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Thanks for posting the bug report!

Can I ask which version of Corona you are using (that is, which daily build, by date?) Also, is NVIDIA AI denoising disabled during rendering or enabled, and is bloom and glare enabled?


Sorry I forgot to mention that !!

Version I used In this test was :

Corona 4 - daily build - 20/02/2019
Corona 4- daily build 22/02/2019

Nvidia denoiser was disabled and also bloom and glare was off

Hello everyone .

in the last test that I've done with corona 4 daily build, I faced with a strange problem . when I was using cpu UI denoiser , everytime I hit that Stop button to start the denoising process, It just freezed not only the 3dsmax , but also the whole system which I had to shutdown my system and do it again . thats strange problem because CPU UI denoiser was working very well on an old scene that I was testing . but after that, it just freezed on everysingle scene that I was testing. I have no Idea if its because High resolution rending that cause this problem or something else but I've decide to make a topic about this problem here to inform you for more investigation. I'm afraid I can't send any bug report here cause this problem won't even let me to do that and makes everything freeze .

hope you can find the problem ..

tnx for all the supports .

Gallery / Re: Corona 4 DailyBuild Denoiser CPU AI test :)
« on: 2019-03-13, 16:19:16 »

Still would be great to have this ticketed or forum posted as a bug - developers and support won't see it / find it to reply to it under a Gallery entry, and it would be good to find out what is happening. Please do report it so that we can investigate and resolve it for you.


Sure I'll do that .
tnx for the support

Gallery / Re: Corona 4 DailyBuild Denoiser CPU AI test :)
« on: 2019-03-13, 15:50:33 »

Could you open a bug report via ticket or separate forum thread on freezes? I don't think we've had any reports about the CPU denoiser doing that (btw, are you sure the NVIDIA denoiser was unchecked for "during IR"?). for how to report the issue.

On results, the Intel denoiser should always be significantly slower than the GPU denoiser, but faster by a little bit than the Corona Denoiser. Quality on the Intel denoiser is, like the NVIDIA denoiser, not as good as the Corona High Quality (as our denoiser uses additional data that those two alternatives do not). Because the Intel denoiser doesn't use all the data that the High Quality one does, it does use slightly less memory (not a huge amount, but some).

Its strange for myself too...cause I used CPU UI denoiser before and it worked very well on the scene that I was working on before ...but recently I can't use it ( I think it's gonna freeze on the high resolution renders ) ...and honestly I can't gives you any information or crash report cause not only my 3dsmax freeze, but also my whole system is gonna freeze ...the only option that I have when it freeze is pushing power button and shutdown the whole system....

and of course the quality of the CORONA HIGH QUALITY denoiser would be much better and I just said that CPU denoiser quality is something between corona high quality and nvidia denoiser quality....I didnt say that they're exactly the same :)

Version I used In this test was :

Corona 4 - daily build - 20/02/2019
Corona 4- daily build 22/02/2019

Gallery / Re: Corona 4 DailyBuild Denoiser CPU AI test :)
« on: 2019-03-13, 14:46:57 »
That's interesting. My findings were quite different. I had impression, that Intel denoiser is significantly slower than Nvidia's one and it gave much worse quality compared to Corona denoiser. I was testing one of the first build and never returned to it, maybe now its implementation got better? I probably should give it another chance :]

no Idea :) ...maybe it acts totally different on different scenes I mentioned, it even makes your system freeze in some situations ...I think we need to w8 for the final release ...

Gallery / Re: Corona 4 DailyBuild Denoiser CPU AI test :)
« on: 2019-03-13, 12:23:18 »
Curious to know if you were able to draw some conclusions about Intel denoiser from your tests? How do you find it against Corona denoiser, or against Nvidia denoiser?

If I wanna be honest with you, I guess we still need to wait for the corona 4 final release because everytime I tried to test the CPU AI DENOISER ( especially in high resolution renders ), it just made my system freeze and I had to shutdown the whole system and try again . but it worked in some cases and I have to say that is so powerfull cpu based desnoiser which gives you the speed of Nvidia denoiser and Also the quality of the CORONA HIGH QUALITY denoiser .

Gallery / Corona 4 DailyBuild Denoiser CPU AI test :)
« on: 2019-03-13, 01:16:54 »
Hello everyone .

this is my last visualization . kitchen concept . my main purpose in this visualization was testing the corona 4 daily build CPU AI DENOISER and also messing with corona light mix a little bit .

hope you like it

software : 3dsmax - corona 4 ( DailyBuild ) - Affinity Photo

my instagram : erfan.sadat.3d.visualization

Gallery / kitchen design - design Option 2
« on: 2019-03-03, 16:30:17 »
Hello everyone .  this job is the classical version of the previous kitchen design ( design option 2 )  that has been changed base on the customer's taste..

Design by : Ardeshir Shirazi
Visualized by : Erfan Sadat
Location : USA

hope you like it .

my instagram page : erfan.sadat.3d.visualization

Gallery / Kitchen Design - Design Option 1
« on: 2019-02-28, 00:52:15 »
Hello everyone . this the last Kichen visualization that I've done .

Design by : Ardeshir Shirazi

visualized by : Erfan Sadat

Location : USA

Hope You like it

my instagram :

Gallery / Modern Dark style Design
« on: 2019-02-24, 14:53:11 »
hello everyone .
this is my last interior design and visualization . modern dark style design . hope you all like it

3ds max 2018 - corona 3 - affinity photo 1.7

my instagram :

Gallery / classic design based on Versaille palace
« on: 2019-02-05, 22:29:39 »
Hello everyone .

Here is my last calssical visualization that I've done based on Versaille palace

hope you like it !

software : 3ds max 2019 - corona 3 - affinity photo 1.7

« on: 2019-02-05, 18:06:53 »
Hello to everyone .

this is the job that I've done for evermotion challenge 2018. I almost modeled everything in the scene except the trams.

software : 3ds max 2019 - corona 3 - photoshop CC

cc are welcome :)

Gallery / CloseUp SHots
« on: 2019-02-05, 18:00:01 »
Hi .

These three renders are one of my jobs that I've done in my spare time (about 4 month ago ).

Software : 3ds max 2019- Corona 2- Photoshop CC

hope you like it .

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