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From what I recall bump/displacement only works in the base layer, so you have to overlay all maps there. Unless that got fixed....

Displacement yes,..but also bump? I thought bump has to be propagated to every layer.

First-generation X399 boards were never meant for 250W CPUs like 2990WX + lot's of memory (8 Slots when populated put quite some stress on memory controller on chip).

But not sure if I would bother swapping motherboard only if you can find for relatively cheap (300 dollars/euros) one of these two (and only those two): MSI MEG or Asus Zenith ALPHA (important, because there is also non-alpha).
You can run mem-test to see if the memory is still some issue.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: Today at 15:00:57 »
The custom loop is not necessary. I do believe UH-14s TR4 is better than your Cooler Master, people report on average 10 C lower temperatures (But of course, everyone has different room ambient, amount of GPUs inside case, and pulls the number from different software).

That kind of shut-down is almost always memory related.
Corona is more memory intensive than other benchmarks or engines.

Try to set your memory back to default (2133) and see if it persists. If no, try to set memory to 2933. If it's bad again, go lower (2800).

Asus Prime wasn't made for 2990WX and 128GB of 3000 MHz memory, the power cascade simply isn't there even if it's stable 99perc. of time.

Hardware / Re: New mobile workstation
« on: Today at 10:19:00 »
I was wondering if you tested also the Corsair LPX kit, or just the RGB Pro kit.

The above photo is PC I built with the LPX kit. The RGB Pro I have on build with water loops.

Internally it's the same memory they just sell it with different heatsinks and I always buy what is available/cheaper at the moment.

Hardware / Re: New mobile workstation
« on: Today at 10:09:20 »
What ?

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: Today at 10:00:46 »
Yes it's pretty high.

It's also pretty bad cooler because it's not true TR4 dedicated cooler, the CPU plate was made bigger to cover the full heatspreader of CPU, but it's false because on other side the fins are same size as for smaller sockets and water only ends up cooling the centre of CPU. I would call it half-job, it's better than slapping non-TR4 AIO, but much worse then real TR4 sized coldplate like Enermax or dedicated waterblock for custom loop.

The general suggestion is still to get Noctua UH-14s, risk faulty Enermax (or try to fix it yourself by swapping fluid), or build custom loop.
Everything else can be ignored.

If you look at this picture, the CoolerMaster is basically what you see on left, but actually even lot worse. A proper TR4 coldplate needs to look like on the right.

Hardware / Re: New mobile workstation
« on: Today at 09:54:43 »
Yes exactly those. Corsair doesn't have all memory kits even on website btw, there is like twice as many more ;- ) It's odd.

Yes, NH-D15 fits over every low-profile memory with no issue. And the updates (D15S? or both) have cutout that covers even taller ram. But it's still better to buy low profile because of fans that still have to sit on top (otherwise necessary to swap for 120mm)."
But D15 is not available for Threadripper, just in case, only Ryzen.

ToneMapControl map is bit finicky.. anytime you make framebuffer change, you have to restart the render for it to negate everything.

That is particularly issue with LUTs and when and how you use them in process. Unless you're making an animation you might be better off adding that LUT in Photoshop.

(Btw, reflections/refractions for compositing will be added in upcoming Corona version).

with sRGB profile attached and also without any color profile

That's absolutely the same for 3dsMax.

As long as 'everything' has shifted colors, it's color gamut related. If it's only your background (and rest of image is fine), it's your Corona setup.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Round edges and opacity
« on: 2020-01-26, 17:37:15 »
Yeah it's slightly different, but same functionality as end-result :- ). You worded out how this could practically work without being introduced as one-off feature.

Hardware / Re: New mobile workstation
« on: 2020-01-26, 17:34:27 »
It's not about superior, you can't use X399 :- ) It's old generation, they are not compatible. X399 is for 1/2xxx Threadrippers only. TRX40 is only for 3xxx. It can't be combined in different way.

You can use 4x32 even for Threadripper, 4x32 is better than 8x16 because it puts less stress on CPU and allows you to upgrade to 8x32 in future.
So you should buy 32GB modules in any case, regardless of going with Ryzen, Threadripper, or Intel.

The 3200/CL16 4-kit is only available in little more expensive Corsair RGB Pro modules, which have worse compatibility with air coolers.
If you want the low-profile Corsair LPX, Corsair doesn't make it in 4-kit. That's why you have to buy 2x 2-kit. It's the same result..

Gallery / Re: kitchen
« on: 2020-01-26, 15:32:58 »
100 % effective.

Not possible sadly. LUTs can only apply to 0-255 range, they don't have access to dynamic range outside so if you want to use them for tonemapping, you need to apply them to under-exposed image. This will of course only work well for highlights, it will worsen your precision in blacks.

It has to be applied to LOG compressed space. When Corona implements full OCIO/ACES, this might become viable workflow.

At the moment the only way is to do outside of Corona.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Round edges and opacity
« on: 2020-01-26, 15:24:05 »
Jakub Cech requested this same things two years ago, so that opacity mapped leaves could catch nice highlights :- ).

Yeah this would be really nice feature. +1

Hardware / Re: New mobile workstation
« on: 2020-01-26, 15:19:54 »
So..lot of things :- )

- Longevity of SSDs is no longer an issue. Most of them have minimum "full-rewrite" of hundreds terabytes. That's just minimum guarantee, they will absolutely go much longer. They will survive longer than HDDs, don't worry about that.
- But expensive SSDs will live longer because of their higher-end NAND flash memory (SLC for corporate grade, MLC/TLC for everyday use, and QLC for budget oriented storage). Alternatively, 3D XPoint/Optane for super ultra corporate high-end.

- QLV lists are almost worthless, they barely test anything useful. You will find very few 64/128/256GB kits being tested.
128 (4x16GB) is no problem at all for 3950X, I run it like that. I bought two kits of Corsair 3200 CL16 2x32GB, and it runs super stable at 3200 CL16 at 4x32GB on Asus Strix-E X570.

- Are you sure they proposed X399 Prime and not TRX40 Prime? You need TRX40 board for 3rd gen Threadripper, not X399 which is last generation.
- Every single TRX40 board is good enough to run both Threadrippers, even Asus Prime.

- ML240 TR4 is not a good a cooler. The reason is that while it has copper plate that covers the full heatspreader of TR4 socket CPUs, internally the cold-plate (where the water touches the surface) is still under-sized because it's the same Asetek patented one as every single other on market. This cooler only pretends to be better, but is not.

There are the only TR4 designed coolers: Noctua UH14s TR4 (Excellent), Arctic Freezer 50 TR4 (Good), Wraithripper (Good), SilverArrow TR4 (Very good) and single water AIO Enermax Liqtech TR4 (Excellent cooling, very poor quality).

If any shop suggests something else, they don't know enough about Threadrippers.

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