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...thanks, but when starting C4D I always get a Corona-window with request-code and an empty field for the activation I went to the file or pasted it from the token-file ;)!

Attached my server-log.

I´m not sure if my workflow is right?

I start the licencing server, write in the two fields my email and password of my corona-account (There is a third field "log:"?)
Then I start C4D and a request code is generated.
A new generated txt-file (token for stable C4D or similar) with activation code appears in C:\Users\main\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\
I copy/paste this code or click "use activation-file" and browse to the txt-file.


Result "Wrong activation code" :(

Hi Houska,

I´ve postet already what was in the LicencingLog.txt....Isn´t it the log?
I think the connection works well, because after a request-code is generated I get new files in C:\Users\main\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\ and one of them is a "token" with an activation-code..but this one is not accepted(???)....


Why doesn´t it work for me?

I installed (PC) Beta 1 (Corona 1,7)...when running the licensing server with my email and password and starting C4D it generates fresh files in C:\Users\main\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\
...for example a file with the request code and also a token with the activation code..But this code doesn´t work!

Tried to:
-read the activation-file (token file with the code)
-copy/ paste the code from the token -file into activation form
-creating new tex-file CoronaActivation.txt and pasting the activation code inside (I´ve seen in LicencingLog that it`s first searching for such a file...
Nothing! Every time: "Wrong activation code!"

LicencingLog (replaced keys with XXXXX)
Without CoronaActivation.txt:

2019-03-26 17:09:31 [BEGIN] initializing license for application c4d-stable. Our request key is: XXXXX
2019-03-26 17:09:31 No activation file present (tried to locate: C:\Users\main\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CoronaActivation.txt).
2019-03-26 17:09:31 We will try to activate/refresh demo license.
2019-03-26 17:09:31 Activation failed.
2019-03-26 17:09:31 We will try to find a licensing server running on this subnet.
2019-03-26 17:09:33 Current license is:
                        No active license found.
                        Error: Invalid activation key
2019-03-26 17:09:33 [END] Activation process done.

With  CoronaActivation.txt (with code pasted from token):

2019-03-26 17:16:57 [BEGIN] initializing license for application c4d-stable. Our request key is: XXXXX
2019-03-26 17:16:57 Reading an activation file located at C:\Users\main\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CoronaActivation.txt. It contains: XXXXX
2019-03-26 17:16:57 We will try to activate/refresh demo license.
2019-03-26 17:16:57 Activation failed.
2019-03-26 17:16:57 We will try to find a licensing server running on this subnet.
2019-03-26 17:17:00 Current license is:
                        No active license found.
                        Error: Invalid activation key
2019-03-26 17:17:00 [END] Activation process done.


The day after I looked the render and there was the image in the Picture Viewer but the Corona VFB was completely empty, like I never start a render. So I don't have any multipass.
Normally I started the render in PV because I use a plugin for the queue render that doesn't work if I use VFB.

@beanzvision thanks

Hi Snowman,
when you have this problem, why don´t you go in Picture viewer to the save dialog and save the rendered image as photoshop with layers checked on...then you get a PSD-file with all the passes from corona inside as layers.

Yes, testing should be done with Feb 20th daily build - that was the build where the fix was introduced. Things seem to have become a bit muddled here (at least for me) - could anyone confirm if they have the Feb 20th daily build installed, do they still see an NANs (black dots) in their renders?

Hi Tom,

I´v already confirmed ;))) some posts before, that the scene here that always(!) produced black dots rendered overnight without problems with the build from 20.02.



Hope you can help us with that as you were great to deliver a such great engine for Cinema4d.

Here attached screenshot of today’s scenes rendered with Corona 4 daily build in auto mode for the light solver, with black dots still there.

Hi DRM-Max,

Our scene that always produced black dots works fine now (without additional solutions lika scalable light).
I´ve seen in your screenshot that yiu installed the build from 24.01 (that I also downloaded first mistakenly ;))..there is another one in the same link provided here in thread that is from 20.02(!), we installed finally!!!
Perhaps you should install this one = the last one!


Hey guys,

have you tried the newest daily build already? I think it might fix the black dots. Daily builds are availabe on our Google drive:

Hi Houska,
I installed the build you mentioned and started the problematic scene: No black dots! Thank you :)!


Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Object-Masks in Multipass
« on: 2019-02-20, 15:14:44 »

Correct, However I use the refraction pass as a channel for glass masks.

