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Gallery / Re: Commisioned renderings for Affinity Spotlight
« on: 2020-01-13, 10:59:28 »
Nice work - I'd actually read the article on the Affinity blog!

Were you using Affinity before the project came up, and have you now completely replaced Photoshop with Affinity Photo? I'm considering the switch, so it would be useful to get some thoughts!

Couple of quick furniture crops while gathering models for an interior project. If you haven't already invested in maps from Texture Supply, I would strongly recommend.

Mapping on the chair arm is wrong... I fixed it later.

Off-Topic / Re: Scam Artists
« on: 2019-11-28, 12:24:19 »
I had the exact same initial enquiry (for a sports complex, with link to a legit Dropbox of files and examples).

After a quick bit of detective work, I found the project from the drawings and it was completed in February 2019...

More info here...!

I posted about the experience on Twitter, and a couple of other people responded saying they'd had the same enquiry.
Thought - if you want to ask someone questions about their processes, even their costs - just send them a genuine email and ask...

Gallery / Re: Quadron sinks
« on: 2019-10-31, 12:10:56 »
These are great - clever concept, executed really well! I think my favourite is the marble slab kitchen island in a cave - lovely stuff.

These are outstanding.

I was literally thinking 'would love to see some breakdown of the underwater/apple/porthole scene' - and there it was!

I need help / Re: Flipped environment map
« on: 2019-10-18, 13:28:45 »
I'm just in the habit of setting the U tiling to -1 on my environment maps - no need for an extra button.

I need help / Re: Aviod/Correct Wide lens distortion
« on: 2019-10-12, 17:31:53 »
My favourite is the combination of "nice afternoon warm light from sun, but keep the material color neutral"

This, along with: "Show it on a strong, sunny day - but the shadows can't look too dark or harsh"...

I have really inconsistent issues with Distributed Rendering - when I open a new file in Max, it will always find DR slaves with no issues - but often if I'm working on a project and decide to enable DR it doesn't find any slaves.

I can literally find no slaves one minute, start a new file in Max and it will find slaves immediately. In the existing file I've tried resetting Render settings to default but get the same issue; switching to a different renderer and back to Corona and still nothing. I've also checked in Backburner and all machines see one another fine.

Any suggestions how to resolve this without having to import everything into the new file (this happens reasonably often - with no reason why).

I need help / Re: Portals - big difference in lighting
« on: 2019-10-10, 20:25:09 »
I've always found portals to be fairly hit and miss, so tend to never use them... I assumed they were something of the past, but maybe I should revisit.

Much like in 2009, breathtaking work from a true master. Look forward to hearing more about the process, and seeing the final advert.

The Corona Material library actually has some materials with blended Normal maps (e.g. Fabrics).

They tend to go Bitmap -> Mix -> Corona Normal -> Triplanar (if required)

I think the thing that strikes me the most is the radius on the edges of the metlware, I would think it would be rounder (softer)(?)

Yeah, you're right - I think something weird may have happened with CoronaRoundEdges x Displace/Normal on some of the edges, as they previously looked softer (and some look softer than others!).

I think metal looks very bland.

I was going for subtle... it's a fine line between minimal and bland!

Quick studio / product practice - the liquid particularly needs more work (both the model and materials), but it was a useful exercise.

Use the Material Override function (in Render Setup / Scene tab / Render overrides) - drop your clay material in here.

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