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General CG discussion / Re: [Useful Scripts\Tools]
« on: 2018-12-13, 17:51:35 »
Sorry I have been away from a while. I will update the main post.

should be fixed now, but I cannot verify it, the scene is too large ;)

With the hotfix 2? I will tried it then.

Bug Reporting / Re: Stop Render
« on: 2017-07-11, 21:00:05 »
The only reason I can think of would be running out of RAM. System becoming non-responsive in general is a typical symptom.
I had this situation where Corona would not react to stop/cancel buttons only once, and never managed to reproduce it again.

If it ever happens to anyone, and it is not caused by running out of RAM, it would be great if you could generate a minidump during the freeze and send it to us along with a report. Here is how to do it:

It happens to me and to my co workers quite frequently. What is annoying is that Corona just keeps the calculation like you didn't press the Cancel or Stop button. Only, after finishing the initial calculations it stops, but the system stills responds. This happens when the scene is complex, but even when isn't I had the same issue.

Bug Reporting / Re: Stop Render
« on: 2017-07-10, 21:55:27 »
So glad I am not the only one. The most annoying thing. I said "Cancel" not finish the calculations.

@Christa Noel - from what I recall, on Vray and Mental Ray, if you press Stop it Stops. No matter what kind of calculations is doing.

@Jadefox - 128GB for a small scene isn't enough? Yet, if you press stop it should stop no matter the RAM size

Bug Reporting / Re: Stop Render
« on: 2017-07-07, 23:27:34 »
Just me then and another 10 guys? Could be a server problem?

I need help / Re: Why all HDRI tutorials requires VRAY?
« on: 2017-07-06, 16:21:32 »
I use a ColorCorrection node a tweak the Gamma/Contrast

Bug Reporting / Stop Render
« on: 2017-07-04, 16:21:18 »
I don't know if this affect other users, but most of times when the Scene Parsing and Geometry is running and you press Stop - it doesn't STOP.

Is the most annoying thing in Corona, that when you press the Cancel button or Stop button, it doesn't stop the render. It has to go until the end of the calculation to stop. So, must of the times we have to wait like 15 minutes or 20 minutes until we can start work. Is this a bug?

You need some layered materials (depends of the complexity) and you can use AO and some bitmaps as masks. Look at the reference and see how many different elements you have. From there you can start creating your material and adding detail. I did something similar for another project

BTW, important thing to know about smart layers, you probably know but generally, they apply in current mode. Even if your smart object is 32bit, the layer will be applied in 16bit mode if that's your current environment. Even if you make preset in 32bit, the result will be different.
I also keep smart layers (and smart layers within smart layers :- D ), but it's for flexibility, it cannot cheat the PS rules about 32bit.  (just writting this because there was numerous people on cgarchitect who thought it can)

Yes I know. My work flow is like this. Tweak the image in 32 bit, add render passes, etc. Save the file. Create another file as 16bit and link the previous one.This is one of the reasons why started using Fusion, but isn't the same think. I don't find as flexible as Photoshop.

I actually do that. I create a smart object with all the passes I want (Linear Dodge(Add)), then I apply the Camera Raw and tweak the exposure and most important the Tone Mapping Curve. I need to test the results with a 16bit file to see if I can tweak the highlights and shadows. I was trying to create a workflow that allows me more flexibility, but this move from Adobe is just annoying. Maybe I will just move to Affinity

Thanks Ondra. If you need more info let me know.

Thanks Juraj

What I really liked was that tonemapping curve, but I could see that something was right. I really don't understand why Photoshop can't work with 32bits images as After Effects does.
I used to convert the render into a smart object, which allowed me to go back and forward with any adjustments. I think I will have to redo my workflow, but the CoronaImage Editor is actually a good tool.

And I now, I just updated Photoshop and I can no longer open the image in Camera Raw. Great


Initial I thought that it was assigning another profile to the image, but it doesn't make sense. I end up by using the tone mapping curve to achieve something closer. If someone has a solution, please let me know.

I am just trying to understand why this difference happens

Normal Exposure Tool in Photohsop - Exp1.jpg

and the

Camera Raw Exposure - Exp2.jpg

I saved the file as OpenExr 32bits Gamma 1.0. Does anyone know why this happens?

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