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Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: Yesterday at 09:14:03 »
Yeah right now waiting is probably the best.

Feature requests / Re: Mega-Max-Layered Material-XXExtreme
« on: 2019-08-16, 16:13:29 »
Unreal has this, though I am not sure how that setup looks. Worth investigating.

I need help / Re: Material is changing colour in render
« on: 2019-08-15, 17:26:00 »
I thought it was common knowledge and well agreed it works completely wrong : /. At least for two years.

Well, I'll make a new thread about it later then. The tonemapping is really holding Corona back.

Gallery / Re: Wings Art Gallery
« on: 2019-08-15, 16:51:01 »
Stunning ! The first shot is just perfect in every way.

(water surface waviness gives a little bit of cgi away because the amplitude is too big for calm water but that's unimportant nitpicking)

Hardware / Re: PC-Build for CORONA & 3Ds MAX, Help me
« on: 2019-08-15, 13:22:10 »

please read my post about memory for AM4 again more carefully.

- You only have 4 memory slots. You can't use 8 modules with 4 slots. So to have 128 GB of memory, you need to use 32 GB modules. Those came to market only one month ago, only sold by Corsair (they are made by Samsung only).
- And the kit rated for 128GB is too slow for Ryzen. Have a look at this graph, I highlighted the in red the only one rated to work 128 GB.
- So unless someone tests using 2x time the 1.35V kits and proves it is stable (but if it was, Corsair would be selling it that way directly, which they aren't and that tells us something).

Regarding speed in general, Ryzen does support up to 4200 MHz, but not at 64GB capacity. The highest stable speed for 64GB is +/- 3200MHz. You can of course buy faster memory and try running it and if it crashes, just lower the speed in bios. At that point you will just waste money on expensive memory. 3600 will not provide any benefit over 2933(3000)/3200, but 2666 is slow.

Same advice as always, if you believe you need 128 GB of memory, don't buy Ryzen, buy Threadriper.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-08-14, 22:22:37 »
I must have been blind because they did test the 360mm version as well. It's 9 degrees. That's massive difference.

But it's what it is.. I wouldn't risk it either. And neither would I bother replacing it with warranty every year.

I suggest simply to swap to NH-D15 TR4 when it will come. The difference between U14S and D15S is 4-5C, but that's on much smaller surface area. For TR4 platform and with the new improved model, the difference will be easily 6-7C.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-08-14, 20:28:11 »
This is the test Philipb mentions, it was by GamerNexus, using the smaller 240mm version and even that one is already 5C Delta better when normalized for same noise.

But then you only have to look at one of many threads like this and you will realize that the product is simply a mistake in every single revision and iteration.

Also, overclocking Threadripper doesn't give you higher single-core, that one already boosts as high as it gets ( +/- 4.1 GHz with good cooler) and with PBO you can get higher all-core boost which is nice if it's your only machine but otherwise easy to live without.
As Zen2 Ryzens shown, overclocking as we know it, is becoming a thing of a past. Useless.

Hardware / Re: PC-Build for CORONA & 3Ds MAX, Help me
« on: 2019-08-14, 18:05:01 »
Just one word of caution (you probably know but just in case because I had certain luck for dishonest people this summer..), Amazon has both private sellers and is seller directly.
If you have option to buy from 'Amazon warehouse' vs private seller, go for the Amazon directly.

If the price difference is much better in favor of private seller, check if the seller isn't some newly registered scammer selling all sorts of odd stuff from memory to mattraces.

Amazon offers certain protection, but it's not like PayPal you can use in eBay that will 99perc. side with you and instantly returns your money. With Amazon you would have to use Credit card to have same level of protection.

I never had any scam from Amazon but I 90perc. of time buy directly from Amazon Warehouse, not private sellers, but I've seen few obvious scammers there when the price was "too good to be true".

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2019-08-14, 17:29:43 »
Nope, I don't test these things :- ).

People like the HDRiHaven because it's free and the guy mostly knows what he is doing. But I saw his tutorial and he just deliberately desatured yellow before processing I almost got heart attack :- ) Real HDRi cannot have any post-production of source files, they need to be absolutely linearized.

One tip how to spot good HDRI outside of testing dynamic range: It has to look like shit. Overburn and washed out. Linear files have no contrast, no deep blacks. So if HDRi looks "nice", the person probably kept some default camera profile from raw converter instead of full linearizing. The HDRi will still make nice light in artistic way, but not accurate, real-world light from said HDRi capture.

General Discussion / Re: V-ray VIBES!
« on: 2019-08-14, 17:25:34 »
Grass is always greener on the other side :- ).

Also, once you get used to something, it doesn't look that good anymore. You always see more mistakes, even mistakes that are not there at all.

Or maybe you just like the more punchy look of F-Storm renders ;- ) ? I am stirring the nest here but we could use new tonemapping finally. A real filmic would be welcome.

