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Jobs / Re: Looking for 3D Artists!
« on: 2019-08-01, 10:32:41 »
sent your CB to the position of 3d artist in Berlin, so you did not even answer that the application was accepted, something like that !!!

Hey there! :) I am not sure if I understand you correctly. But if I get it right you have sent us an application before? Can you please give me some more details? I checked our recruitment system, but couldn't find anything with the name 'Serghei Ambros'.

Gallery / Re: Ski Tårn by Reiulf Ramstad
« on: 2019-06-21, 09:41:05 »
Nice images :) Love the balconies :)

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback! Yes, the railings on the balconies give a really interesting look and feel to the building. This whole project is a big collaboration outside Oslo, Norway where they commissioned 4 architectural studios to develop 5 residential buildings each with it's own unique look. We will keep publishing images of the other buildings as well! :)

Gallery / Re: Storebukta
« on: 2019-01-04, 16:01:53 »

Now that's a perfect example of how foreground trees should be done in most achviz images. Cutouts looks so much better than those awful close ups of 3D trees.

Thanks :)

Yeah, we can debate about different technical aspects, software, techniques, etc on the forums but at the end of the day it is all about finding the proper solution to achieve the results that makes the client happy. I think many times artists can get lost in all the different technical options, but they loose the main focus and goal - to understand the exact needs of the client and deliver an output which perfectly nails that.

In the image mentioned the whole foreground was built up in PS. Normally as we have to do many shots for projects, we put more effort in building the environment in 3D, but as here it was only this one winter shot and as most of the elements were quite close to the camera this was the most efficient solution giving us the best results.

Gallery / Re: SOLID Home
« on: 2018-11-12, 11:46:13 »
Excellent work! I like very much this soft daylight. Also, choice of furniture and objects is very appealing and it is balanced perfectly with color scheme and materials of the spaces.
Would you agree if I say that this kind of sharpness and softness at the same time can only be achieved with Corona?

Thanks a lot for the nice comments!

As a studio we are currently exclusively working with Corona. But as we are many individuals everyone has their personal preference of tools at the end of the day. For my point of view the most important thing is, that you master a certain tool-set that you think suits you and your workflow the best and just work with that. A nice image anyway is created by a good concept, nice composition, moody light, etc. It's a cliche, but what is nice in them, that many times they are just true :)

But for sure why many of us prefers Corona is the actual ease of use, that an artist can just focus on the story of the image and doesn't have to deal with technical things. That's a big plus.

Gallery / Re: Doktor Holms vei 4.
« on: 2018-05-17, 15:51:55 »
Hehe... Maybe in 20 years from now... :)

You are right, that is something, that would be just impossible. Or not impossible, but would make the work enormously slower, than how it should be. With every project we have a neat structure for the images that we have to create and we follow that with every part of the project. Also the scenes are split up according to that. So almost all the time every single image has their own scene in the end, so that way we can play with details and light for every shot. We than just use other parts from other scenes where it is necessary.

Of course this is not a strict rule, in the end it always depends on the specific project. But with bigger projects that's the case most of the time.

With your permission, I follow this same thread with a doubt with the forestcolor.

Does it work properly with Corona 1.5.2?


It should work properly with Corona. I think the thing what you miss is to plug in your Corona material which contains the Forestcolor map in the diffuse to your Forestpack object. In the FP object, look for the "Material" option under the Geometry rollout.

I need help / Re: white pixel dot
« on: 2017-01-29, 11:44:59 »
Try turning off the sun visibility in reflections. Most probably you will not loose too much detail because of that, but your image will get cleaner (the fireflies should go away).

Rendering in tiles with Deadline or in stripes with Backburner should be an easy and fast solution. That's at least what worked the best for us while keeping the same quality level.

Gallery / Re: Winter 2016
« on: 2017-01-21, 12:24:06 »
eleiM is also one of my favourite kitchen appliance brand!

I don't have the chance unfortunately now to try it out, but in previous versions I think the behavior was different. Before we only encountered this problem a couple of times where we managed to find a workaround. Now this problem appears in almost every single project which is quite a big issue (especially that we are talking about just simply using a backplate in the scene which is mapped on a cylinder). But thanks for letting me know about the other topic, I will also keep an eye on that.


As far as I remember this bug was existing also a long time ago in Corona, but I think in previous versions (1.4 for example) the behavior was not that bad. After installing 1.5, unfortunately it got worse and now we have this problem almost all the time. I have attached a crop where you can see the problem:

Light behavior when the backplate is active

Light behavior when the backplate is hidden

In the wood material I removed all the details, it is just a diffuse map and a glossiness value. When the glossiness value is 1.0, or close to it, than there is no problem, but once I start to lower it just a bit (around 0.8) the artifacts appear. The backplate is set up as it should be, I get the same results with the rayswitch material and with the coronalight material also.

I remember that previously this problem appeared mainly in interior scenes when the thin option was not enabled on the window glass materials. Now this problem occurs almost all the time :/

Daily builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.6
« on: 2016-12-07, 07:19:01 »
Ahh, was missing this so much! Sometimes getting into details and testing materials in certain conditions was hard because of the lack of the zoom option. Can't wait to try it out! :)

I need help / Re: Light problem
« on: 2016-10-12, 14:45:18 »
Try to give volume to your surfaces. If you just have single planes meeting there, than most of the time you will have light leaking problems.

Resolved bugs / Re: CORONA 1.5 + Physical Camera = no DOF
« on: 2016-10-12, 14:40:18 »
Make sure to apply the DOF option inside the physical camera. Than you can control the focus either with the target or give it a custom value. And you have control over the strength by using the aperture. No modifiers are necessary.

Daily builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-10-10, 07:57:22 »
Scratch that, reproduced.

Sorry, accidentally missed your first reply and didn't come back with more info on the topic. But for me it also didn't seem like something that is hard to reproduce as it happened quite often, when I forgot to rerender my image in the regular way before saving out some previews.

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