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Gallery / Re: Product Visual MOTOREX
« on: 2019-11-17, 23:48:33 »
I think that music is way over the top.

The renders are ok, looking great but the video montage is too aggressive for the content.

General CG discussion / Re: Best value/effort 3D marketplace
« on: 2019-11-14, 14:12:55 »
what exactly could be done from my side to promote/expose my profile?

Create relevant models then (someone linked this topic on FB)

Feature requests / Re: Texture Node Like Fstorm
« on: 2019-11-05, 04:11:27 »
Im not sure what is going on here, but It look's similar to one of my last requests.

Would like to learn more about this

All the solutions provided sound awesome thank you. Really appreciate it.

Feature requests / Corona VFB - History Tab
« on: 2019-11-02, 13:41:29 »
as VFB rescaling is still a big issue, I think that won't be possible yet.

How about "LOAD" for the VFB history? So you have your History of progress, but 3ds max crashes as it always does.

So how about that
1. Each project could have an option to specify where to store the VFB history so that all the bits are saved.
2. Each time you turn on the project you can restore those bits to see the comparison or just the progress.
3. Automatic save at destination

What do you think? This could also be an option to set your IR to the XXXxYYY size of the bit in order to keep consistent results.


If i understood your request correctly, then that's already possible with existing Corona maps, namely CoronaUVWrandomizer. See attached screen.

I had a similar idea 5 minutes after I posted that, thank you Sir.

Very helpful

Soo... anyone?

Bug Reporting / Re: Corona Distance Map - ProOptimizer
« on: 2019-09-11, 22:01:04 »
Its probably more of a brain glich, btw. Did you check my PM?

Bug Reporting / Corona Distance Map - ProOptimizer
« on: 2019-09-11, 14:20:54 »
using "ProOptimizer" modifier on objects with Distance map plugged in shader results in instant 3ds max crash.

Best regards,

Feature requests / Re: Corona "PICK"
« on: 2019-09-03, 15:06:45 »
so I'm back to elaborate:
- Turn on IR
- Make Short Animation using your Corona Cam, keep the Autokey on.
- "PICK" > Set Focus to this point
- Set Frame 0 >"PICK" > Set Focus to this point
- Set Frame 5 >"PICK" > Set Focus to this point (or any at all)

The autokey function won't register new keys for the focus point.

Feature requests / Corona "PICK"
« on: 2019-08-30, 09:59:45 »
Set Focus point is ignored by "Auto Key"

Can this be changed?


Feature requests / Re: Which 3D soft to integrate into next?
« on: 2019-08-21, 10:03:33 »
Hello, as I don't know where to ask this question when will the 100% Vray integration claimed a year ago be a thing?

There's still a ton of options missing and Im no expert but that claim is long overdue.

Feature requests / Re: Mega-Max-Layered Material-XXExtreme
« on: 2019-08-19, 10:11:54 »
My idea is to add something similar to the

Environment option where you can add multiple HDRI's, so adding multiple Override's with lists would be amazing.

Possible use I can come up with?
- Snow
- Ice
- Dust
- Rust
- Dirt
- Comic/Tune
- Light Halo's
- Water/Wet layer

Devs plis dont ignore me for next 6 years with this one

Been asking this for a few years over at the vray forums. Hopefully the fact that Karba did it and you guys are asking for it will spark the flame to implement this both in Corona and Vray. Here's hoping :)

Youd hope but we have been asking for geopattern, dslr tonemapping and a PBR material for a long time too

My first request for that was somewhere around A4 or A5 stage of Corona, so they are not really keen on that

Also that would be a great feature, but isnt this already possible using OSL?

Feature requests / Mega-Max-Layered Material-XXExtreme
« on: 2019-08-16, 12:28:48 »
recently I was working on a snow shader that would cover all surface using the Z-axis of the object.
I noticed that changing all my materials in to "Layered material" with exactly the same Coat and different base will be very time-consuming.

I thought about some kind of "Global Layered material" that could work with some kind of list like "distance" does or even
"Material Override Add Coat"

Does that sound good?

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