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I just tested this with Corona V4 Hotfix 1 and 3ds Max 2020.
I followed this guide:
Everything works fine here.

Here are my notes:
1) Nothing happens when I drag-and-drop the script into the viewport, but I can find it in Customize user interface > Toolbars > #PankovScripts , then just drag-and-drop into the UI
2) The first time I clicked "Create IES to..." it said "Operation canceled" and did not proceed with rendering. So I just pressed the button again, and it worked. I think it just needs to "fill" the empty Max VFB with anything before rendering.
3) I can confirm the slowdown with IES in V4, but this happens only with this custom IES file. Regular IES shipped with Corona work fine. I guess it's because of the complexity of this custom IES. You can compare them by opening them in notepad.

Conclusion: everything is fine and works with Corona 4 in MAx 2020.

Any information on the IES slowdown? I would like to know how I can make it go away :)

I managed to create the IES using

2019 / Corona 2 / IES Gen 1.0

So A bit of time-travel there, but it worked.

The biggest downside of this method is that you have to deal with a quite low-resolution image, so the patterns are never that sharp.

But still better than calculating regular passes.
When I load the IES into my light I found a few problems:
- Light suddenly acts like 10m polygon mesh, lagging a lot.
- IES > "on" when toggled off still works with IES
- Super slow Render Start when using IES in 4.0

as Im working on a project that requires me to create a bit of fake light using IES method, I was met with unfortunate news, IES GEN no longer works with Corona.

So this effect is no longer possible with Corona 4.0


Is there someone who knows a way how to convert Images to IES?

Best Regards

Feature requests / Re: CoronaMask - Upgrade
« on: 2019-07-04, 15:39:04 »
Let me know if I understand you correctly:

What you would like to achieve in the end is something like LightMix, but for objects/groups instead of lights?
So you would like to render in one go:
- full beauty pass
- another element, where only object A is visible against transparent background
- another element, where only object B is visible against transparent background
- ...

Is that correct?

Pretty much, but just as a separate Render Element where you add objects the same way you would to CoronaMask
but this time coloured, so you don't have to cut out each set manually.

Feature requests / CoronaMask - Upgrade
« on: 2019-07-04, 09:16:32 »
as the "Render Selected" option works, Im guessing this is pretty possible to do.

So the thing is that Im working a lot on product shots, almost mainly. Im often met with this situation where I need to render

X parts of my shot, so in this case take a look at the image.
I will have to create 4 masks for:
- Small product
- Product Family
- Product Family with Shadow/Reflection
- Product Family as JPG as it is

Ok so just use masks and shut up right? Yeah. no. I will have to create similar sets for 6 products in multiple sets with similar requirements.
So X products times X versions times 4 options, so my request?

Please add "Beauty" cut or BeautyMask option so that would allow us to create this automatically. I created thousands of images so far and this is just part that I can't automate easy. This would be a good option for some of my future projects where I will have 14 x 16 x 3 +/- 20 (approx 672 renders overall) Doing similar stuff for all of them? Bruh...

Feature requests / Re: Perspective Cam Environment Override
« on: 2019-07-01, 12:03:00 »
Hi maru, yes that's what I mean.

I think using the Perspective View works better simply because it's much easier to navigate using Alt and mouse buttons and zooming with a mouse wheel, it's very quick to inspect the model from different angles during interactive render. Using a per-camera override would be just as useful, however we're limited to use the navigation tools at the bottom right corner of the screen like the 'Walk Through' tool.

If overriding the Perspective View automatically is difficult to implement, then a per-camera override would be cool too.

why not have that map in Environment slot then? Im not sure if that would be such great improvement from my perspective, you need a whole set of environment like separate overrides?

In that case use "Scene Presets"

Does anyone knows if geopattern can be converted to mesh? I've a task where i need to create complex shapes out of repeating patterns and looking for modelling aid tool. I'm also considering railclone, but it's much harder to master and i don't have much time for this assignement.

Unfortunately not. I've had a few jobs where I had to switch to FStorm from Corona purely for Geopattern usage. There are some limitations though - your base object UV mapping needs to be perfect, as does the "crop" box on the tile-able sampled pattern mesh to avoid visible open edges.

If your UVWs have stretched areas, the mesh with stretch like that too ?

BTW, no one answered me this yet but since you already tried Geopattern, didn't you try to install VrayPattern and render Corona scene in VrayNext ? Since VrayNext supports lot of Corona features, and also VrayPattern, wouldn't it work like this also ? I.e render scene with Corona materials&light in VrayNext, but apply VrayPattern on (I've no idea how you apply it, is it modifier or map...?).

I did for Alphas, Corona 1,2 and 3 never worked

Does anyone knows if geopattern can be converted to mesh? I've a task where i need to create complex shapes out of repeating patterns and looking for modelling aid tool. I'm also considering railclone, but it's much harder to master and i don't have much time for this assignement.

If I remember you were the one to suggest me RC years ago when I asked for the pattern! :D yzyzyzyz

Can you give more information on the task? There are ways to do "almost patterns"

General Discussion / Re: Corona - Projection + Workaround
« on: 2019-06-11, 09:51:35 »
But the "cage" mesh and the "original" mesh must have very similar unwrapping, right? I don't think this is always possible.

If you commit the original UVW unwrap before you modify the cage it will behave exactly as Projection would as that's how that modifier works.

So the result is identical

I edited my initial post.

General Discussion / Corona - Projection + Workaround
« on: 2019-06-11, 08:39:22 »
due to current corona limitation render to texture does not support "Projection" as part of this process. Simply ignoring the "Cage" and rendering over the surface.

I found a workaround that might be helpful to some of you, here it is:

(I'm sorry if its well-known thing and I'm just late to the party)

- To do projection mapping all you need to do is create your regular retopology mesh as you would in normal conditions
- Unwrap the mesh
- Collapse it
- Copy the mesh and start moving vertexes around just as you would with projection mesh, use push and regular vertex manipulation
- Make sure that each element is covered by a new mesh cage just like you would with projection
- Render to Texture - pick the elements that you desire
- Use the rendered elements with Original Mesh

In my case, the effects are good enough to call this usable. So hope that it helps someone here :)

Bug Reporting / Render to texture loop
« on: 2019-06-06, 10:42:12 »

Render to texture, if you close the VFB instead of "STOP" you are stuck in an endless loop of rendering as the Corona VFB is different to the Render To texture Corona VFB.

So.. fix would be cool

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: DropToSlate
« on: 2019-05-23, 12:35:34 »
This should be a feature in 3ds max and corona

Feature requests / Re: Scatter option - No repeats
« on: 2019-05-23, 12:07:55 »
Hi, thanks, taking a note :-)

I have a few suggestions to Scatter that I'm not sure if are in any way decided on. Is there a way to contact you about those features?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: romullus wips
« on: 2019-05-22, 10:55:16 »
I have very lovely fisheye lens, but i tend to leave it home, because i know, once i'll mount it on my camera, it will stay there for the remainder of the day and all my photos will be "ruined". It looks like the same is happening with my renderings - for better or for worse, i just can't stop using fisheye camera :]

Whats the recipe for that kind of facial hair?

Off-Topic / Re: Nvidia GP 100 Quatro
« on: 2019-05-22, 10:54:15 »

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