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Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: stop button
« on: 2019-07-16, 22:28:19 »
Great, I'm eager to test the next build

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2019-07-15, 15:14:21 »
Ok,I've discovered that this happens only on one screen. Actually, I work on two screens:  A laptop and an external screen.

If, the archicad window is on the laptop ( which is set as an extended display ), there is no issue.
However, if Archicad is on the main ( external) screen, the issue happens.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2019-07-15, 11:26:10 »

The cancel button is the one that is on the VFB window ( the one that pops up when ckicing on the stop button), and not the one that is on the render window.

As said before:
- cancel the render ( through the popup menu)
- close the vfb window

Is it a normal behavior to have the render button on the VFB window inactive and "greyed out".

I can resolve this issue by having the render windows opened beside the VBF window and commanding actions through the render window.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2019-07-12, 20:59:19 »
Thanks for fixing the issue, but I can still repoduce it on one scenario:

- Interactive render
- Instead of stop, click on cancel
- Close the vfb windows

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: corrupted window
« on: 2019-07-12, 20:55:50 »
That seems to be fixed for my case.

This is really a great news.



It's wonderful to hear that this is still alive and that you guys still have plans for it and are working on getting some progress on it.
For a while there, some of us were convinced that this was dead or headed that way.

Same feeling here.

How much imported objects?
the spot's flares are they post-processed?

I don't think so, you could try to save the archicad file as an PLA format , then open it on the new computer.

I think it somehow works, it will attach to the archicad dimension.

the last we've heard, the Corona team were looking for a fulltime developer for the Archicad plugin.
I have the impression that they have worked really hard on the first version considering the plugin quality but then things are on stand-by  ( cinema4d plugin launch?)

That said, I'm happy as this extend the test period ;)


Any news on the development ETA ? ( mainly for some reported bugs)

Anyway, the plugin is so well designed and integrated into ArchiCAD .

Keep up the good work guys ;)

you may need to reinstall it.
beware though that there are some small display bugs on corona for archicad22.

Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD - general / Re: Javier
« on: 2019-01-17, 16:44:33 »
Is this a normal behavior or a bug?!

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