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Gallery / Re: Beldi Stories I.
« on: 2019-09-11, 23:25:08 »
About time you post a new project! But seriously, beautiful work! I wouldn't mind seeing some of these material setups.

I'll be looking forward to the next release later this month.

Thank you John!!

Also would love to share the trailer for the film here:

Gallery / Re: Beldi Stories I.
« on: 2019-09-04, 15:11:45 »
Gorgeous images.

I love how your post-production style has evolved since Beautiful CGI. The blue glow is prevalent.

Everything is nice, especially the image with the water running from the washroom faucet.
I can hear the water flowing in my mind and feel the ambiance of the place!

I love seeing your work, looking forward to your film :)

That is very kind of you.
Thank you so much! :)

Gallery / Beldi Stories I.
« on: 2019-09-03, 11:38:56 »
A partnership with world renowned architect Amal Halafi, The Beldi Project required giving life to spaces where CGI has been prioritized before photography. I spent a week in Rio absorbing the emotions of the building, then produced a series of images that demonstrated its beauty and functionality.

As a result, there has been an Art Exhibition and 12 minutes Short Film "CGI is an Art tool" created with strong beliefs in CGI.

I believe that CGI is an artistic tool. Just like photography is, just like painting is and just like sculpting is. So far, CGI has been mostly used for commercial purposes and has been very technical, which it still is. In my eyes, it is another tool that can reflect artistic soul. I believe that one of the biggest issues is that people don't know what CGI is. Running into a random person, it is very hard and imaginary to explain. Many times simply perceived as photographs. I have had this belief for many years but now found a platform that has strong enough story and visibility to share it. Not only in CGI but in Architecture, Art and many different fields too. I would love every artist to be able to show what CGI is and believe that because of technical advancements and enlightenment, in couple of years there might be recognition of CGI as an Art Form and general knowledge of the process and efforts behind. I believe that CGI is going to be in museums in couple of years.

A short film will be premiered on Academy Days X and on Spiecial Event in Kiev, both in October 2019. I wish that it is going to open up an discussion.

3ds Max and Corona rendering engine were used. Many materials were scanned and all materials were created from scratch. Using custom color mapping, lighting and techniques presented in my talks.

Beldi Stories II. will be released on 17.9.2019
Beldi Stories III. will be released on 1.10.2019
Beldi Stories a Short Film "CGI is an Art tool" will be premiered on Academy Days X (4th-5th October 2019) and Kiev Special Event Conference (11th-12th October 2019) with public release coming after.

Thank you for watching.

Gallery / Re: Northern Wisps
« on: 2018-04-30, 21:00:17 »
So so so good! :))

Hey - the Prune Scene is not working for me - I have ALC virus (helpers) in the scene called "¡¡×ý×û" and "×þ×ü".
Anyway - Prune Scene does not remove those - however does - can you update Prune Scene script?


Gallery / Re: Dream Garden Shed
« on: 2018-03-19, 17:21:19 »
Love it! :))))))))
Incredible work here, super well done.

Gallery / Re: Osebergskipet
« on: 2017-12-12, 22:31:49 »
Now that is really incredible work in here :)
Its insane how you were able to push the realism so far without introducing crushed or flattened blacks - wow! That is insanely hard task, almost never done right. My compliments!

Still missing Color Tint picker (aka VFB+ style) - Is there anybody using Tint at all? This is a beautiful feature but in current implementatio (blindly trying to get it right) is just useless (or not?). I am just saying there are many scenes (or HDRIs) that has a strong color cast that need to be fixed.
Or at least, it would be great to have Green-Magenta slider (aka Lightroom Tint) inside Tint Color Selector. It would cover 99% of cases - as in reality Lightrooms Tint + Temperature does.
Also DOF picker would be great.
Can I get some update on these topics please? :))

Hi Jakub
awesome artwork,congratulation 
Jakub, do you special Setting for animation render ?! example special render setting or special mode ( special fps ) ??
Thank you so so much! :)
For my animation of this space I used camera mapping technique. Otherwise no special settings.

Thanks for sharing your methodology.  I found the talk quite interesting...  Your renders are amazing!
Thats beautiful to hear, thank you so much! Its very kind of you! :))

Gallery / Re: BMW 3 Touring Night Trip
« on: 2017-10-15, 23:11:46 »
Oh god that is insane! I would never said these were full 3D.
Totally rocking! :))

Hey Jakub
Many thanks for sharing this and giving such a detailed insight into your process - your attention to detail and research really stand out as a key part of what allows you to create such beautiful imagery.
I think I noticed on the video you had renamed the mastering CGI indoor HDRI as "corrected" - would you mind sharing what you did to it?
Thank you so much for your kind words.
Your attention is spot on! :) I forgot to say - I "white balanced" the HDRI - this means I completely desaturated the walls so they do not have the yellow color cast from the floor. I added this to the description of the video as well. Thanks!

So guys I would love to share with you the little video I created for the series, here:

Super quick technical info: It was done by super old school camera back projection technique of the final rendered images on the mesh. I photoshoped multiple images, extended scene etc. I had to doit this way because I photoshopped a lot of images and this also saved a ton of rendering time.

Here is also my full SOA talk (a lot about the series as well):

Cheers! :))

hello Jakub, i am trying to achieve marble from your tips. Could you post reflect and refract maps from your renderings? Do you have them still?
unfortuantely I do not have them rendered - but you can make your own taking the previews I posted as a reference :))

Gallery / Re: Impremta Garden
« on: 2017-09-14, 08:40:20 »

This is a very nice tip. My questions (for Rawalanche as well) - Now if I would like to use those in SpeedTree, I need to save them separately, so:
1. Is it possible to Batch "save" cropped maps?
2. Is it possible to rotate megascans before cropping?

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