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Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2019-07-16, 22:49:32 »
+1 for microdetail, with bump, or anything. But to me that would be at the top of the list.

This x100000

I've been spoiled by how well FStorm handles bump mapping, and bitmap filtering/sharpness in general. Perfect example is how you can create an anisotropic metal just by using bump maps (and it doesn't break at different resolutions/zoom levels).

Even with 8K wood floor bitmaps for example, for some reason Corona just can't get as sharp without the material turning to a blur at a slight distance, while FStorm retains full detail. I've done a 1:1 comparison and the difference is night and day.

AMD tweeted out a link earlier about their new Ryzen optimisation/performance analysis tool:

I was wondering whether this was already being used by the dev team, and if not would it be useful in squeezing out more performance from the new Zen 2 Ryzens/upcoming Threadrippers? Seeing as the new chip architecture is drastically different from anything that's come before it, would this be something worth looking into?

The reason I bring this up is due to the lower than expected performance of the current gen Threadrippers with Corona (compare the corona bench scores to similar scoring Xeons, then compare those chips Cinebench score - something is amiss). However this could also be due to the already noted windows scheduling/NUMA issues...

Some insight here would be appreciated!

Feature requests / Re: Random Walk SSS
« on: 2019-06-25, 19:44:51 »
Quick rundown on the benefits of random walk SSS vs the current implementation?

TBH I think there are more pressing things that need work over SSS improvements (tone mapping!)

I second this request, but I'll add a spin - I'd like some nice backplates of elevated city views (view from a window e.t.c).


If your UVWs have stretched areas, the mesh with stretch like that too ?

Yep, the pattern will stretch/conform to the base object UV's.

Does anyone knows if geopattern can be converted to mesh? I've a task where i need to create complex shapes out of repeating patterns and looking for modelling aid tool. I'm also considering railclone, but it's much harder to master and i don't have much time for this assignement.

Unfortunately not. I've had a few jobs where I had to switch to FStorm from Corona purely for Geopattern usage. There are some limitations though - your base object UV mapping needs to be perfect, as does the "crop" box on the tile-able sampled pattern mesh to avoid visible open edges.

Gallery / Re: For All Audiophiles
« on: 2019-06-14, 18:53:07 »
Seriously great renders! Could you share some info on that speckled foam surround material?

Are these renders also downsampled from higher res versions? The detail of the micro scratches in the copper dust cap is A+. I often find micro bump/fine scratch details like this often act very strangely depending on what resolution/zoom you're using with Corona.

I too am interested in seeing what else everyone is up to on this topic. I had a bit of fun with the 3DLUT creator using the photo match tool - makes matching reference photography easy and then you can load this into your VFB for further adjustments (or just keep it as an adjustment layer in photoshop).

3DLUT Reference Color Match:

This is awesome. Do you have access to FStorm by any chance? Would be great to see how close we could get to emulating it's fantastic standard tone mapping vs some good baseline Corona VFB settings. I've attached Dubcat's 99% accurate ACES VFB settings that he posted a while back.

Gallery / Re: PMC House's Bedroom Corona 2.0 tutorial
« on: 2019-06-05, 11:44:18 »

thanks for the tutorial

how did you manage to get such bright midtones (white walls) without any curves or lut applied in the end?

Thanks johjymrazko. I have used gamma 1.0 method in the last but it was not shown in the video because of two Monitor and recording was capturing only on one screen, and it was a mistake by me that I have made those setting on other screens which was not capturing.

Could you elaborate on this a bit more?

The lighting and tonemapping on these are really fantastic. I tried to follow along but I missed the final sun & sky settings.

I'm almost 100% certain this is due to the VRM's on the motherboard overheating/drawing too much power, tripping the auto shutdown safety systems of the board.

The 2990wx draws ridiculous amount of power and most x399 motherboards are unequipped for it. In short you're looking at either the MSI MEG Creation, or the Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha to fix this.

General Discussion / Re: Vray Next vs Corona 4
« on: 2019-05-21, 13:04:58 »
Isn't this something about tone mapping? It looks like in Corona you can see the highlights and in the other example they are clamped.
Maybe, It just seems like Corona has highlights in the shader even though it's diffuse. Here is another example.

This definitely looks like the material has glossy reflections enabled. The other possible difference could be down to the way corona handles diffuse materials, there was some talk about how other render engines handle rough diffuse surfaces (Lambertian shading).

Gallery / Re: Among the hills (contemporary villa interior)
« on: 2019-05-21, 12:53:30 »
I try to keep it as linear as possible from the frame-buffer, but sometimes I tweak highlight compression a little bit, as even PS can have trouble with overburnt highlights .. Then it's just camera raw and simple adjustments layers + some custom luts for finals...  back in a day I used to overdo my postpro a lot, so I want to learn from it and try to keep it very simple and subtle

Awesome, I figured you had some custom tone mapping/post processing going on. The images reminded me of Jakub Cech's work quite a lot (who uses a similar post processing setup as yourself if I'm not mistaken). I've tried going down this road in the past but it becomes a bit cumbersome when needing to rapidly iterate/tweak materials due to the VFB/final output differences.

I feel like tone mapping is one area that is hugely overlooked, so far for me Dubcat's ACES/Cannon 5D settings have gotten me the best 'out of the box' results from Corona, but still not a patch on FStorm's godly tonemapping.

Gallery / Re: Among the hills (contemporary villa interior)
« on: 2019-05-20, 23:21:43 »
Thank you guys, always appreciated:) !

HDRI is from hdrihaven, I think it was one called waterbuck trail

For the setup, not sure what exactly you'd like to know .. ?

Lighting it's hdri + very soft corona sun for a little bit of added warmth,
Render settings are basically default, except of displacement override and GI AA balance set to 32 with 1lsm ..

Thanks a lot for the reply! I was curious about your tone mapping settings - the renders have that great balance of vibrancy but with controlled highlights (and not washed out/murky).

Gallery / Re: Among the hills (contemporary villa interior)
« on: 2019-05-20, 15:19:38 »
Lighting and tone mapping are on point! Would you be able to share some setup info?

Just saw this thread got bumped again so wondering if Dubcat or anyone else has got any more LUT/VFB wizardry for us?

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