as it happens with corona only, I wanted to ask, if someone else knows such issues – or if the developers might have a workaround for this.

Our System:
- Gigabyte X399 designare Mainboard
- AMD Threadripper 2990WX Processor
- 32GB (2x16GB) of Corsair RAM
- 1000W PSU
- Windows 10 Pro, V1809

Thanks for any hint - or help.

Hi there,

I tried to install corona on our team render environment (mainly equipped with mac pros - but also some PCs/win7,win8,win10)

Only one of the macs runned corona in team render mode - all others did not show any activity.

I then noticed the following:
- If i run the installer on a machine, where only a team render client is installed (the recent and an older one), it asks me, in which version i want to use corona - which i answered with the newest version (R18 in our case). It installes the plugin then to the oldest instance of team render.
- If i run the installer on a machine, where there was no older instance of teamrender before, it creates a folder for «Cinema 4D R18» instead of copying the plug into the existing team render client PlugIn folder.
- If i have a full installation running (combination between full C4D and Client) – and only of the newest/one version, everything goes well...

After copying the plugins from their wrong folder to the correct (team render plugin folder) everything works pretty well.

I hope that was clear enough to make my issue understandeable.


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