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Feature requests ARCHICAD / Re: Material library
« on: 2018-11-20, 06:37:20 »
that would be more than welcomed, as a user of both archicad and 3ds max, there day and night difference when it comes to creating materials.

Feature requests ARCHICAD / Material library
« on: 2018-11-16, 21:17:02 »
Hey, I would suggest a material library could be implemented like in 3ds max. Furthermore, archicad could use the exact same library if you have max installed already. Also, some hdri could be presets as well. Great work non the less.

This is fantastic idea. Some people are calling ArchiCAD a second rate software compared to Revit; as a user of both of these programs, this could not be further from true. There is a large user group of ArchiCAD which would be grateful for a plug in for Corona. ArchiCAD already support Maxon's CINEMA render engine, but it is really painful to create and manage materials inside ArchiCAD. Maybe additional material editor could be useful addition for ArchiCAD

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