Oh, yes, this way it should work..:)....Thanks!

Hmm, I tried this way, but it´s not the same: In native C4D object-passes we can put an object-ID on glass-balustrades, another ID on glass in the windows (always need to tune windowglass in post without touching the balustrades), perhaps another ID for some glass inside...for all them we get a separate channel then.
These glass objects are treated by C4D as transparent also in masks(!), so I also get the object-channels for elements behind glass (for example another glass, columns inside the building etc...)

When excluding all glass objects from masks the object-channels for opaque elements behind glass are generated, sure...
But then I miss the separate object-channels for glass-balustrades, window-glass etc....
When using refraction channel as replacement it´s impossible to separate the different glass objects placed one behind have a separate channel for the balustrade and the window glass referring to the example...
So this workout will not work for us...still have to render additionally the object-passes in native C4D then :(....

Also, if those affected here can try re-rendering again with a different light solver other than 'auto' for example" 'scalable' I'd be interested to know if this solves the issues. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion...I will test it with the problematic scene and new corona in a free moment....

I switched back to beta B2 to let render this problematic scene, that produced black dots every time  with the new corona version (once on pass 18, next time on pass 40 etc...):
Rendered with Beta 100 passes, and then overnight: No black dots....

As niedzviad already said...I´m also more happy with a version with less features but working stable....I really don´t want experience the situation that on the morning after an overnight-render and with a deadline in sight we stand in front of the screen with an unusable render with black dots ...We often have tight deadlines and the result of the work of a whole team of architects also depends on this image when a perspective is obligatory in a project / competition.

I understand that in the development (really happy about your great work :) ) something can go wrong and unexpected happens....but please consider me / our situation too...
With vray for C4D I also decided once not to use the newest version but stay with the older one, as long as problems were reported and first switched after some fixes...
So I really would appreciate the info I already asked for: Will it be possible to still use Beta2 some way with a bought licence for Corona 3...?

Hi Tom,
thanks for explanation!....There are 96GB RAM on this computer and it´s "only" an interior, so I don´t think there were some memory issues on that scene ...on the same machine some really complexe exterior scenes reaching the RAM-limits were running in Beta without problems....So I test this scene in Beta now!

Thank you Tom!

I understand....
So which solution do I have? Can I have some kind of influence to avoid these Nans?
I will probably test the scene in Beta too (I hope Beta can open a file from version 3?)...If the problem doesn´t occure, can I still use Beta with the FairSaas-Licence from Corona 3?

Thanks....:) !

I´ve a similar problem with the first interior scene with the new commercial version of corona.
In the tests it occured two times that the BEAUTY suddenly turned black :(....!!!!
In  one of these cases I could use the saved CXR (I defined in the settings that corona saves a CRX every 30min) and resume....

I had some further tests without this problem, so I set up the scene to render overnight....I waited during first 5-10 passes, all was ok so I went away...
In the morning, after 13h of rendering the Beauty-pass was BLACK again :((((((.  (I don´t want to imagine such result within a tight deadline) ...but the render was still running, producing next (black) passes(?) I tried to change something in the post-settings in VFB and after unchecking curves / LUT and Bloom&Glare suddenly I had a Beauty-pass again but absolutly splotchy (not a typical rendering noise) and black spots ....when checking / unchecking this 3 options the Beauty turned again black, then again to the splotchy version and so on....:((((...
This time the saved CRX were not usable, as I defined that corona holds only the last 5...and all these were corrupted (splotchy and black dots, please see the both screenshot -zoom-ins), probably all 5 saved after the "black-moment"......after same passes of resume the black spots were still there, so I canceled all this....

Is there something that should be avoided till all is fixed?...Curves, LUT, B&G?
I can wait for the Hotfix, no problem, but if I should continue to use Corona for client work, I can´t risk to have a black image after an overnight render session...and I agree with Niedzviad that it´s a little disappointing that there are more problems with paid version then with Bata....I also have some other smaller isssues that did not occure in Beta like no main image when saving as PSD file (only other passes) etc...

I also consider to work with Beta next months till such problems are fixed.....Will Beta then be still running (with the comercial licence I´ve from Version 3) after the oficial Beta-phase ends in some days?

Thanks, Artur

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: Object-Masks in Multipass
« on: 2019-02-12, 22:59:37 »

Correct, However I use the refraction pass as a channel for glass masks.

Oh, yes, this way it should work..:)....Thanks!

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