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Well, no program or script should crash, no matter what. So reporting this is totally justified and appreciated. I should "sanitize" those string before trying to save (and not crash the script).

It may indeed not work with relative paths. I never use those for all sorts of reasons and thus I have not looked into adding support for them - but I doubt that it would work, at least not reliably. I would suggest to convert the paths to absolute, convert proxies and reconvert to relative (using the asset tracker).

That may very well be the case. You can't save files with those characters. I should probably add some checks but quite frankly, this is something you should not do anyways anywhere ;)

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Panorama Exporter
« on: 2018-05-25, 09:48:48 »
I think you should be able to use pretty much any format a webbrowser can display, but I don't know for sure. You'll have to try it out. Just export a panorama as usual, replace the image and change the path in the html file.
I'm not aware of any 1-pixel offset, any image you provide for the script is not altered, just copied (as far as I remember).

Yes, would report it. Doesn't sound right to me.

Ok, got the same effect here. However, here this also happens when you create corona proxies manually, can you confirm that? If so then it's a corona or max bug.

Can't reproduce it with a teapot either. Maybe you can record a short video of what exactly you do, maybe I'm missing something. Apart from that, the usual "send the file" thing always helps :)

Well, now there shouldn't be any changes of the original geometry anymore, meaning that there should not be any difference in normals or anthiny else before and after. The proxy exporter does make a copy before collapsing and deletes it afterwards.
I can't reproduce the issue here. The car file you sent me saves exactly the same size after exporting a collapsed proxy and is only a few mb if I let it replace the original.

Found the problem. This is a major bug and it is strongly recommended to update your exporter! Download link is in the first post of this thread.

*v0.07 - [2018/05/08] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- fixed a major bug with exporting collapsed proxies which under some circumstances caused the original model(s) to be altered

Hmm... I can't reproduce it here with a simple group but I wouldn't rule out some fu**up in my code. Groups are nasty and easily blow up. Can you reproduce it, maybe even send me the offending object(s)?

1) Hm... that appears to work here, do you have a sample file or material you could send me where it doesn't work? (Your version of the converter is higher or equal to 1.41 btw?  ;)  )
2) There is a button on the right in the converter for converting those modifiers :)

1) which map exactly do you mean? VrayNormalMap, VrayBump2Normal or VrayColor2Bump?
2) same here, which vray displacement map do you refer to?
3) didn't know that, very odd. When I try it with a material starting from 101 to 107 I get a "new" multimat with materials starting from 101 to 107 but after that empty slots from 1 to 100. The thing is, I don't have any function that modifies or creates multimaterials, that's something max is doing by itself for some reason. So, I can't really do anything about it =/ .

This should be already fixed. Please download the latest version and try again :)

Thanks for the report. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it here. Can you send me a scene with one of those lights which cause this error?

Hi fistwood,
I can't remember exactly but I think the cproxy file extension was deprecated years ago! They replaced it with cgeo because it's more universal this way, not just "proxy". So I actually don't know if it's still possible to export cproxy somehow but I doubt it. I wouldn't recommend it anyways.

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