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Hi all, is there already any way to keep the opacity channels of materials (as per the already existing displacement) when rendering in clay? And if not are you planning to introduce it?



Hi Guys,

As you can see from the screenshots this scene created in 3 version is now rendering incorrect in the last 4 build. Refraction is not working as should be. Any guess how to fix?



Oh our bad guys sorry. Thanks Artur for the tip😉. We will install the last build tomorrow and let you know if there are some issues. We need to render 5 shots so is a good way to test. Thanks all for the support. Glad the blog is here to help.

Hi guys, writing for my company, I’ve been in touch with your FB support, but prefer to follow up the conversation here. We bought five licences for Corona 3 and we had black dot issues, now moved to your daily build you posted on Google Drive, black dot are still there.

Your suggestion about Develop mode/Switching to light solver Scalable works but slow down the rendering time to 3-4 hours more, same scene/same project nothing changed, more than that we have black dot in new scenes created from scratch with the Corona 3 Build. I understand that’s is a temporary solution but I think you understand that in a commercial situation like ours having 3-4 hours loss of timing in each shot is a big problem, cause we deliver 5-8 images /day when in deadline, and render time is the most important feature we need.

The solution to revert to last beta (that was perfectly working) is no more a possibility due that is shut down, so at the end we have a final product that is working worst that the beta one. We are sure that you are doing the best to fix those issues, and we are glad that all your users are also tester of the product, but due that is almost a month that we are facing this issue and a real solution is still not avaliable, having acces to the last beta, at least for those who bought the licences can be a great help to have a stable/working solution while Corona 4 is a fully functional and stable release.

Hope you can help us with that as you were great to deliver a such great engine for Cinema4d.

Here attached screenshot of today’s scenes rendered with Corona 4 daily build in auto mode for the light solver, with black dots still there.

Hi guys, is there any chance that the compositing tag will allow to reduce or increase the gi or reflection/refraction on applied object or groups?

Thanks beanzvision!

Any news on that guys? This is an important feature for our workflow, a bit struggling for now with that. Thanks!

Hi guys, yes but that means that I will need to have always the same passes and the same number of obj ID and mat ID, sometimes I need atmospheric, sometimes not, sometimes I need lighting, sometimes not, is of course a good way to start (we already use custom new.c4d files with some preset in it) but still would love to have an automated command for that to be more flexible, anyhow, thanks for the amazing work with Corona!

Nice to know! Thank you

Yeah just tested myself, as you says is working well.
Is that maybe possible to have the proxy create automatically the material tags without the needs of putting them manually?

Thinking for exemple to an asset we produced few months ago, a tram with more than 25 material attached. Long and tricky ;)


Hi, I mean material tags applied to corona proxy like this:

(I'm maybe doing something wrong when creating the proxy?)

Nice! thank you guys for the great support!

Anyhow here a quick image to show my example (sorry for being unclear before!)

First I have to add the mask
then I have to select
then I have to check Obj ID
then I have to write OBj ID value

then If saving from Corona Frame Buffer I need to rename the channel if not Windows will overwrite all of them and keep just the last one due that for him the files have the same name (this can be avoided with Crx or PSD, but I prefer single passes files)

Automating that will be an huge timesaver.


Hi thanks for the quick reply!

The question is more related to ID and Mask Passes, when having scenes with 30+ MatID or ObjID adding one by one the Mask channels and than renaming with 1,2,3,4,5... and than selecting if is OBJ or MAT and then putting the correct value.

In Vray we where used to click on "add multiple object select" and typing a number we where able to create in a single click a lot of Object Selections or Material Selections (Multimattelements).

Having that in Corona would be a great timesaver, mostly if integrated with the cool RGB masks that allows us to have selection passes number cut by 3 ;)

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Corona Proxy Materials on scene
« on: 2018-11-02, 16:59:05 »
Using Corona Proxies I'm missing the possibility to have the materials tag applied to the proxy object itself, a quick way to substitute theme or make quick changes on the materials without the need of remaking the proxy object. Will be great to have it! Thanks

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