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Gallery / Villa Design
« on: 2019-06-25, 15:52:20 »
Hello Forum,
this is the latest Project i did for a client.

Modern Villa Visualisation
Location: Munich
Software: Cinema4D, Corona 4.0, PS, LR

Thank you for watching.

The ones for the park would be easy, but iam more behind well designed gardens...

General CG discussion / Backplates for interior renderings
« on: 2019-06-24, 20:37:32 »
Hello Forum,
can anyone give me a tip where to find high qualitiy backplates which can be used for high resolution interior renderings? I have a hugh amount of different situations and therefore i have to use different kind of backgrounds like backyards, gardens and city-scapes. can anyone give me some good sources similar to sites like vishopper.

Thank you

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: render farm
« on: 2019-06-24, 18:06:46 »
i can strongly recomment render4you.  most of the time the farm is reachable per skype and gives you a super support. I finished a hugh job with about 56 Renderings in 5k with no problems... This was a Take-Based Job and everything went out perfect...


yes i read your post about the topic already and also thought it must be my mistake. In the meantime i switched back to Version three and send
the files to the renderfarm, but somehow they came all back with that ugly denoising issue. So im not getting a clean and sharp rendering for this Project atm until i switch back to
a older File-Version. So but did not anybody else recognize such a issue? I mean everybody is using the denoiser isnt it?

Thank You

Hello Forum,
so with the newest Daily Build im getting a very unsharp result after denoising. I read about the high quality filter which should not be used together with the high quality denoiser. Is that correct? Also when i do not use the hight quality filter and just put on denoiser, im getting also a very splochi result. Please have a look at the both preview renderings.

Thank You

Any news on this. Im getting these strange issues also...

Please report if you find the bug, i had this also in one of my last project and could not figure it out...

Im also having these Problems even in scenes that are not so heavy. For example when i switch off all light-objects in Layer-Manager the ir crashes. My Last hugh project was done with the Beta-Version and this was much more stable in my opinion. Also when using the Take-System and switch between different Light or Mateial settings, the ir crashes a lot, as i said this was not so buggy with the beta version...

yes i can confirm this, i do also have strange appearenaces when using object motion blur in combination with instances, or cloner objects.

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Multipass and shadow
« on: 2019-03-14, 12:28:05 »
I tried both methods. do i have to apply another pass on top of it? If you like i can post the psd file.

k r

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Multipass and shadow
« on: 2019-03-14, 09:52:37 »
So im in the same situation. I have to prepare about 20 different colors for the facade and therefore i would like to just create solids in photoshop and blend them with the different multipasses, but i also cant archiv the correct shadow behavior. So i made a couple of screenshot to show the problem. The left side od the house has to be dark as shown in the "BaseBottomLayer", but soon as i invert the shadow map and put it on top of the solid layer it brightens the left side. ANy suggestions how to set up my photoshop file to get the correct result?

Thank You

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Motion Blur kills reflections
« on: 2019-03-13, 18:13:41 »
iam using the follownig version: Version: 4.0 daily Feb 19 2019 (core 4 (DailyBuild Feb 20 2019))
I will upload the scene.

Thank you

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Motion Blur kills reflections
« on: 2019-03-13, 08:18:19 »
Hello Forum,
if i turn on object motion blur it do not render any reflections on "some" windows any more. If  i turn motion blur off everything is fine. I have a static movement of the sky object in beause i want to render out different light situations with the take system. Also there are appearing some of my trees on places i  didnt not place them. I had this before when i was using instances and Motion blur. Is this a known bug?

Thank you

Hello Corona,
so if i put a layer node into bump slot and add a standard c4d noise, this is not showing up in the interactive Renderer.
Can anybody confirm this?

This is the version iam using:
Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Jan 24 2019 17:35:03
Version: 4.0 daily Jan 24 2019 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057 S
Plugin status: initialized successfully

Thank You

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