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have the same problem.
deleting those files helps only before i start opening different windows in 3dsmax (render setup, for example)

Gallery / Re: Michal Timko`s gallery
« on: 2015-08-11, 09:47:51 »
Fantastic light and mood, especially on first pic!)
Very nice pictures!

Daily builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-07-17, 13:26:21 »
As i can see workflow with bump settings changed, am i right?
For example, if later i've set  it about 0.1-0.2, now to achieve the same result i should set it 4 times bigger i.e. 0.4-0.8, right?

Really interest in this!
anyway professional course about Corona from Udemy - it's a super good!

this happens for me too, but not every time. I can't ctch it exactly when it happens and why.
Sometimes editing texture in protoshop and everything is fine, and sometmes after saving rexture and switching to 3dsmax - it crashes immediately.

Gallery / Re: xt13r's gallery
« on: 2015-03-18, 13:48:58 »
I think your clouds need better models and better displacement map (not so spiky, less displaced). But generally it looks like it's going in the right direction.
yeah, clouds looks ugly right now. anyway this is experiments for understanding material behavior! I will continue researchments)

Gallery / Re: xt13r's gallery
« on: 2015-03-18, 07:17:16 »
Playing with volume material. Trying to imitate subtle fog and setup correct clouds...well, not very good result right now)
Also testing corona scatter in this scene. it's a huuuuge scene with thousands of wood, millions of grass and tenths millions rocks on the road - and corona still renders it))))

Cool, just keep in mind the articles may still not be perfect and many things will probably get updated.
of course! that's why i  save time stamp when article was done and when i've translated them)

Hello to all russian corona users on this forum!
I've started translation of articles from to russian language! For myself - for better understanding aspects of rendering in corona, and for other people - to share knowledge with them, because many people knows english very poorly )
i'm uploading translates as pdf on and all info you can find on the 3ddd russian forum.
So if your native language is russian or similar - welcome!
Any criticism and comments are welcome!

Hi, Ondra and Corona team!
Guys, I'm translating articles from to russian for russian community on 3ddd and corona renderer group on, so i have one question: will you plan to add translations of your articles on this site to other languqages?

I need help / Re: How to render 9k resolution scene?
« on: 2015-03-03, 12:06:45 »
I have the same problem few days ago. After disabling displacement everything renders fine.

P.S. Any plans for imrovements in this problem? in a nearest or far future builds of corona? I've already seen lot of questions about freezing render because of this displacement problem on a different russian resources.

Did you read this?
Alpha7.2 will not work now.

i  have the same problem here.
One slave works fine, and on the other this problem appear. Every pc have the same max version with backburner and corona 1.00.01
I have no idea what's going wrong)

News / Re: Corona 1.0 is out!
« on: 2015-02-25, 18:16:33 »
Wohoooo, you're super awesome guys!
Already bought my own license)
I wish you conquer the olympus of visualization and become a leader among gods of visualization, like vray,maxwell etc.
Well, i already made all projects in last half of the year in corona and pretty happy with it's functionality and super simplicity. Literally, i can't sit now in vray or any other complicated render programs and waste all this hours for setup render itself and shaders. IR in corona is like magic!) i'm currently working with super heavy interior scene (40 000 000 polys) and IR working there! well, with some slowdowns, but anyway working!!!
I really like corona. thank you for your hard work and instant response to requests from users about innovations and mistakes!

Wish you good luck, guys! You're awesome!

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