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I need help / Re: Corona Licence also offline working ?
« on: 2020-01-20, 15:31:55 »
thanks for the answer.
So working couple of hours offline should be fine ?

I need help / Corona Licence also offline working ?
« on: 2020-01-20, 13:55:39 »
Hi there,
I need to work on a workshop with my workstation in a offline environment.
Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for the tips. I will give it a try!!

nice day!

If you see those two images from the gallery.

I know it is stupid to compare two images like that- but i shows how good the "feeling of daylight" the bedroom scene is compared to the
more artifcial litten scene.....with less reality.....

br marcello

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies. Maybe my communication wasn`t good. Sorry.

I think that daylight interior images are easier to achieve in a realistic quality than working only with artifical lights...

So I was wondering how to deal with corona light settings, as well as the overall light situation....

Attached are two images- where I try to explain my problems...

Thanks !
BR marcello

I realized, that giving your scene enough daylight, shows up the beauty and power of Corona.
Working with no or almost no daylight- changes the overall look & feel.

I tried to use corona disc light and use a longer exposure with my camera- to fill the space with light.
As a result the wooden brown floor colored the overall look & feel into a 70"s looking image :-) 

Does anybody experience the same and what are the rules for superb realistic images ?

happy day..


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