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Gallery / Re: Modern Bedroom
« on: 2015-04-11, 10:05:21 »
fantastic work.
render time?
how many processors for each image?


General Discussion / Re: Corona GPU rendering
« on: 2015-03-22, 10:49:56 »
The Octane test has GI clamped to 1. It means almost zero caustics.
You can't compare 6 fastest gpus with a good dual Xeon rig.
Less noise, less heat, less power, less space.
The good side of gpu render is that we can replace our gpus. After 4 years of 24/7 of 4xGTX580s usage I can replace all of them with 4 Titans X and get 2,2X speed.
It's not true that the Titan X is fast as the Titan Z. Titan X is slight faster than the Titan Black, not 2X.
The bright side of gpu computing is the feedback. With Corona 1.0 we have a good rt feedback but not comparable to the Octane rt speed with 4 Titans.
I don't know if is possible to port Embree on gpus, I know that Thea did it.
The light distribution in Corona is better than the Octane one but the PMC (sort of Metropolis lt) produces incredible renders and we can use pmc always in realtime.
Never say never.

Gallery / Re: BMW X5 Forest
« on: 2015-03-09, 09:44:33 »
you used madcar to animate the rig?

General Discussion / Re: license pc transfer!!
« on: 2015-03-03, 10:11:37 »
Here I found the answers.

Some new questions:
What happens if during a rendering sequence the Internet access fails temporarily?
Does the floating licensing system ping your servers on each frame?

Corona web servers are redundant? stable? mirrored?

May I have my personal license server and log whatever workstation I want?
I want to be sure that during a rendering job everything works at 100% with zero issues with and without Internet connection.


General Discussion / Re: Fairsaas monthtly!
« on: 2015-03-03, 10:00:46 »
What about taxes and VAT?
You release a printable receipt monthly?


I would like to know if the FairSaaS works as the Adobe licensing system with log in and pwd.
Within Adobe I can log from my Mac and activate the license. Also I can log from my Windows PC.
With Adobe CC we can have 2 license active but If I try to log from another workstation the Adobe license manager will unauthorize the previous two installation.
I can do this all the time, I can authorize 2 pcs, or 1 Mac and 1 pc, my Surface tablet when I travel, etc.
Does the FairSaaS work similar? May I log from whatever workstation I want?


Resolved bugs / Re: Shell modifier
« on: 2015-03-03, 09:38:38 »
Oh sorry,
my answer is related to another post...
I'll post a screenshot.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Corona Camera mod
« on: 2015-03-02, 13:20:14 »
Because adjusting the exposure from the render panel the render doesn't restart.
Applying the camera modifier and tweaking the exposure the render restarts.

Resolved bugs / Re: Shell modifier
« on: 2015-03-01, 23:25:35 »
during the rt render there is no sample to show.
Build whatever scene you want, add a camera, tweak the camera modifier parameters in realtime.
You will notice that on every change the rt render will restarts.


Corona Camera Mod always update the rt render changing the parameters.
I think it's wrong.


Resolved bugs / Shell modifier
« on: 2015-03-01, 20:33:40 »
applying a shell modifier to a glass teapot I get a wrong render.
I have to apply an edit poly modifier.


Resolved feature requests / set rt resolution
« on: 2015-03-01, 20:17:42 »
Fixed and variable resolution. We can't set a precise resolution during the rt-render.


I need help / Re: DR render problems
« on: 2015-03-01, 19:12:36 »
I found the problem!
I installed the latest version of Backburner 2014...uninstalling the old one (2012)
I rendered one frame locally with Server and Manager on (I don't know if it's important) to see if Backburner was installed good.
The test pass was ok.

I launched the Corona Renderer DrServer...and it finally worked!!!

I need help / DR render problems
« on: 2015-03-01, 18:25:44 »
I'm testing the latest 1.0 Corona demo
I installed it on two workstations both with 3ds Max 2014
I authorized the demo on both. I started a render locally and it was fine.
I installed DrServer on both machines (to be sure)
I din't installed the LicenseServer because I'm running the demo on both machines.

I started DrServer on the second workstation.
I pressed search LAN button, Max found the right DR machine ip.
DrServer accepted the connection on ports UDP19666, TCP 19668, loopback TCP19667
Max started to render only locally, no pass was passed from the DR Node.

This is the log:

2015-03-01/17:59:43   Ready for new connection
2015-03-01/18:16:39   DR server started
2015-03-01/18:16:39   Starting UDP socket, local hostname: Titan
2015-03-01/18:16:39   Running Corona DrServer build Feb 26 2015 on ports UDP19666, TCP19668, loopback TCP19667
2015-03-01/18:16:39   Available 3dsmax versions:
2015-03-01/18:16:39   2012: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2012/
2015-03-01/18:16:39   2014: D:/Autodesk/3ds Max 2014/
2015-03-01/18:17:07   Accepted remote connection from gpufail
2015-03-01/18:17:07   Handshake: <CoronaDrRemote>    <HandshakeInit>init</HandshakeInit>    <FrameName>0</FrameName>    <HostVersion>Max2014</HostVersion>    <CameraName>Camera001</CameraName> </CoronaDrRemote> 
2015-03-01/18:17:07   Downloading 3ds max 2014 scene to render with 3ds max 2014
2015-03-01/18:17:07   Downloaded scene: 434,176 bytes in 0 s
2015-03-01/18:17:07   Running command:
echo Starting 3ds max DR... && "D:/Autodesk/3ds Max 2014/3dsmaxcmd.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona\DrServer/drData//received_scene_326904462.max" -o:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona\DrServer/drData//dr_out.png" -start:0 -end:0 -continueOnError -gammaCorrection:1 -rfw:1 -sf -v:5  -camera: "Camera001"  >> "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona\DrServer/drData//MaxLog.txt"
2015-03-01/18:17:09   3ds max is online after 1 seconds
2015-03-01/18:17:09   DR is running
2015-03-01/18:17:37   DR is finished
2015-03-01/18:17:37   Closed loopback connection

2015-03-01/18:17:37   Ready for new connection

This is the max.log

Max install location: D:\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\
01/03/2015 18:17:08;  Max file being rendered: C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona\DrServer/drData//received_scene_326904462.max
01/03/2015 18:17:08;  Renderer: CoronaRenderer
01/03/2015 18:17:20;  Error rendering frame 0: Unknown error while loading application
01/03/2015 18:17:20;  Send End of Job command to Max
01/03/2015 18:17:20;  Job Completed with Error(s) - see above
01/03/2015 18:17:20;  Total elapsed time 00:-2147483648:-2147483648
01/03/2015 18:17:30;  Error occured while rendering job.

I need help / Re: help with proxies!
« on: 2015-03-01, 17:00:49 »
Corona 1.001 tries to read the proxy files, the path is ok but the cbin files are not recognized.

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