Hardware / Re: PC-Build for CORONA & 3Ds MAX, Help me
« on: 2019-08-14, 17:19:48 »
Ah, that's great to hear! I thought that if RAM kit is not on motherboards QVL list, then it's incompatible with that board and will not work.

It really used to be the case 2 years ago. But even then QVLs are incomplete and you can read between lines and extrapolate.

For example, maybe they tested Corsair "CMR64GX4M4B3000C15" but you can only find "CMR64GX4M4C3000C15" in your local shops. The only thing that changes was 'B'  to 'C' which in Corsair means just another generation of the same memory. If B worked, than C, D, and so on will work as well.
Or maybe instead of CMR it will some different 3 letters, and it's basically just heatsink or RGB difference, same modules.
Or they tested only 32GB Kit, but not 64GB of same, or just dual-channel instead of quad-channel.

The QVL are just safety but because they often feature very few modules you can actually buy in Europe, they are almost useless. When I bought MSI, the QVL was 95perc. of Memory brands I have never even heard of. There are only 3 DRAM manufacturers in world right now (4th will enter) so there is big chance that something not on QVL is just sold under different brand.
So I took a risk and bought different one, worked just fine. Then year later bought different set because the original stopped production, and they work together as well.

Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed which is why it is good idea to buy from e-shop Vendors where you can return the product easily. I have this local e-shop here where I returned 4 server kits in one week because the Asus WS Xeon board was too picky :- ). The lady didn't understood word of what I wrote as reason for returning but I always got my money back in 10 minutes and went home with new kit to try.

But your Ryzen experience will not be so problematic. But if you buy older X470 board, update the bios first to latest possible. Lot of the updates are just memory compatibility improvements.

Hardware / Re: PC-Build for CORONA & 3Ds MAX, Help me
« on: 2019-08-14, 16:47:34 »
You don't need Ryzen compatible memory, that's just marketing, if I understand what you are asking. If not, sorry.
Two years ago those Ryzen kits were mostly expensive Samsung B-Die yields which proved to be more stable than others and Ryzen was very picky.

But since then situation has changed and you can get pretty much any memory running.

So you can use any 3000-3200MHz 64GB Kit that you will find. My rule, is to always buy the cheapest memory. Always works :- ). Difference between cheap Corsair LPX 3000 CL15 and G-Skill 3000 CL15 with double the price is only that the latter was "maybe" hand-picked, chosen from better performing yields and the only practical benefit is that it might be overclockable.
No one sensible overclocks memory anyway.

I mentioned the VRM only because faster and higher capacity memory puts lot more stress onto memory controller. That's the reason why 64-128GB 3200MHz is not stable with Threadripper 2990WX for example. While single 4GB module can run even at 4600 MHz I guess for Ryzen :- ). So the boards with stronger VRM dedicated to memory should be able to have much better chance of running faster memory stable.

I need help / Re: Material is changing colour in render
« on: 2019-08-14, 12:31:31 »
Maybe using filmic highlights/shadows in the VFB post could help too?
I guess to get "correct" results, similar to what happens in real life, we would need some kind of advanced "velvet-like" shader?

'filmic highlights/shadows' is just broken, nobody please touch this :- ). We should just get rid of it finally and make real filmic.

We absolutely need fabric shading. It's all there, 'Sheen' parameter in the big PBR renderers like Pixar Renderman.

Cautiously waiting for both for years.

Hardware / Re: PC-Build for CORONA & 3Ds MAX, Help me
« on: 2019-08-14, 12:05:01 »
There are I believe two threads at least where low-end Threadripper 29xx is compared to high-end Ryzen 39xx.

In short: (Rest of answers are in those respective threads)

- Ryzen 3900X and 3950X right now are better choice than 2950X/2970WX in terms of price and single-core performance.
- But the platform itself (Ryzen runs on AM4, Threadripper on TR4) while offering some very expensive motherboards as well and of newer generation (X570, only necessary for 3950X) is more inferior because it's only dual-channel and support only 4-DIMMs (and less PCI-e lanes, but this is non-issue).
- What this mean in practicality is, that if you want to run fast 128GB memory, it is very easy to do so on Threadripper ( 8x 16GB 2933MHz CL15-16 memory kits) and very complicated for Ryzen ( 4x 32GB 2600 CL 16). The fast 32GB Modules at 2933 MHz CL 16 are not rated to be run at 128GB configuration, maybe because they are 1.35V, hard to know. It could work, it probably won't, and wouldn't be stable.

And that leads to last point, both Threadripper and Ryzen need 2933 MHz memory at least to run at full speed esp. with Corona. With 64GB that is also the fastest speed for Threadripper, Ryzen could run on 3200 if the board has good VRM (VRM is for both CPU and Memory). Not 2666.

So if you always need only 64GB, get Ryzen, nothing to ponder. But if you'll need 128GB, Threadripper is still better choice. This is all it comes down to right now.

Learner's Corner / Re: Uncanny Valley Mark V
« on: 2019-08-12, 10:40:32 »
No offense, but that last post read like an AI text generator

Burnin has simply better dealer than the rest of us ;- )

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